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Crizal UV – Shield Your Eyes Against Harmful UV Rays

With Crizal UV lenses you can see the beauty of life as clearly as possible. Unlike standard lenses, Crizal UV protects
your eyes from harmful UV rays. They also shield against reflection, scratches, smudges, dust and water. Enjoy the complete protection of Crizal UV.
Live life in the clear. Crizal UV; prescription lenses endorsed by Cancer Council.

Cesar Sullivan

4 thoughts on “Crizal UV – Shield Your Eyes Against Harmful UV Rays

  1. I hv 0 power crizal uv lens, my eye start paining on 1st(yesterday) and 2nd day(today)…It's normal or What??

  2. I learnt' that the Crizal UV coatings actually do not block UV light – they just stop UV reflections off the back surface. A minor concern given my head is in the way

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