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Destiny 2: Luke Smith’s Director’s Cut – Summary and Datto’s Thoughts

Hello everyone. Luke Smith, one of the game directors of Destiny,
has put out a 3 part series on the State of Destiny, although from the response on the
Bungie forums, you might think that I wrote it. Part 1 talked about the past 6 months, with
Season of the Drifter. Part 2 talks about Armor 2.0, the transition
to that armor and power level. Part 3 talks about combat and PvP. In this video, I’ll do Part 1 summary, then
thoughts, part 2 summary, thoughts, etc, so if you just wanna skip around, check the description
for timestamps, but I’ll also post timestamps in the video as well. The footage you’ll be watching isn’t really
going to be important if you just want to listen. Also, in retrospect, I should’ve made these
videos individually, not as one big video, but you live and you learn and you hang on
the edge of tomorrow. Let’s recap some of the major points of the
Director’s Cut posts, starting with Part 1. To start: While Bungie did end up delivering
on what they wanted to deliver and said they would deliver, the actual production of that
stuff was taxing. The various pieces of content that had to
be built from the ground up, Forges, Gambit Prime, Reckoning, The Menagerie and all of
the unique to those activity rewards systems within, were a bit much for them and they
want to start working on a standardized set of progression mechanics, taking on this challenge
in year 3. Powerful gear sources are becoming too plentiful
and feel more like chores than stuff you want to go do. Even in Season of Opulence, we’re still going
back to the Dreaming City for some powerful rewards and they wish they could do more seasonal
curation of the game. Next, we’ll move to the Season of the Drifter. A lot of the points made here mirror that
of what I said in my Closing Thoughts on Season of the Drifter video: there was too much of
a focus on Gambit, Reckoning was not rewarding enough and Reckoning was not super fun because
of design mechanics that had to be broken to compensate for overpowered exotics and
strength of supers. I didn’t cover that 3rd one as much in the
Drifter video, but in a more recent video on Well of Radiance. Luke goes on to talk about the ramifications
of having such powerful items in the game: they have to design around those items and
in doing so, they broke a lot of the rules they set for themselves. He mentions Whisper, exotics that make super
energy, all the stuff that got nerfed a while back. And it seems like there are potential changes
on the horizon: like nerfs to mechanics that circumvent ammo economy, damage stacking rules
and maybe more, to be spoken about in another part. Part 1 of the Season of Opulence section started
with the Pursuits tab UI tweak. Essentially, the team that designed it “wanted
to make something sweet, exceed your expectations, and meet their own expectations, but none
of those things happened,” and were particularly saddened by the response to the change. Maybe not necessarily because of feedback,
but how some feedback was delivered. That being said, another redesign is coming
in the fall, which looks a bit better. Part 2 talks about Eververse and essentially
how Bungie wants power to be obtained from playing the game and vanity from the store. This is where I have a fundamental disagreement
with Bungie, although I get the thought process behind it. Luke does speak about how the sales from the
ornaments for Whisper of the Worm paid for, dev cost-wise, the Zero Hour mission and rewards
to be made. This is a cool insight into how micros actually
work in terms of a direct response to their existence. Without Whisper of the Worm ornaments, Zero
Hour and it’s ornaments wouldn’t have just been made available to everyone: it just wouldn’t
have existed in the first place. So, a lot of the stuff in this section and
by extension the rest of the video might seem familiar to you if you’ve been watching my
videos lately, specifically the Closing of Season of the Drifter thoughts video, the
PvP and Well of Radiance video and the Eververse video. As a result, I don’t have too much to say
because I’ve already said those things. I’ve linked some videos in the description
from the past that touch on a lot of the stuff that Luke touches on. But for the most part, I agree with almost
everything here. The one thing I don’t agree with is separating
vanity items from gameplay. It does not sit well, despite instances like
Prestige Leviathan gear being not so sought after and the Worldline Zero sparrow getting
mocked. Luke does clarify later that there will still
be cosmetic drops like ships during gameplay and that they’re not being completely removed. I enjoy having cosmetic options as drops from
the game as part of greater challenges, perhaps linked to triumphs as opposed to base level
content. For example, it would’ve been cool to have
a ship from the Shattered Throne that got upgraded as you obtained the triumphs for
completing it, then doing it solo, then doing it solo flawless. You get the base level item for just doing
it, but if you want to go beyond that, you have option challenges to go do. Prestige Leviathan felt like a let down because
of its era, because prestige mode to a lot of more hardcore raiders never felt like an
optional thing and because it just wasn’t that flashy compared to what we’ve had in
the past: we went from Age of Triumph raid armor in Destiny 1, some of the best looking
