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Crash Causes Bridge Collapse Killing Driver Injuring Passenger / East LA RAW FOOTAGE

Cesar Sullivan

29 thoughts on “Crash Causes Bridge Collapse Killing Driver Injuring Passenger / East LA RAW FOOTAGE

  1. Of all that has happened and the loss of life. High Fives for the Firefighters for the work they did and do. The one shining light in all of this, the turn signal is working.

  2. Ходят, пальцем тычут, но не работают. Наверно, цену набивают. В России уже всё бы разобрали минут за 20.

  3. WTF with all that wood for a BRIDGE 😲 You people on the west coast do know we have this new stuff called concrete and steel? It has reduced deaths caused by this type of collapse to hmmmm ZERO

  4. I don't see any bridge collapsed. Bridge looks fine. Guess the title was hyped up aimed at getting views by lying about a Bridge collapsing.

  5. Fire Fighters have to become Engineers out there too, because before they start getting in there to pull out the Victims, they have to make sure that Bridge isn't going to collapse on them. Fire Fighters, EMT's and Police are under Paid!

  6. I look at this and wonder how in the hell the firemen/ rescue workers could possibly know what to do in this insane situation. I would have no idea where to start. I think of all accident scenes I ever went to, I could never have been able to figure out how to pull off a rescue here. Im stunned, halfway through the video and writing this. I cant believe what Im seeing.

  7. I am a fire fighter. 😀 does anyone else wish there was CCTV footage of the crash to understand how in the hell the driver managed that one.

  8. Time travelers well I glad you survived. The series is loudlabs and the professionals firefighters police and engineers called in do know what they’re doing. . Now don’t choke on your sandwich

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