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Damage free Root Touch Up & Hair Toning

hey red can brand ambassador silver race here with my client Megan and we're gonna be doing a root touch-up on her using the new color gels and directly matching that with the shades of Q in the same level just toning out all of her her hair to remove some of that unwanted warmth that she came in with the roots are going to be a lot cooler without looking ashy so for the route formula I'm going to be using the new color gel lacquers and I'm going to be doing one ounce of that and one ounce of 20 volume peroxide the beauty of the new lacquers is that you can mix these with any developer I also love the easy mixing ability of these lacquers I can literally mix this in about two seconds and it's ready to apply I'd like to start off by applying the color all over the perimeter of the section that I'm working in then grabbing horizontal sections to apply the color on the route until I'm done with that section the correct way to touch up a root color and tone the rest of the hair is always to use an alkaline color on the roots which is needed to lift the hair and an acidic color to tone the remainder of the hair so bringing the pH balance of the hair down as you can see in this diagram here a hair that it's too alkaline we'll open up the hair cuticle and the hair will become dull and brittle oftentimes clients will ask why I don't run the color through the ends and this is the scientific reason why by running the color on the roots all the way to the ends would just be adding unnecessary damage to the hair where you can get the absolute same results but without any of the dryness or damage I've been directly matching colors from the color gel lacquers and the shades acute toner make formulating and getting a seamless look that much easier so keeping clean and even sections will ensure that you've evenly saturated the hair and so while we process why not enjoy a glass of rose a for her toner I'm gonna be using shades eq o 9n which is in the new renkins a master the art of toning box i'm mixing one ounce of oh nine n shades eq one ounce of crystal clear and two ounces of processing solution so then rinsing out her root color and prepping your hair for toner this is going to even out the tones the neutral shade is going to cancel out any warmth under here and just leave her hair with incredible shine and as you can see perfectly toned hair without looking too gray or ashy then just a quick trim and we're ready for a blowout I'm applying red khun's heat design and thermal shaping a blowout cream as you can see her blonde looks toned even and refreshed I think a beach way which is so flattering on freshly colored and toned hair because you get to see all the dimension and shine it through the hair and toning all of her hair or to remove some of that unwanted warmth that she came in with the roots are going to be a lot cooler without looking ashy you

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27 thoughts on “Damage free Root Touch Up & Hair Toning

  1. My babe!!!!!!! I’ve been watching you for so many years. I just came back and got so happy to see your video on top of my hair toning search! Glad to see you’re still doing what you love Elle πŸ™‚
    Love from NYC πŸ’•

  2. Your so relaxing to watch can tell your in full control and you know Exactly what your doing. Unlike the bish I just paid 300 to do a full head of foils but left me with full inches of regrowth from my prior scalp bleach with no foils to be seen from my mid section down…. 😭

  3. You are extremely talented, where are you located. I love the fact that you are an expert and understand the science behind the results.. I could never understand how so many young people entering this profession , have zero understanding of chemistry nor any interest in learning more about it . This is a truly cerebral profession and not a back up job , keep doing what you are doing , you are unique for certain !

  4. Is everything you used on the client included in the Redken box you're holding including the developer? I would like to purchase the kit, as my hair is exactly the color of your client?

  5. Silvia, I have a question please: Why would a toner not remove the warmth from previous root dye? I have almost identical hair and skin with your client, and have had similar processes done at the salon.

  6. ahh i'm getting my hair dyed blonder for the first time i'm a blonde already but i'm 14 so it's more brown now (sad music) and i'm super scared it's gonna be yellow

  7. This is my dream hair! MY current hair looks just like the models but longer! Purchasing the supplies tonight!

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