armors sets in the history of the game to… the same armor with a purple glow. Or in the case of Eater of Worlds, the same
armor set with a barely noticeable lighting effect. Getting the ship from 100 forged weapons is
an example, maybe not a great one, but an example, of going above and beyond to get
a cosmetic item. I don’t think people would have as much of
a problem with so many cosmetics in the Eververse store if there were simply a few more things
scattered in the game for people to try to hunt that looked as cool as some of the Eververse
items. Part 2 of the Director’s cut discusses power,
but starts with the Armor 2.0 transition. If you watched the Armor 2.0 recap, Luke’s
first part just kinda goes over all of the most important parts of how it’ll work, you
can watch my video as well to get up to speed. To give a little insight into stats, like
strength, intellect, discipline, right now in the game, your stats are essentially at
tier 3 without mods. So everyone has the equivalent of what will
be tier 3 in stats in Shadowkeep right now. Bungie anticipates the following for players
transitioning to armor 2.0: the better your armor sets are right now, the slower you’ll
likely adopt armor 2.0 and the worse your armor, the faster you will. Hardcore players will likely have multiple
sets of perfectly rolled armor, which means their incentive to swap over to armor 2.0
armor isn’t as high because armor 2.0 armor won’t have enhanced mods unlocked yet or the
perfect whatever they’re looking for. Players without those god roll armor sets
have a smaller incentive to stick with them. But, Bungie didn’t want all non-2.0 armor
to be immediately garbage and wants players to transition to 2.0 when they feel they’re
going to get a benefit from it, which is a good move. Next, Luke talks about power, power level
and power sources. First, Shadowkeep will cut down on the amount
of sources that drop powerful items down to around Forsaken levels. During the Forsaken-era, when you overleveled
an activity, the rewards were worth less and vice versa. In Shadowkeep, the game will give a consistent,
expected powerful reward, regardless of your power relative to it. Prime Engrams will start dropping at 900 power,
but you’ll get charges for Prime Engrams as you level up. You can earn more of them, but their values
were rebalanced to compensate, sounds like we’ll get more, but at smaller upgrade amounts. World drops, specifically sounding like legendary
world drops, will have a chance to drop at your current light level, which will make
leveling a little easier. The example given was: if you’re at 912 power
with 906 gloves, you might get a legendary engram that opens into 912 gloves, thus raising
your power level. When Shadowkeep launches, ALL WEAPONS AND
ARMOR will be boosted to 750 power. Everything. This is to enable new and old players to play
with each other without having to grind up to 750. This means that you don’t need to level old
items, unless you want to. Don’t waste your materials, again, unless
you want to. The relationship between player and power
has always been… rocky in Destiny to say the least, as Luke explains in his post. It’s been all over the place, from the days
of forever 29 in Destiny 1, to now, where powerful rewards fall from the sky. Destiny 2 launched with a shortened power
climb, an over-simplified game with items that were too easy to get and focused on vanity
over the power level grind, hoping that players would go for looks over items. We didn’t. Power has always been the number 1 thing to
prioritize in the game and it’s been easier and easier to hit max power. They’ve added additional objectives like triumphs,
but power reigns supreme. They’re trying something new in the seasonal
artifact. You’ll level the artifact over the season. It’ll supply you with seasonal artifact mods,
which are mods unique to that season, which could be new mods, or cheaper mods or whatever
in between. Next, as you level the artifact, it will give
you a bonus to your power level, but this bonus is not considered when getting drops. This enables players to gain power levels
over time just by playing the game in case they don’t raid or do Iron Banner or whatever
else gives top rewards. Shadowkeep will be introducing pinnacle powerful
reward sources and the only way to go above 950 power in Season 8 will be by completing
these pinnacle sources. I assume that does not include the bonus that
is given with the artifact. What this boils down to is: if you do pinnacle
level stuff, you will level up faster than others, but if you don’t or can’t do them,
you’ll level up slower just by completing activities in the game, which is sort of similar
to what’s happening now. People are making a guess at Shadowkeep’s
max power level, saying it’ll be 1000, that is my guess as well. Destiny 1 had a sense of prestige when you
were higher power levels because you could only get the highest power levels by completing
the hardest stuff in the game. This concept seeks to bring that feeling back
to the game a little bit. All that being said, Luke acknowledges that
power level in Destiny isn’t perfect and it is open to being reworked down the road. Thoughts on part 2: pretty much in agreement
here as well. With regards to the Armor 2.0 transition,
I think this is being handled pretty well. If you’re decked out in gear with enhanced
perks, there’s not as much of a rush to switch to Armor 2.0. If you’re not decked out or are gearing up
