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Cops Injure Baby With Flash Grenade, Get Away With It

how many of you guys remember this story we spoke about it recently a 19 month old baby had to spend weeks in a burn unit and get emergency medical care after a SWAT team in Georgia through a flash grenade into the baby's room it landed in his crib and I kid you not it blew a fucking hole in his chest just an insane story I remember talking about this at the time and just being flabbergasted by how militarized the police have gotten in the United States of America and understand that it is as close to a miracle as you can possibly get that this kid did not die but one of the most frustrating aspects of the story they did the raid for drugs it wasn't like busting down the door to get a serial killer or to stop domestic violence or a rape from occurring that second it was a raid for drugs and the family didn't even have any drugs oh God okay so picture this in terms of yourself your family members your friends just picture it from a personal perspective you're kicking back relaxingg maybe you're in your bed taking a nap going asleep maybe you're watching TV whatever SWAT team bust down the door throws a flash grenade in the crib of your baby son blows a hole in his chest I've never seen a situation that more merits compensation the state saying whoa are bad we raided you you didn't have any drugs we thought you had drugs we shouldn't have even done the raid anyway if there were drugs and then we also blew a hole in your baby's chest so the story gets worse and you're probably thinking how can it get worse the Georgia County refused to pay the kids medical bills who does that how can you first of all how is that even debatable at this point how is that a discussion like oh the state fucked up and accidentally almost killed your son mmm fuck off pay for it on your own if they have to pay even a penny out of their pocket which of course they will see if they have insurance I'll have a massive copay that's just 100% total injustice it's ridiculous but the story gets worse in a final gross example of injustice there's gonna be no criminal charges filed in the case okay make it stop make the pain stop this isn't all this is unbelievable okay everybody who's been saying for months if not years or longer that we're living in a police state they are 100% correct in fact I'm gonna go a step further here and go crazy Alex Jones has been saying it for a long time this is one area where al shoun is right now he might be wrong about the fluoride in the water and the Illuminati's bilderberg's NWO agenda21 or all that other garbage but on the issue of are we living in a police state an increasingly militarized system where the cops are you know just fucking going nuts and they got tanks and grenade launchers some schools now have heavy armament supposed to be used in warfare when you read a story like this you go oh yeah mission complete you look at Ferguson Missouri and what they did there with tear gas and noise machines and rubber bullets and arresting reporters you go okay police state 101 you read this story you go police state 201 police state the 100 thousand trillion zillion how how can you possibly you rated a house for drugs when you shouldn't use the SWAT team or raided the house for drugs you send one police officer for that and you politely ask about drugs and maybe you write him a ticket that's it no they sent a SWAT team they busted down the door there weren't even drugs in there you use a flash grenade which again is for warfare for hostage situations you will hole in the it's chess the state doesn't pay the medical bills and now nobody's gonna fucking go to jail as long as you have a badge and some power you can get away with whatever the fuck you want get away with apparently the police are above the law in the United States of America which is terrible because that's the opposite of what the United States of America was founded on the idea was we are a nation of laws not a nation of men no nepotism no looking out for your buddies no dictators giving jobs to their brothers and their nephews and just allowing them to get away with whatever because they're people who know people in positions of power it was supposed to be the opposite of that well now look at the road we've gone down I mean this is injustice on top of injustice on top of injustice on top of injustice this is should be a national outrage and I don't know what the answer is I mean should the federal government get involved should there be federal charges you got to do something you have to do something really you're not even gonna compensate for the fucking medical bills what a ridiculous terrible insane over-the-top pathetic system I mean this specific County in Georgia should be embarrassed of their themselves this should be a national story this place should be a pariah place okay and there needs to be some sort of way to crack down against this I don't know whether it's taken to the streets in protest and you're doing something else but this cannot stand this cannot go on this is beyond ridiculous

Cesar Sullivan

48 thoughts on “Cops Injure Baby With Flash Grenade, Get Away With It

  1. Almost kill a baby and refuse to apologize and pay for the bill

  2. This, is for anybody who's worried about Boo Boo. He is so much better now he has scars still yes but he is a lot better. He has brain damage and issue still but they're working on it still he is a lot healthier and better. If you're wondering where I know this from their cousin

  3. thats fucked up. the parents should hunt down and shoot each cop involved and the judge who issued the fucking warrant

  4. cil dude I know a baby got blown up but just cil if a swot team go's in to your house and throw a flash grenade at the baby's room I mean you do have a good point I mean like holey shit that own for a hostile sechyouwayshon wtf

  5. if this was the purge i would want everyone kill every cop this world already dying we don't need there shity help

  6. Sue under Supreme Court Rulings Owens vs Independence MO and Bivens vs 6 Un Identified FBI NOTE: Do not look at the Lower Court Rulings Look at the SUPREME COURT RULINGS
    If you Represent yourself your Suit Does not half to be Perfect see PLATSKY V CIA FBI

  7. I'm not saying the situation is remotely ok but, I think secular talk does not know the extent of drugs in America. Knock on their door and right them a ticket? It doesn't work like that. AGAIN not saying there should've been a fucking swat team, but where there is drugs there is usually guns etc.

  8. Sound Cannons Kyle, Sound Cannons….

    Lets get real about what the LRAD really is..

    And we need to send a SOS..ASAP!!!


