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Crazy Aggression + My SETTINGS! – Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay – Controller Legend

hey what's up everybody some of you were asking to see my settings in my last YouTube video in the comment section so I figured I would go ahead and get that out of the way so everybody can always see it so to start off with my graphic settings I plan on an epic view distance shadows off this setting is high then I go low low low for textures effects and post-processing because you don't really need all that stuff I plan on motion blur off vsync off show fps is always on that's just preference if you want to see my controller settings as I play on a $0.77 controller targeting sensitivity is at 0.7 0-7 for the scope sensitivity of 8 build sense is 1.8 with an edit mode sense of 2.0 and then you can see all this stuff I'll just scroll down real fast sprint by default is on if you don't place for it by default I highly recommend that you play with it on get used to it it helps with movement it's a lot easier and it doesn't feel like so much of a job just to run around the map aim assist on edit mode amesys is off I will say this about edit mode AM assist if you're in an edit course I would suggest using it or if you're just a beginner but eventually you got to turn it off and be able to do it yourself because there's a lot faster and it just in my opinion it feels a lot better hitting those edits and you have a lot more control but yeah turbo buildings on and my Edit hold time is all the way down but that doesn't even matter because I have an instead a button I have built immediately it turned on vibration is turned off and there you go and next you can see this 50 brightness this is all just preference I am a little colorblind in real life so I do have a force strength of whatever this is called and also I hear a lot of people turn it all the way up even if you're not going blind because it helps you see a lot better I know it helped me see a lot better just on a four so you might want to try that out I don't know about the other modes this stuff doesn't matter because I'm on controller here's my binds everything is default or stock except for my build button my build button isn't a stock button I switched it to less stick that way I have an insta edit button and same thing with build controls everything's stock builder pro except switch motors lipstick and a lot of fun balance stuff for edit controls it's just straight stock or default and my dead zone is a 10/10 because I would like both of these to be all the way down one to have a lot more control over my aim which it's not going to be that big of a difference going from a 10 to a 1 but or for some people it would be a big difference but I would really enjoy it I think if I went all the way down but I can't because my left stick starts swaying really bad and so does my right stick if I could turn this all the way down it would help my movement out a little bit more but like I said I can't really do that because it takes away first shot accuracy and that's a big no but yeah so those are my settings hopefully that helps you guys out a little bit for anybody that watches this and wanted to see my settings anyways I guess we'll get into the video and don't forget to Like and subscribe if you're new turn on notifications so you don't miss it out and yeah I'll just get into the video

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11 thoughts on “Crazy Aggression + My SETTINGS! – Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay – Controller Legend

  1. Saw your comment on innos page, keep pushing out content and grinding. Hard work pays off over anything. Do some wager matches with streamers and get seen on pop up cups. You’re nasty dog.

  2. I was wondering what could i do to attain hip fire accuracy as good as yours? Or at least improve it for the most part, just thought you could probably give me some tips

  3. u seem real good we should play sometime im so tired of solos 😭 also one thing i’d say just to make the visuals better is to make the hud smaller all love tho

  4. Hey I subbed to u can you do the same? Also how many wins do you have because you can do a video like " My 500th solo wins " you know

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