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Colts Release Peyton Manning

big manic so i will now thrill the dart
into the number eighteen on the door port which i can’t find the real how about that whole would you look abt that pretty sure i threw the red one but
let’s pretend for a moment stuff through the blew it i hit uh… seventeen there not uh… not eighteen so anyway uh… recommend
wrong the story is the critical serb severed ties with the pig manning has
broken the wires just moments ago they owed him twenty eight million
dollars on uh… thursday if they did not cut uh… no-brainer this decision i thought
there was a lot of hand wringing and wondering about easy six in the history
of the world the campaign twenty eight million
dollars you don’t know whether it’s going to be good you’ve been given a
glorious out witcher fans will not hold you responsible for he was working at the number one picture
obviously supposed to take interlock to no-brainer now we find out as we’ve
read reports this week at manning was throwing and throw it hard to receivers often colleague else marketing
consultant at duke where his coaches off into coordinator
david sutcliffe had been so uh… is now the head coach so i think uh… would the interesting
story now is how hardware those roseanne is peyton manning ready to resume his
nfl career uh… and it is there any number of
teams that are gonna pay a lot of money i havent uh… i don’t think watch your excuse will tolerate go in the next season
without without peyton manning or robert griffin
the third as i’ve said before i got to be with the browns for griffin
of the fourth decade and therefore advantage over the redskins for train up
to the to pick procedures six the browser four but
uh… payton whether it’s the dolphins whether it’s the redskins i don’t think
it’s the browns it doesn’t make any sense to me the dome of the redskins who
could win they think than the browns who seem to have a plan
at least above the wake of the residence i think
many enormous instead colossal stick delays this process of uh… of getting
better for some time so uh… and rich history at the number
to get rubber for the third i’m for that uh… i mean i would have been for it
back in the days when i was arrested but uh… assigning peyton manning is just uh…
we’ve seen this step before taking whether it is but he’ll have a job a job
offers the cheeks make sense any number teen statement if he can play
most likely to pedido assistant to the bird likely to happen word if they penza how good he is if he’s
ready if you’d looks like he’s ready please write came and report back in the work i think that will be i think that could that would be that that would be the
most glorious situation just from a flat-out drama point of view manny against brady every year the
a_n_c_’s disbanding kept the jets over that help with their defense that’ll be the best and most interesting
and i think the jets it’s reads to me like the jets would be comfortable
parting ways with parkinson’s they get some form by yet what unit number to
pick out of the anybody gives up a number one pick for mark sanchez but i
think teens would give up the two um… that would be exciting and uh… and tom
moore is uh… office guru there with the colts is now with the jets uh… it makes all kinds of cents uh…
death in their but uh… it use to really about the
building uh… any any team that needs a quarterback i
mean you know uh… the jaguars committed to to gabbard you know but
then seemingly getting away from that sort of is uh… redirects a a strategy of sort
of building with young players so i don’t know i think the teacher
possibility in the jets are possibilities certainly redskins are
possibility because they’ll find a way to spend more money

Cesar Sullivan

66 thoughts on “Colts Release Peyton Manning

  1. I know one thing if peyton has a monster season next year the colt management is gonna feel STUPID Andrew luck isn't a sure thing for all we know he could be the next ryan leaf.

  2. I hope Manning goes with a team then takes them to the Superbowl against the Colts and crush Indianapolis's dreams.

  3. @MrBoxingchamp101…wow way to be a fucking moron. Say what you will about Mike Vick but you don't need to criticize someone with the "n" word. It just shows your ignorance.

  4. Fuckin idiots.. Luck would have been great after being taught by Peyton
    He still might be good but not gunna turn that team around like Peyton would

  5. @dustinjt Yeah and it's also kind of sad that ore Saints coach Sean Payton is in BIG trouble…I'm from New Orleans. Have you heard that Sean Payton was paying he's Saints players when they injure other players?

  6. Hes going to Arizona. Thats been obvious for months. Not a cardinal fan but its manning to Fitzgerald time. Get ready for it. Probably will win the superbowl next year to prove his team/coaching staff in Indy was the reason he couldn't win more SB's.

  7. I say he goes to the Redskins. They have the most cap room and could possibly sign Jeff Saturday, and/or Reggie Wayne.

  8. The Jets???? I don't think they're ready to give up on Sanchez. And you can't ask Sanchez to sit for two or three years. I'm worried the Vikings could get him, being a Lions fan.

    I would have treated Manning and Luck the same way the Packers treated Favre and Rodgers. Worked out alright for them, lol. Could have won them another Super Bowl perhaps in the next two years, and then you've got basically the best backup in the league to step in. This was all about money. I wouldn't pay $28M either.

  9. Peyton's gonna take his talents to South Beach with the rest of the sucky AFC. wouldn't want to go to the Redskins if I were Manning, losing is customary in D.C

  10. Peyton to the Jets raised a lot of eyebrows, but if Manning was the difference between the Colts being a SB contender or worst in the league, imagine what he would do for a very good team like the Jets that just needs some discipline and leadership.

  11. I'm here to tell you that wherever he goes, it will not be to the New York Jets. I think there is 0% chance he does because I highly doubt he wants to play in the same city as Eli. The constant comparisons were maddening leading up to the Super Bowl……..could you imagine if he played in the same city? I don't think Peyton wants to field Eli comparison questions every week for the rest of his career.

  12. @MrBoxingchamp101 Its funny because your jealous of his success, did you get cut from your JV football team? poor baby

  13. exactly why did they release him? they dont want to pay him or is it cuz hes hurt? or do they think the 1st overall pick will lead them to a super bowl in his 1st year

  14. @Canuckaholic1994 It was the pay (supposedly) and im sure the injury may have had something to do with it. I certainly dont think that a first round pick can lead us to a Superbowl but id love to be proven wrong!

  15. you are quite the dumbass maybe you should find another sport to talk about. so many qbs are "short" not every qb has to be 6'5" to become a good player. does the name drew brees mean anything to your incompetent ass, Doug Flutie, Joe Theisman.

  16. Manning to the Jets is worst case scenario. Asshole players and coach, he doesn't fit it there…… Try again !

  17. @indy87colts Jets yeah right! This guy has it all wrong. I would love to see Manning in Arizona but Miami has the big bucks. I could go on and on with this scenario.

  18. @JHawk0997Gaming
    lol, I am a Vikings fan. That won't happen but it would be funny if he did considering old QB's seem to end up on the Vikings. Brett Favre and then Donovan McNabb. It's where they go right before they retire. lol.


  20. Peyton threw the last dart though…"Thank you for letting me be your quarterback" He said that with a huge "Up Yours" to the colts management.

  21. i do not care where manning goes hes a bad person!! he does not trust any of the coaches coach calls a play in he changes it everytime hes a cry baby i hope he does very bad lol..

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