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CppCon 2017: Peter Sommerlad “Mocking Frameworks considered harmful”

Cesar Sullivan

3 thoughts on “CppCon 2017: Peter Sommerlad “Mocking Frameworks considered harmful”

  1. That was a good talk. He identified some great problems with overuse of mocks and the difficulties of using GMock/GTest in production code which expose the implementation details too much. Having worked on networking libraries, I've seen (and written) tests that span hundreds or even thousands of lines to do elaborate setup, invocation, verifcation in order to test "manager" classes.
    I was a bit disappointed that he didn't really offer clear solutions for these problems and really show how one would deal with such scenarios. A talk that walks through an example would have been nice (maybe as a follow up to this talk?) The bit in the middle of "use our thingy" seemed more like a sales pitch without necessarily clear, obvious benefits IMO.

  2. Interesting until at 37:25 we learn that his proposed mocking framework requires a specific IDE (if I'm not mistaken).

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