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Dems are concerned and worried about IG report: Former DOJ official

Cesar Sullivan

100 thoughts on “Dems are concerned and worried about IG report: Former DOJ official

  1. 501-C Charity-status needs to be open, transparent and accountable and not abusive to the public and I hope that our leaders will demand it! 501-C has become a hiding, breeding spawning swamp ground for criminals to circumvent the law, order and justice and The American Way.
    So then a politician solicits money donated to their "charity" 501-C in exchange for personal, political, monetary donations made to themselves via their 501-C charity for military help for or to a foreign Nation and he/she gets wealthy in these kind of underhanded deals. I think this is vicarious bribery and so do many other people.

  2. The only things anyone should fear are, Truth, Evidence, proof of Motive and the Clear Concise interpretation of The Law within the confines of the Constitution! This is the Trump Administration. Not the Democrat's Administration!

  3. Seriously, who in all that is good and holy votes for Adam Schiff? Who is his constituency? Satan? Pedophiles and murderers? It's mind-boggling.

  4. The only reason the Dems want censure instead of impeach right now and drop the whole thing is because if it does go before the Republican controlled Senate there will be hearings, there will be testimonies, it will be subpoenaed and the Democrats leadership and the DNC did some illegal dirty crap that's it going to have to pay for

  5. Adam Schiff on the evidence had and only has heresay from witnesses. While Trump's lawyer has court affidavits to support his claims.

  6. THIS IS YOUR BEST SPIN A REPORT THAT NOBODY HEARD ABOUT OR READ. LMAO REALLY I'm reading yall guys comments lol wow trump followers are dumb as fuk. Wait for the report then NO OTHER NEWS CHANNEL IS REPORTING THIS JUST FOX BIG OLE SLY FOX the new spin a report about what???? Oooooo dems are scared because it reveals the deadly the dastardly the pure evil…..tune in next time when we tell what might be in the report that nobody is reporting or know about or going hear about wait….is a there a report (fox say go with it)

  7. So, I was on the subway and I overheard a lady telling another lady that she heard someone talking on the phone and the other person on the other end of that phone was saying that they heard someone else talking about another guy who was talking to another guy that said he heard that Adam Schiff has a torture dungeon filled with puppies and kittens.

  8. 1st of all Violence on Trump supporters will only strengthen the vote in 2020.
    2nd They're isn't enough time to unite the parties.
    3rd Prepare for more violence after the victory in 2020

  9. LOL Love it , The democrats know they are all but done
    Time to pay the piper democrats, for decades of corruption and destruction of our nation
    I see gtmo in all of your near futures ..

  10. Why are we paying Democrats salary when they do nothing but obstruct?????? Something is mighty wrong here!!!! Of course, term limits would really change things for the better!!!!!

  11. All these Democrats are doing everything they can to try to get in front of this whole thing before it's released.
    Smells like they're all Schiffing themselves right about now

  12. The Dems are squirming BIG time…please Dems vote to impeach so Trump and the US citizens can get a Senate trial and subpoena, expose and prosecute ALL of you corrupt politicians.

    TRUMP 2020! 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️

  13. schifty was pounded on from elementary school through high school. now he is getting pounded on by the republicans. poor sissy. he just cant win.

  14. Horowitz said there was no bias in the Clinton investigation…. when ICIG McCullough said he wasn’t at a high enough clearance to read what was on Clinton’s server and Comey said Clinton was merely “extremely careless” and there was no intent when the Espionage Act statute specifically states that there is need for intent and that GROSS NEGLIGENCE is an extra high standard applied to normal highly classified info, let alone Special Access Programs info. You people playing these games suck and I pray for your souls. Stop being Satanic.

  15. This investigation was announced right after Schiff and the democrat's failed Russia hoax. No one said anything about it being politically motivated then. Amazing how Schiff speaks so freely out of both sides of his mouth. Investigations for some but not for others.

