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CSUN Disability Resources and Educational Services

CSUN is a very big school. So, for me to transfer from a local community college to a four year university,… it’s a big transition. And that’s when a faculty member told me about DRES. Asking for assistance is not a bad thing. Kind of letting go of the…the stigma that’s attached to just having a disability in general. And the people here at DRES really do work with you to help you. They really do care about you, they really do care about the student, they have patience with the student. The work one-on-one… TAP coaches especially. Everyone is so open, so caring, and they’re here to help you. They actually care. With the accommodations of having, you know, extra time on test or getting a notetaker, DRES provides a lot more for students with disabilities. Honestly they’re like family to me. They would be my… support system to help me out. I know people here. You know, and I think that’s probably the best feeling. As a student, I can confidently say that I have become very responsible. You know, just give it a try. Walk in here, walk into the office, ask a question, and just asking that one question, um, it could change your life around. I wouldn’t be able to accomplish my results if it wasn’t for the services that I was receiving at DRES. CSUN Disability Resources and Educational Services. “…changing the world for people with disabilities”. To learn more, visit our website at

Cesar Sullivan

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