Solingen 93

Domestic Violence and Abuse

Darian, an artist with a disability show dedication to his (art)work

Darian is very artistic, he loves to draw
everything that is important to him in his life. In conversations with his
mother… I mean he was always an artist. He’d been drawing since probably he could
pick up a pencil. At Iron City some of the other production staff were clearly,
like, unsure of Darian at first, but as Darian eventually took on other
responsibilities they saw just another employee. The best day that I had with
Darian, there were guys who I remember who were the folks who were
uncomfortable, and then I see him he’s getting like fist bumps and just really
seeing the growth, not just with Darian but also staff, and the acceptance of
inclusive practices. His commitment to doing a really good job with his artwork,
I think also, translated to his work ethic. I think they just went hand-in-hand.
I mean he’s just uh he wants to do well and he wants to be the best Darian he can be *laughs* and he’s really good at it and he makes everybody smile and makes
everyone really proud of him.

Cesar Sullivan

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