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DCS F/A-18C Hornet AGM-88C HARM SP Tutorial

Cesar Sullivan

45 thoughts on “DCS F/A-18C Hornet AGM-88C HARM SP Tutorial

  1. I need a tutorial to show how to set up real SAM sites in the mission editor, and what different SAM sites really look like, is there any out there that are fairly up to date? Also, this is the best video I've seen and your tutorials are always top notch!

  2. A very great tutorial as usual. Thank you for making them!
    Do you know about a detailed EW symbology description specifically for the Hornet? The closest I found is the hoggit EW page for A10c

  3. Seconding everyone else my English compadre. Great stuff all around. I definitely would like to see a video about setting up SAM sites. I often run into a problem of building SA-10 sites and the site not launching.

  4. Gtreat vid thanks RedKite. You're the go to man for explaining technical systems and their optimal employment and limitations. Love your work.

  5. Good to see DCS are getting the Hornet up to speed. Although the SP (Self Protection) mode used at 2 minutes, appears to be the TOO (Target of Opportunity) mode? SP mode doesn't usually give the pilot a choice of threats but auto selects the most lethal threat to your aircraft. Its meant to be an autonomous mode, so the pilot can concentrate on his bomb run or ingress. The third mode is Pre planned and can be programmed with Lat/Long coords or linked to a pre planned way-point or target. TOO will also permit the HARM to loft and loiter over the coordinates (pre selected from the Harm page menu) in case the enemy radar goes cold. If they stay cold the HARM will attack the last known hot radar. All good stuff!

  6. I am not able to launch a harm even with target on RWR. I am in AG mode, safety off harm selected RWR on and target seen but harm is crossed out on stores page. I have gone through 2 tutorials set by step. Any thoughts on what I might not be doing right?

  7. Tell you what these tutorials must be using a different enemy than what I'm using because I'm getting launched on with no warning, the radar isn't picking up any launchs. Its like an SA 10 in BMS except these are Sa2s nailing me 20+ miles out.

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