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Democratic lawmaker accuses Republican of ‘mansplaining’ to female witness

Cesar Sullivan

100 thoughts on “Democratic lawmaker accuses Republican of ‘mansplaining’ to female witness

  1. It’s called explaining. Just cause a man does it to a woman doesn’t make it bad.

    For fucks sake, stop letting leftist change the rules.

  2. How is it mansplaining? To borrow from MS. Swan " oooooh I see. Yeah… he looka like a man." Since Dr Hill is clearly a man.

  3. Wasn't the Dem Rep. Baloney mansplaining by telling Ms. Hill that she had been mansplained to? As if she couldn't figure it out for herself?

  4. Mansplaining to another man. Guys use your freakin eyes. Dr hill has the strongest jaw in that courtroom! Looks like Putin with a wig hahahah

  5. Deep State wordage…like the many "sexual identities" we now have available to us…when two sexes becomes twenty, and there is a building of voters for each classification….we call this…Deep State Democratic Party Divide and Conquer tactics.

  6. What's worse than mansplaining?

    Having a man explain that's what just happened to you….when it clearly didn't, and clearly wasn't an issue for you.

    I was half expecting him to give her his jacket, and then explain how she is strong enough to not need one.

  7. That is our highest level of government at work… So basically, the kids that get A's in senior high school government are just good at repeating the false illusions from the textbook. Got it.

  8. Women and feminists hate facts, so when they call it mansplaining it literally means, stop using facts, logic and reality to make me look stupid. Im gonna mansplain everything to the ignorant people daily, if you dont like it, you can leave my country at any time.

  9. That damned arrogant, incompetent little snot. The dude be like womansplaining. He needs to go get some feminine hygiene products cause he be a little beeotch.

  10. Attacking "sexism" with actual sexism. Also Dr. Hill looked like she had no idea what mansplaining is, so that white knight's attempt completely failed.

  11. Women want to be treated equally. When they are, there’s always some Dem to cry “mansplaining!” Actually, Fiona Hill is more of a man than Rep. Hill (D). Sheesh. Leftism, (modern) Liberalism and being a Democrat is a mental illness.

  12. I have been mansplaining my entire life, and only stop when a man corrects me. Usually women take it pretty well. Okay, let me give you some more detail…..


  14. Every man on the left including the ones in office are bitches,and they need to get their balls back seriously 🤦🏿‍♂️

  15. Ok fine. What's the difference?
    Say Democrats get whatever, what is precisely ever? What is it that any of them talking about?
    May I start off something?

  16. Hill is an idiot. Hear say is no better than Chinese whispers. If law was to act on hear say it would make a mockery of the legal system. This impeachment is a complete mockery.

  17. Evidence?
    Is it 1938? Is this the Warsaw ghettos?
    When are the summary executions going to begin?
    Airborne, if this flies, pigs fly, we're all going to die. Period

  18. LET ME MANSPLAN WHILE I PUT MY 🥒 IN YOUR MOUTH. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  19. People of America. Watch Glenn Becks series of documentary's. Listen. Very important. You will get the full truth with facts backed up with documents. Everything.
    Don't trust me. Do your homework.
    It's on line for you.

  20. When you’re proven wrong, and don’t have a rebuttal, you can just throw that out there. And hey when that doesn’t work, they’ll go with their favorite faithful stand by and scream RACIST!!! Democratic debating 101…

  21. Democrats look for any opportunity to inject Identity Politics further into American Politics. It is toxic. And will cost them election after election until they realize that they are the ideological minority.

  22. Mansplaining is a childish excuse used by mentally lazy women with rampant self esteem issues. If a man very simply tells the truth and it contradicts her fantasy, feelings, or imagination- she thinks dropping this buzzword makes her “be right” and “win”.

  23. mansplaining? is that like manscaping? all these new made up words from leftist snowflakes. what`s next buttscaping?

  24. All these arrogant manipulative weirdo freak show women are just so tiresome. So dang tiresome. In a sane world that woman would be in charge of making biscuits for a church potluck, but in clown world she is a big boss ignoring the will of the people by ignoring their elected leaders.

  25. The elite left is price leading with this kind of behavior. I'm sure that Buzzfeed or NowThis is going to spin this with villainous music to trick people into thinking that someone actually was being sexist.

  26. Left initiatives.have no boundary, what ever is thought to be just is advanced to the points well beyond sanity, well beyond truth, to the absurd. Abort the Democrat Party when next YOU vote, just do it!

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