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Cord Grips: Strain Reliefs, Drop Support Grips & Pull Grips KickStart

Welcome to Kickstart where you get to see
new products here at AutomationDirect. Today I am going to show you our new Cord
Strain Relief Grips from Bryant. We now offer 21 different Strain relief grips. These strain relief grips offer high strength,
positive gripping, fast installation, no special tools, no cable stripping, they have slim
profiles are long lasting and reusable as well. The deluxe cord strain relief grips are available
for cable diameters of .187 inch up to 1.687 inch. These are suitable for Indoor and outdoor
applications, made of stainless steel mesh, are corrosion resistance and are available
in liquid and dust tight styles. The dust tight strain relief grips are available
for cable diameters of .32 inch up to 1.7 inch. These are dust tight, galvanized steel mesh,
ideal for use in bus drop systems, motor connections, panel boards and internal wiring of machines. Support Grips are applied to vertical or horizontal
runs or service lines to support dead weight and reduce potential damage due to breakage
or stress. These are available in Standard duty support
grips: from .54 inch up to 1.74 inch for indoor and outdoor applications and Bus Drop support
grips from .24 inch up to 1.25 inches and there are 15 new parts in this category. Last up are ten new pulling grips available
in light duty and junior ranges. They are designed to serve as reusable tools
for light industrial pulling of electrical cable and wiring. Ideal for use in utility work, industrial
and commercial building service lines and underground transmission line stringing. They can be easily installed, they are reusable,
simple construction and light weight and the slim profiles allow for easy passage through
ducts, conduit, blocks and sheaves. They offer ranges from .25 inch up to 1.74-inch
cables. You can find the agency approvals and specs
for these Bryant strain relief cord grips on our website at forget:
we sell other cord and cable accessories as well as the cords and cables
themselves. Check back with us often on AutomationDirects
websites or on for more Kickstart videos. If you are watching us on YouTube, please
let us know what you think about the products or how you plan to use them in your application
by leaving us a comment down below. Thanks for watching and we hope to see you
again soon.

Cesar Sullivan

One thought on “Cord Grips: Strain Reliefs, Drop Support Grips & Pull Grips KickStart

  1. Well I’m looking at putting a 60’ cable on a tool I don’t have so I’de be using this to replace the build in injection molded “strain relief” and then when i put a plug on the male end I’de install one there.

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