alts, you can go to 2.0 pretty quickly with no problem. Being able to switch when you want and not
being forced is also good. There are some concerns floating around about
Armor 2.0 itself compared to armor we have now. With Armor 2.0, since certain weapon specific
perks like scavenger or reloader are locked behind certain elements, combos like Hand
Cannon / Shotgun or HC/Sniper aren’t able to roll “perfect” perks like you can right
now. However, for example, you can get a more generic
reload perk, which will cost more energy, but isn’t elemental. The elemental affinity system appears to be
a system designed with trade-offs and choices actually in mind as part of the gearing experience
as opposed to just stockpiling as much as we can. It’s also probably designed in part to nerf
overall player power, since we’ve just been getting more and more insane by the day. Nerfing overall player power is naturally
going to make some people upset. I personally don’t mind it, but understand
that for some people, it’s tough to feel like you’re going to be weaker overall. The trade-off for continuing to use all non-2.0
armor will be a lack of stats. We also don’t know if ammo-finders or double
scavenger perks will be working in the same way they do right now, or if they’re be balanced
differently, so it’s tough to comment before we get more details. I like the 750 boost of all items. I don’t think many people have a problem with
this at all, besides maybe the “well, then why did I bother to grind to 750 in Opulence
if we’re just gonna get leveled,” crowd. You did it because you wanted to. It’s a new year, it’s a good entry point for
new players and putting everyone on the same playing field is a good idea at the start. My only… I guess not concern, but question would be:
no stat crunch? It seems like a good time for it since we’re
potentially going up to 1000 power. Not a huge deal though. The seasonal artifact sounds like Paragon
levels in Diablo 3, where you get to keep leveling after you’re done… leveling. The artifact in Destiny will level up every
time YOU get enough experience and doesn’t require you to be at the power cap though,
that’s the main difference. The unlocking of perks does seem very battle
pass like in nature though, you buy the season, therefore buying the artifact and perhaps
the feeling of being “done” in a season is to fully level the artifact. Without knowing how the artifact works though,
it’s tough to pass any judgement. But let’s say there are still some concerns
on my end when it comes to any battle pass related stuff coming to Destiny, which we’ll
talk about if and when the time comes. Finally, with regards to culling the amount
of powerful gear sources, I’m also pretty ok with this. Right now, the list of powerful sources feels
like homework. There’s too many and not even I bother to
do all of them outside of the most special of circumstances. It’s unreasonable and can also make the power
grind very short. I think making it so you get the same amount
of power as an upgrade from completing anything is a nice trade-off compared to the system
we have now, although it does make completing harder content for upgrades not as much of
an incentive, until you run out of things to do anyway. I personally like that you’ll need to actually
do pinnacle level activities to hit max power level, returning some prestige to that goal,
although I’m sure it won’t end up being as big of a deal as I or others might think it’ll
be. Obviously if you’re a more casual player,
this is probably something you don’t like, understandably so. As Luke said, Bungie is still trying to figure
out if getting power SHOULD be a prestigious thing or not. For the past while, it’s hasn’t been. Maybe now, it will be. But, a problem we’ve had in Destiny historically
is lack of a reason to actually get max power. We covet it so bad and yet it has been pretty
meaningless outside of a couple specific things gameplay wise. Part 3 discusses combat and PvP. It seems like damage values and numbers are
getting a bit of a stat squish moving into Shadowkeep as Bungie sets up a better damage-display
system. Essentially, from what it sounds like anyway,
damage numbers will be smaller than they are now so that we don’t spiral out of control. This isn’t a nerf, it is a numbers squish. Bungie is also extending the Immunity Wall,
aka, the level at which enemies are immune to your damage. Right now, if you are 50 or more levels below
an enemy, you can’t deal damage to them. That number is being increased to 100. Buff stacking is being retooled. From now on, you will only gain the benefit
of the strongest damage buff at a time, so if you have a Well of Radiance and top tree
Weapons of Light, you’ll only gain the benefit from Weapons of Light, BUT, you’d still get
the healing part of Well of Radiance. Weapon specific buffs, like Rampage or Kill
Clip WILL stack on top of things like Well or Weapons of Light though. Enemies will also only be able to be affected
by 1 debuff at a time and the weapon debuff skills and weapons, Hammer Strike, Shattering
Strike, Tractor Cannon and Shadowshot had their effects and durations adjusted, but
we don’t know by how much or what the changes are. Shadowshot will now work on powerful weapons
as well, I assume that means power weapons. Roaming supers are getting their damage resistance
nerfed to make players in supers a little more vulnerable. Orbs of light are also getting nerfed and
won’t restore as much energy on your super, along with reducing the super energy gained
