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Destiny 2: How Good is Whisper of The Worm – Damage Comparison

Hello everyone, it is time. It is time for the damage test that you have
been waiting for, yes, the Whisper catalyst was available to get for the first time this
week, along with me actually getting my Sleeper catalyst as well, so it is time to see how
good Whisper of the Worm actually is and why that is a good or bad thing, we’ll have a
discussion at the end. In this video, we will be looking at Whisper’s
capabilities vs. DARCI vs. Sleeper with its catalyst. We will be testing mainly on Argos in the
normal version of the raid, since the prestige mode is, well, not consistent, but I also
ran some simulations for Val Ca’uor as well. Why is Whisper so good? Well, quick history lesson, it is a recreation
of Black Hammer from Destiny 1, a weapon that if you were good enough, could shoot forever,
nonstop. It was recreated as Black Spindle in late
Destiny 1, minus the part that generates ammo from thin air. But now, it is back, it has insane impact
and pulls ammo from thin air yet again. Needless to say, that makes it an insanely
good boss killing weapon. First though, we need to establish a baseline
damage value. On Argos, regardless of if your weapon is
385 or 405, it will deal 77,034 damage on a crit without Box Breathing. This is because Argos is only a level 300
enemy and with the way that Destiny scales damage, when you are THAT much higher than
your opponent, everything just deals the same damage. This is to prevent higher level players from
completely steamrolling lower level content, the game actually tones down your damage. For the rest of the video, I’ll be under the
assumption that you have some form of auto-reload buff, whether it be barrier, rift or Whisper’s
main perk. Important to note that if you use Whisper
of the Worm in a Lunafaction buffed rift, the White Nail perk breaks and it will take
your ammo. That being said, it provides a safety cushion
in case you miss and break your crit streak and isn’t unreasonable to use in tandem with
Whisper anyway. A typical Argos damage phase lasts 25 seconds,
or rather, the Unstable Energy Boost buff lasts approximately that long, so that’s where
we’ll focus our damage. That means, in theory, you’re capable of about
30 shots using Whisper at its rate of 72 RPM or 1.2 shots per second. That’s just over 2.3 million damage and keep
in mind, I don’t use damage buffs when weapon testing, so this can go higher. Getting 30 shots is pretty difficult though,
since you need to worry about prisms, Minotaurs, harpies, and on average, if you don’t miss
and if the gun doesn’t glitch out on you, you should expect to hit 24-28 shots, which
is still really good. Then we have DARCI, which we’ve tested before,
but we’ll quickly go over it. It takes about 10 seconds to fire 23 shots
of DARCI, and at 51,964 damage per shot, that gets us just under 1.2 million damage, which
is also pretty good, a pace that is actually better than Whisper without its catalyst. The difference is that with DARCI, well, eventually
we run out of ammo and the only thing that can be used that can keep up that damage pace
is top tree hammers with Synthoceps on. Assuming you have biotic enhancements from
the buff the entire time AND you’re using the class item, which, you should be, AND
you stand far enough from the boss to get the maximum hammer damage possible, you can
do up to 1.2 million damage in hammers alone. From the first tick of your super energy dropping
to the first frame that the final hammer leaves your hand, it takes 8 seconds to make that
happen. In most cases, a full stack of DARCI and a
full set of hammers is about what you’ll be capable of doing in a single damage cycle
on Argos, getting us around 2.2-2.4 million damage, again, no empowering rift used.par
In terms of damage per second output, DARCI takes it over Whisper with no catalyst while
both weapons are active, by almost 30,000 damage per second. So, we’re looking about the same then, yeah? DARCI and hammers vs. Whisper with no catalyst
is about the same potential performance. Well, two things. 1) If you don’t have hammers, your follow
up after your DARCI ammo runs out is weak at best and 2) we still haven’t even discussed
the catalyst for Whisper. Whisper’s Catalyst gives it Box Breathing,
which is the same perk as Ikelos, where aiming for a short time will increase your damage. In Whisper’s case, this damage increase is
30%, bringing up that 77,034 damage per shot to 100,144 damage per shot. Now you’re speaking my language. BUT, important to note, Box Breathing’s benefit
entirely depends on you not descoping for any reason. If you have to reload or descope, your damage
will definitely be impacted significantly. Assuming that you’re able to proc Box Breathing
before Unstable Energy Boost and maximize your shots, that’s up to 3 million damage
in a single cycle, with no rift, 30 shots. Are you gonna get 30 shots every time? No, it’s really hard to do. BUT, you could do 24-28 shots and then you’re
still looking at 2.4 to 2.8 million damage. In some tests we did for this video, I got
26, 27, someone else got 29, so it is definitely possible to reach up there. Unsurprisingly, Whisper is going to be the
pick here from me in most cases. In terms of DPS vs. DARCI, Whisper with the
catalyst TECHNICALLY still doesn’t beat it out, it loses by 1000 damage. But that ultimately doesn’t really matter,
as if you’re not a Titan, you don’t have a follow up after DARCI that would beat or even
come close to Whisper. Now, I say MOST cases. The problem with Argos and by extension Val
Ca’uor, is that you don’t get to stand in one spot and just never move. Sometimes you do, but sometimes you don’t. We went over this in the previous video, but
any time you need to descope with Box Breathing, it’s a BIG hit to your damage. With Whisper, it takes almost 2 seconds to
get Box Breathing back online and if you wait it out, that’s the equivalent of 1.5 shots
