Solingen 93

Domestic Violence and Abuse

CPN : The Bruising of the Neden

Now an update
I made a video This past week
Called umm umm
uuum uuh
umm uhh
umm And I will say this,
Umm Now with that said,
umm Suddenly out of fucking nowhere
This dude along with a few others challenged me to a bate
with a big fucking head I’m like ok but you got, I mean
they’ve been crying wolf on the blowing people. I ended up bruising my vagina
I wish I could gather but you know That, that came up and uh like like it just
felt like the aftermath of being rammed by a fucking
truck or a giant black cock
I’m the one taking it for the team in this relationship
so you better fucking respect me so wait does that make me not autistic?

Cesar Sullivan

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