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Concussion Grenades Explained! [Mechanics] [Payday 2]

Hey guys! Today we are going to do “Concussion
Grenade Explained!” And in this video we shall look at the fine
details. So first up, we will look at the basic stuff
about the grenade and then move on to the hidden concussion
effect and then some tips on how to use them. Alright let’s begin. We start off with 6 concussion grenades in
our inventory. And these grenades have a 15m range which
is 3 times the regular grenade’s range. They cause a 3 second stun on enemies and 12 to 16 seconds of concussion on players so watch where you throw those yeah? And these grenades require line of sight so
it doesn’t go through walls or a full window glass like in Mallcrasher. However, for smaller objects the logic is
quite sketchy. For example, right here, the concussion grenade
doesn’t go through the railing glass for players. But it does work against enemies so I guess
that’s good for us. In general, it still requires line of sight
so plan where you throw it and if you need to throw it close to you,
make sure you’re behind cover. And naturally, some enemies are immune to
the concussion grenade. These include all the boss characters, Winters
and company and our favourite Bulldozers. When used on civilians, it forces them to
get down onto the ground. Not really useful but still good to know. And lastly, it has a hidden concussion effect
that will last for 5 seconds after the initial 3 second stun. Let’s go into detail on that. So, the concussion grenade has a hidden concussion
effect (well duh!) that starts immediately after the 3 second
stun and lasts for 5 seconds. What happens during this 5 seconds is that
a concussed enemy will have their accuracy halved. “But wait! There’s more!” “If you order now, for an extra 5.99 you
will … “ Oops! I mean, in addition to the 5 seconds
concussion, the grenade blast actually causes full suppression
even though technically there’s no damage done. Now I’m not going to go into details on
suppression, there’s a lot on that so it will be in another video. But basically, the 1st stage of suppression
halves their accuracy and increases the in-between firing delay by 50%, which usually ranges from half a second to
1 second but heh, every second helps, especially if
you have 10 enemies firing at you. And there’s more. The 2nd stage of suppression will cause the
enemy to do a “dodge”, which is the usual rolling, diving, sidestepping or a cartwheel (which is only done by cloakers). When enemies are rolling or diving, they are
not shooting at you. When they are sidestepping, they have an accuracy
loss on its own. Now all these combined can be a bit hard to
take in so let’s do examples. Example 1: When an enemy rolls or dives. So let’s assume the enemy has an accuracy
of 90%. On the grenade blast, at 0 seconds, he gets
a 3 second stun and gets suppressed fully. Suppression on most regular enemies is random
from 5 to 10 seconds or 5 to 7 seconds so let’s just assume the suppression is
6 seconds. On recovering from the stun, concussion kicks
in and he dives or rolls from the suppression which let’s say, takes another 2 seconds. So for the 1st 5 seconds, his accuracy is
0% because he isn’t shooting at us. When he gets back up, he has his accuracy
reduced from both concussion and basic suppression so from the 5th to 6th second, he has 90% accuracy halved twice to about
23% accuracy. After which, from the 6th to 8th second, only
concussion is left so he has 45% accuracy. Let’s do a 2nd example: When an enemy sidesteps. With everything the same up till the 3rd second,
the enemy recovers from his stun and sidesteps while firing at you. Hit-suppression sidestepping has a 0.5 accuracy
factor for regular enemies and 0.7 for cloakers but let’s continue
for a regular enemy. So at this point, the enemy sidesteps for
let’s say 1 second so from the 3rd to 4th second, he has a base
accuracy of 90%, then halved from concussion, then again from basic suppression and then
again from sidestepping which leaves us with about 12%. The enemy continues firing from the 4th to
6th second with both concussion and basic suppression active so that’s 23% and then again from the 6th to 8th second
at 45% with only concussion. So basically with the concussion grenade,
we get a 15m range radius (diameter!) of 3 seconds of dodge and another 5 seconds of reduced enemy
accuracy. It’s definitely a lot more than just a 3
second stun so this might persuade you to use the concussion grenade over other throwables. So now that we know a lot more about how concussion
grenades work, how and when should we use them? First, if we’re using them for long range,
just throw 1, wait for about 2 seconds before running out so we’ll make the most of the
3 seconds stun. If we want to throw it nearby, be sure to
hide behind cover so we don’t get ourselves concussed. And if we need more time, we can stagger our
grenades by throwing a 2nd one after 2 seconds so we’ll have about 5 to 6 seconds of stun
time. So that’s the “how” and here’s the
“when”. 3 seconds of stun can be really useful, here’s
a few situations where we can use them. As advertised, stunned enemies can’t fight
back and are easy targets. When covering teammates, especially when moving
bags or reviving a downed teammate. When you’re cornered or making a mad dash,
just like at the end of Slaughterhouse or Hoxton Breakout Day 2. Or when you’re in armour and have no place
to hide, need to reload or both, 3 seconds can give you that much needed time
to recover that armour or come back with a full magazine. If you have more ideas on how the concussion
grenade can be used (other than PVP-ing with the Friendly Fire
mutator), share it in the comments below. Now I hope this video was educational for
you. Videos like these usually need a lot more editing but I hope to do more because I love sharing
these less known information. So stay tuned for more and I’ll see you
in the next video. Unknown Knight here, signing off.

Cesar Sullivan

11 thoughts on “Concussion Grenades Explained! [Mechanics] [Payday 2]

  1. Love the video! It's great to hear someone going into the more in-depth details that are hard to discover from just playing the game, too.

  2. Maybe crew chief + concussion grenade? Such as bank heist loud, u can force all civil down, so u can tie them quickly
    (still useless

  3. using the grenade to
    1. Stun enemys to burn them with your flame-thrower without getting shot
    2. same thing to the flame thrower but with miniguns or explosives (grenade launchers or rpgs)

  4. 15 meters – is diameter or radius? From the epicenter of the explosion

  5. I had a moment in the alesso heist where we got done with the music part and before we got out there where soo many enemy's out side they blocked the whole door so I chucked a concussion grenade and snuck a c4 fire trap and BOOM whole crowd was gone!

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