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Cutting to Replace Damaged Drywall: Dremel Saw-Max

Cutting to Replace Damaged Drywall The Saw-Max tools smooth, straight cutting
ability and a variable depth allow it to excel at cutting drywall including hung
drywall. For this project we’ll be using a Dremel
Saw-Max equipped with a dust porte adapter attachment and an SM500 Multi-Purpose
Carbide Cutting Wheel. We’re removing drywall damage during a
recent flood. Use caution when working with water
damage drywall. Don’t use a corded tool around damp drywall if there’s a chance
the drywall is possibly contaminated with mold consult an expert before proceeding. Water has damaged this wall up to about
ten inches. We’ll cut the drywall at the twenty
four-inch level to remove as much of the affected area is possible. And to be able to replace the drywall by
simply ripping a four by each sheet in half. With the multi-purpose cutting blade place
in place adjust the Saw-Max tools depth to just over a half an inch so the blade is deep enough to cut entirely through the drywall, but not deep enough to make any major cuts
through the underlying studs. With a dust port adapter and a vacuum you can minimize the amount of dust
generated keeping your work space cleaner. We’re using a Multi-Max equipped with an
MM480 blade to cut drywall on inside corners. Score the drywall you wish to remove between studs so the pieces will be
smaller and easier e to dispose of. Allow the wall to thoroughly dry then use the Saw-Max to cut replacement
drywall o size. The tools superior line of sight and
straight cutting ability allow you to dependly follow your cutting lines without
aid. If you want to ensure a perfectly
straight cut try using a ripping fence to keep you
on track. Here are some additional thoughts on
removing drywall. Before cutting hung drywall you should
use a stud conduit finder to locate anything buried within the walls that
would require caution. Be safe when working around outlets.
shutoff breakers running outlets and switches in the vicinity of your work

Cesar Sullivan

13 thoughts on “Cutting to Replace Damaged Drywall: Dremel Saw-Max

  1. I have the Ultra-Saw, and it doesn't have the TRSM810 Dust Port Adapter, so where can I get one?  Everyone that I have tried does not have it.

  2. This tool has been a dream for cutting fiberglass but I give it a "Complete Shit" review because we require a duct collector and you cannot find one anywhere. They show it and it is listed in the instructions but I am at my wits end trying to purchase this required accessory. Returning after one job and looking at the Rockwell and Kett.

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