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Could Cleaning the House Harm Your Lungs?

Cleaning your home, we all do it from time to time. We think it’s an important part of having a good home, but could it damage your health? A recent study published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine found a connection between chemicals in your house, cleaning products and a dramatic decline in lung health. So University of Bergen in Norway followed the health of 6,000 people over twenty years. And when they looked at these people, they actually found that those who clean their home one time a week, you could have lung function decline, there’s other studies that looked at high rates of asthma, particularly in women, there’s been a connection potentially between these products and COPD, Docs! Yes. I mean they even suggested in the study, I’m not saying this is accurate, they even suggested that the effect of cleaning could be the equivalent of ten to twenty years of smoking? Correct. And I think what was most scary about this, was they looked at just regular people cleaning their house, in addition to professional cleaners. And the thought is that when you inhale these cleaning substances, it’s so incredibly irritating to your mucosa and it can be very toxic. And so over time it really accumulates damage. And so many of these cleaning agents are dispensed in an aerosol form, you’re spraying whether it be the windows, whether it be the tiles, whether it’s in the bath tub or shower, these things emit these, we know We were talking in our briefing that you don’t need to be a scientist or a doctor to know that we’ve all cleaned something before and you’ve been spraying and for the next couple hours you have a cough or in some cases maybe for the next few days! Well that means that there has been a lung irritant somehow that you inhaled! And what’s scary is we haven’t done enough studies on this. And if you think about how many things we spray around all over and we do not always know are these safe to inhale? Are they safe and if so what’s the quantity? And a lot of these were the sprays so should you always use a cleaning product and maybe you pour it on the cloth and then use it. I mean it’s, it raises a lot of interesting questions. I mean a lot of these products, they will have a warning on there. You know, make sure it’s an open space, don’t inhale too much of it so I mean that, they know, the manufacturers know that too much of this substance potentially could be harmful to your health. But guess what? We’re over cleaning in general. Yes we are. I think we’re going overboard, Yes we are. Trying to kill every germ, which you can’t see in the first place, which hey, not all germs are bad. We need a few germs around here and there to stimulate our immune system. As we keep cleaning more and more and disinfecting more and more, we’re actually seeing a rise in allergic diseases because we’re not actually exposed to the normal flora and the bacteria and the dirt that your body should get used to. And then when you actually see anything your body’s gonna react to it. So I think that we are finding as we over clean, there’s a rise in more inflammatory and allergic conditions. But what I think is interesting, I was thinking about the number of times I’ve been in a bathroom and it’s not well ventilated, and then you spray something and then you start coughing and you smell and you breathe and it’s so toxic. It’s really important to remember that when you are cleaning you really want to be in a well ventilated area and you have to be careful. Are you using ammonia, are you using chlorine, are you using things that you know are incredibly toxic? Or emitting gases.

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5 thoughts on “Could Cleaning the House Harm Your Lungs?

  1. If you’re looking for a safe alternative contact me I might have some information that may be of interest to you.

  2. Great information, except for the spin that "Overcleaning" is the issue! Once again product sponsors are dictating the real message! Not to dispair; 'overcleaning is not the issue, nor is the aeresol affect the issue? Find out more about the products that are taking the place of harmful store brands, by attending the live webinar everynight at 6pm PST/9pm EST from this page

    bit.ly2WVFNOX Leave a message from the 1-800 number on the page and I will arrange an oline presentation of the more detailed report!

  3. Scary segment. I'm very familiar with the study, and as an asthmatic and cancer survivor, this was alarming news. There is a solution and the problem it is not 'over cleaning' as one of the Docs suggested. The issue is the type of cleaners. Toxins. I fixed the problem and I did it affordably and it was life changing.

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