  10. I will repeat it forever, The police don't care and they laugh when this stuff happens. They live for it, THEY LOVE IT. THEY LOVE IT. Police have a clearly defined tribal mentality. They also have an extremely small number of people which are their in-group, fuck everyone else, fuck them they say. 

  11. Animefan12, I know what you're trying to say, maybe it's the way u said it that doesn't have these folks on the same page. These LowLife cops get away with the damness shit. Why are there hardly ever any consequences for their actions NO MATTER WHAT THEY ARE? But I have always been confused about liberals also as far as killing unborn babies. They are ok with murder because giving women rights is alot more important to them than the innocent life being extinguished. GOD has the last word in the end. Karma will hunt these cops down

  12. I think Kyle went overboard as to the state or county not paying. If these people have any brains at all they will never have to work again. The  authorities can't just admit guilt for legal reasons but I'm sure someone will pay big time.

  13. You know what… thank goodness they didn't go guns blazing to stop a rape! They probably would have killed the victim along with the perpetrator!

  14. Do you know why we don't hear about the successful busts and other cop activity that saved lives?
    "Because it doesn't happen?"
    No. Because it's boring and doesn't sell.
    How about a channel dedicated to covering the good and not the bad? Give people a reason to look forward to the next day instead of an excuse to embrace anarchy.

  15. Federal authorities need to be involved – no one will be prosecuted if it's at county level. The item used (flash bang) should have never been used,but most Importantly there should have been sufficient Intel FROM THE BEGINNING prior a search warrant is issued / executed.

    Those officers should surrender their badges for what they have done, as for the county – it's an insult!.

    Telling the parents they've got to pay for the baby's hospital treatment…WHICH THE POLICE CAUSED IT IN THE FIRST PLACE!.

    This is nothing but a comedy of errors and it will be shameful if no DA /Lawyer does not represent the parents and take on this case – let alone not letting the law enforcement get away with it.

  16. What a terrible system do you guys live in? It makes me speechless. 
    I would thoroughly rethink, if it's still suitable to call it democracy.
    The term originates from the Greek δημοκρατία (dēmokratía) "rule of the people",[1] which was found from δῆμος (dêmos) "people" and κράτος (kratos) "power" or "rule" 

    No responsibility for that misleaded SWAT with obviously undereducated chief officer???
    I am just sorry for everyone of you. That's the tip of the top.
    Hey, is there nobody capable to solidarize with the family, for real?
    I mean, no one goes out on the streets and yell for justness? 

  17. I didn't think America could get this bad but WOW now there is no limit to how bad the US is getting. Every American reading this get up and fight back against the police state run by corporations.

  18. My heart goes out to the child. In the SWAT teams defense they have a specific procedure for how they do a raid. They obviously didn't throw the grenade right tho cuz it shouldnt have been thrown high enough to land in a crib. Shitty execution an the state better pay the bill

  19. what the fuck is with the fact that american police always get away with this shit? here in the UK, there's a fucking riot every time a cop does something unjust, with petrol bombs and car-upturning and shit. i am so damn confused why there isn't an uproar over this shit in your guy's country

  20. Let me tell you something man. You are, the first person i know, who's opinions are always on point. You are an opinion leader. I Really thing you deserve to be on TV, or get more shares from your followers. You are the shit man. Congrats. Keep it up.

  21. Why would someone need a flash grenade for a drug raid, and why the fuck you throw said grenade into the children's rom! And the Republicans supporting this militarization of the police force wich is supposed to protect and serve dare to call them selves"pro life"! And then the poor innocent family has to pay for the fucking medical bills themselves while the cops who did this roam free! I'm so fucking glad that I don't live in America.

  22. This is a real shame and the real question is can Caucasians do the right thing when it comes nun Caucasian this seems to be the trend when it comes to grand juries I can't really say I don't have faith in the justice system but I can't say I don't have no faith in the justice system that is ran by Caucasians

  23. I almost didn't want to click on this vid.  Heart breaking story.  There are a few stories of Cops injuring little ones with Flash bangs. Stupid fucks. And there weren't even Drugs? Wowwwwwwww.  If I were the parents, I'd really think about getting some guns and you know………….. Go Pig Hunting.

  24. the cops are out of control and you're not going to get any justice from within the system. people need to arm themselves and be prepared to defend themselves against these blue terrorists. the only justice you get if you seek it yourself. this should be a bullseye on the back of every one of these cops are responsible for this the cops who shot that kid in Walmart all this stuff. the police are not your friend they are your enemy they are trying to kill you and subjugate you. even if you are toddler in a crib.

  25. I was in such a good mood before hearing this story. I feel so bad for this kid and his family, nothing like this should fucking happen!

  26. FUCK Georgia! That's monstrous… that's BELOW monstrous! Even some monsters likely have more morality then this shit D:

  27. Well, I would move away from america, but I would rather punish them with the higher authorities or morals logic and reason, among other good things. After that they would be striped to the title of human if seen fit.

  28. Another reason to take detour northward and head to Canada.
    Police in US is crazy, politicians are crazy, people is also getting crazy.
    Y'all crazy!
    This is a symptom of an empire on a decline and it's only going to get worse unless heads start to roll in revolution.

  29. "Collateral damage" is acceptable (and often praised or jerked-off about) in both the military and now the police. We need to teach these pigs where their place is.

    This is class warfare. "They" have an army, and we don't. We need to start hurting them, and hurting them bad. We pay for them to exist, and they treat us like cattle? No, fuckers, you pigs better watch your backs.

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