  16. What a cast of characters to make a great movie in the future. We have Robert "Heinrich" Mueller staring as Hitler's nephew. Adam "Skidmark" Schiff staring as the Lyiin' Pencil-neck Geek. Jerry "Leave-it-to-beaver" Nadler staring as that dumb kid that flunked 3rd grade English. And the special guest star, Joe "Sixpack" Biden as the "The 1%". Joe's nickname is the percentage he will get in Iowa (for the third time) which is not to be confused with the 1% wealthiest families in the US that he and Hunter have now "earned" from their hard work in Ukraine, China, Romania, and a few other countries that Barrack "The Obamunist" Hussein put him in charge of.


  18. The DoJ was politicized under Clinton and then again under Obama. The dems ALWAYS accuse others of what they are doing.

  19. Fake news. Nobody is worried. The report could be a massive bombshell, but nobody will go to jail over this. This will be a total dud because no indictments will happen.

  20. FISA Gate is going to fry the Obama Nation !

    Foundation Gate is going to fry Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

    BOTH are stuffed with RUSSIAN Collusion and MILLIONS

    of $$$ Rubles for "Dossiers" & USA Uranium (treason & corruption on METH)

    The crocodile tears are going to be gushing

    from Demo Squm beings and their

    henchmen the MSM !

  21. Whatever side of the isle the news sits on, each one says the opposing side is afraid of something. I will believe that something was worth worrying about when we see people finally going to prison.

  22. If true JUSTICE AND PUNISHMENT are NOT ENFORCED to all who were apart of the attempted coup along with other crimes and corruption that the evidence clearly proves beyond any reasonable doubt, America's JUSTICE SYSTEM IS corrupt, broken and controlled by criminals !! It's obvious to any rational thinking person who can think for themselves that obummer KNOWINGLY committed many acts of TREASON and tried to bring America to its knees ! killery, Comey, Biden, Nancy, Chuck, nadler and many others, these TRAITORS must be held accountable for their crimes, corruption and treasonous actions, they must pay with their lives to show Americans that JUSTICE will be served to all, regardless of wealth or status, you will face punishment for breaking OUR LAWS !!

  23. IG report will be without fangs, was ready months ago but thru Clinton’s intimidation and or bribery will be toothless snake like all the previous disappointments

  24. I truly want to be wrong and do NOT want to pee on anyone's victory dance, but I predict, as I predicted would be the case with Horowitz's previous report nothing came of and everyone's forgotten, that this coming report on the FISA CRIMES WILL PRODUCE NOTHING SIGNIFICANT.

    At the MOST a couple low-level peons MAY be charged but those changes will be bargained down instead of being used to bootstrap greater charges against BIGGER fish.

    Dear Lord, please prove me WRONG!

  25. What the Democrats are doing now is exactly what makes a thief, who was caught as he steals, and he is the person who yelled '' you should catch the thieves ''

  26. Art.Gen.Ball is "weaponizing the Justice Department"? Really? What an absolutely outrageous- and very likely unfounded claim to make by Adam Schiff.

  27. They are worried about their dirty deeds are being revealed, as well they should. Adam Schiff is well on his way out and good riddance.

  28. And so those criminals should be worried. I cannot wait for those treacherous democrats to be held to account for their spying, leaking, cheating, collusion, fake accusations against Team Trump and downright extremist hatred. BRING IT ON !

  29. There is already proof of corruption by FBI officials and employees . The text messages transmitted and received by members of the FBI were revealed months ago .
    Their goal was to prevent President Trump from being elected In November of 2016 . Numerous FBI employees were fired and are presently being investigated for criminal activities .

  30. The people that are making the claims to down play the report are being leaked info by democrats that have seen the report. The more they discredit the report the worse the information is going to be for the Democrats.

  31. Schiff is a lying Schitt, the man who weaponised the impeachment process using this analogy is laughable. Does anyone take this idiot seriously.

  32. Dems are waiting for the IG report before they play their ace card in the impeachment hearing which I presume will be damning to Trump. Just my take on it. I hope this report takes some steam out of their sails.

  33. Good luck. As long as they bring justice down on trump and his cohorts I will be satisfied. Trump is a blight on the planet. So by all means if you have other crooks punish them. It is not either or ….

  34. If there was abuse of the FISA court then surely any warrant is invalid, any evidence is illegally obtained and any conviction has to be overturned, as all were obtained with corrupt intent.

  35. Wait…did he say "weaponized" a department to go after whomever the President wants ???
    Didn't Obama do the same with the IRS and other departments ????

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