wasted. Descope 2 times and that’s 3 shots, gone. If you have to reload, that’s another 3 shots
gone. Whisper’s damage potential completely relies
on not missing and never reloading, whereas DARCI is much more forgiving with descoping
and movement. There will be times where a DARCI + hammer
user will beat a Whisper user simply because of movement issues. Minotaurs, harpies, adds, prism attacks, fire
on the ground, you name it, it’ll cause a problem. But, I feel pretty confident saying that if
you’re not using hammers, you should be using Whisper and even if you are, you have a higher
potential using Whisper. But what about Sleeper Simulant you ask? Well… The previous video determined that just going
for crits was not going to be enough to match DARCI and that going for ricochets off the
back of the crystal shield was too inconsistent and difficult of an experience for the average
player. NOW we have the catalyst, giving us more ammo
and faster charge time. Does that change things enough? Ehhh, not quite. Pre-masterwork, Sleeper took 12 seconds to
fire all of its 8 shots, technically 11.5, but it’s essentially 12 with human error. Post-masterwork, Sleeper takes 13 seconds
to fire all 10 of its shots. So, 1 more second for 2 extra shots. 95,355 damage x 10 shots divided by 13 seconds
to fire is 73,350 DPS. A vast improvement over the previous, but
it still takes 13 seconds to do what DARCI can do in about 8 seconds. Now, by virtue of the fact that we fire the
gun faster, this could open up some possibilities. As we previously established, if you somehow
managed to hit Argos with the initial beam AND all 5 ricochet lasers, you would do 202,240
damage. This times 10 is just over 2 million damage
in 13 seconds, or 155,569 DPS. That is really good. The problem, again, is that this is pretty
hard to do and will continue to be hard to do and generally speaking, not really worth
bothering with. I don’t know of anyone who has bothered to
mess with this concept. Not to mention that, again, if you’re not
a hammer Titan, you have a very weak followup after that anyway. The one good thing about Sleeper is that it
is pretty easy to handle comparatively. If you’re not on PC, then spamming DARCI or
Whisper at their max rates of fire might be hard to do, whereas with Sleeper, it’s much
easier. Val Ca’uor, again, it’s an inconsistent damage
fight. Sometimes you get melted by tons of fire and
need to move a lot, sometimes you can just drill him over and over again. Either way, it’s a similar situation to Argos,
where generally speaking, I would suggest using Whisper for damage, although funny enough,
a 385 Ikelos sniper that is hitting Val Ca’uor with a Tractor Cannon debuff actually does
about 10,000 more DPS than a 405 Whisper. But again, the problem is that after those
8 seconds of perfect shooting, well, you have another 10-15 seconds to do damage and so
while your DPS will be INSANE for first 8-10 seconds, it’ll fall off of a cliff after that,
where Whisper will then take over. The only time you need to kill him that quickly
is with a Wardcliff or Ikelos shotgun strategy, otherwise, it’s fine to use that extra time
to bring him down. One more thing, while I didn’t do any official
tests with the Ikelos shotgun, that weapon is still likely to be the undisputed king
of burst damage until something else takes it down. Nightfall scoring boss kills, Val Ca’uor shotgun
speed kills, anything that needs to be bursted down, especially with Lunafaction the way
that they are, it is insanely good and will continue to be until a new weapon shows up. If there’s one thing to learn from this video,
it is that DARCI can get to a higher DPS than Whisper, but Whisper will generally beat it
over any period of time longer than about 9 seconds or so as long as you are hitting
all of your shots, 9 seconds is the breaking point to where Whisper with catalyst overtakes
DARCI and that is JUST the weapons, doesn’t include anything else. Without catalyst, the breaking point is around
13 or 14 seconds. Whisper also gains the benefit of potentially
wasting zero ammo on other targets if you hit your shots. But, Whisper entirely relies on hitting crits
and not getting White Nail to proc is a big blow to your potential damage output. Now, Whisper worries me and I realize what
I’m about to say is probably not gonna make people happy, but just hear me out. I did want to make another video talking about
this, but I didn’t want to be Captain Buzzkill about Black Hammer returning. There’s a reason I think Whisper of the Worm
will potentially be bad for the game and that’s because of how good it actually is. We all know by now that in order for loot
to be replaced, it needs to be replaced by something that is definitely way better. Black Hammer had to be reborn as a nerfed
version of itself in Destiny 1 and now we have the original Black Hammer back. I’ve talked about boring loot in the past
and while Whisper itself isn’t boring, it’s exciting to have back, I am the kind of person
who doesn’t want to have the same loadout be the best for a really long time. This is why I am still worried about something
like Midnight Coup sticking around, it makes all other loot irrelevant, where we now have
a looter game where players don’t care about loot. Some people are totally fine with that, I
get why, I’m just saying that I think Whisper potentially being the best weapon for the
next year or two might get a little stale and I wonder what Bungie intends to do, if
anything, about that. Obviously tough to tell what’s going to happen
with all of the weapon changes and all that, but I just wonder how this issue will be approached
and I swear on me mum if anyone in the comments says I’m trying to get this nerfed I will
kiss you on the mouth, that is not the point I’m trying to make, alright? Anyway, this is the final DPS video until
after the Dreaming City is on farm status, if you enjoyed this video, a positive rating
would be great, thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time.

Cesar Sullivan

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