from kills and assists. I assume this is still within the realm of
PvP discussion, but it’s not explicitly stated if this is also PvE related. Bungie wants supers to be a more strategic
choice as opposed to just popping it and going on a murder spree. If you use it poorly or someone gets a good
shot on you, you’ll be punished. At Destiny 2 launch, supers were really undertuned,
right now, they’re overtuned, so they’re trying to swing towards the middle. Power ammo in PvP is getting adjusted. Ammo per brick is getting reduced in certain
6v6 modes and will be communal like it was in Destiny 1, but unlike Destiny 1, when a
player cracks open the power, other players will have a chance to grab some too before
they’re locked out from the power ammo. It is not specified how many times power ammo
will spawn in a match, but for reference, it spawned 1 time in a Destiny 1 PvP match,
MAYBE 2 times if the game went long. Let’s move to PvP as a whole. There are a lot of issues right now: no new
permanent game modes, missing Destin 1 game modes, WHERE IS RIFT, no public-facing PvP
team and Trials has been gone for a while. Trials just didn’t have the same impact as
it did in Destiny 1. The theme was weaker, the card didn’t matter
as much and the stakes were lower. Trials of the Nine is on hiatus indefinitely. I will note that in this post, Nine is emphasized. Shadowkeep and New Light will bring changes
to PvP. Destiny 2’s change to 4v4 from Destiny 1’s
rule of 3 broke some stuff and they’re trying to fix that break. Quickplay and Competitive have been removed
from the Director. Classic Mix is “replacing” Quickplay, giving
a mix of Control, Clash and Supremacy. Competitive is being replaced with 3v3 Survival,
which now awards Glory rank. Survival Solo Queue, also rewarding Glory,
is being added. 6v6 Control is its own playlist. A weekly 6v6 and 4v4 rotator are being added,
where modes like Clash, Supremacy, Mayhem, Lockdown and Countdown will be. Some underperforming maps are being removed
from matchmaking, we don’t know which ones. 4 variants of 3v3 Elimination have been worked
on and is returning to Crucible Labs. It is unfinished though, with no Voice Overs
or medals related to it. They’d like feedback on the variants, to which
they assume Elimination will make it’s way back into the game at some point down the
road. Widow’s Court and Twilight Gap are returning,
although the wording does make it seem like they’re only for Elimination, we need clarification. How about matchmaking? With all the new players coming in with Shadowkeep,
hopefully anyway, Bungie doesn’t want them getting immediately rolled by veteran players. Currently, Quickplay is the only mode without
some version of skill-based matchmaking in the game. 6v6 Classic Mix will preserve that. Other matchmaking changes will be happening
to give players a wide variety of match types. Glory rank gains and losses are also being
adjusted: skill is a factor in how much you gain and lose and losses will be less punishing
to your streaks. Finally, we get to some narrative stuff. Destiny’s narrative hasn’t really gone forward
a ton. We’ve been experiencing things in the world
of Destiny, but it hasn’t been feeling like we’ve gone anywhere with an overall story. In Season 8, stuff is gonna happen on the
Moon. During the season, parts of the game will
change before the “story” is resolved, but the resolution will set up the events of Season
9 and so on. This year’s annual pass permanently added
activities to the game, which caused the game to bloat, a lot. This is why the list of powerful reward sources
seems like homework. Destiny can’t keep infinitely adding new activities
to the game on a technical level. I think Shadowkeep requires like 165 GB of
space to install or something like that. So, some activities and content will be truly
seasonal. It’ll show up for a season and then some of
the things from it will go away and that includes some rewards. But, weapons and items from seasons past will
be added to other rewards sites in the future. Thoughts on part 3:
A lot to digest here. The damage number cruch here doesn’t surprise
me at all, again, this isn’t a nerf, it’s just a number squish to make sure numbers
don’t spiral out of control, you’ll still be dealing the same damage percentage wise
and all that as far as I know. Just kind of goes back to part 2 where I asked:
why not just squish power levels as well? Who knows, but this is totally fine. Increasing the immunity wall is also fine,
doesn’t really affect the game at all, but maybe this is a hint that Bungie might be
putting in some more difficulty options for activities, who knows, but this isn’t gonna
really affect players too much for regular day-to-day play. Buff and debuff stacking definitely needed
to be addressed and Bungie is doing it and I’m happy and sad about it. Why sad? Well, there was a little bit of a skill factor
in coordinating stacking all of your buffs as much as possible and for as long as possible. Maybe not a huge skill factor, but still one
nonetheless. Now, things are gonna be more simplified,
which isn’t terrible, but I AM happy about these buffs and debuffs getting toned down. We don’t know by how much yet, but stuff like
Melting Point and Tractor Cannon are both 50%, at least for void damage, Tractor can
be applied for a REALLY long time as well. My guess is that if they really wanted to
slap these debuffs, Melting Point would come down to like, 20% and Tractor Cannon void
damage boost would be maybe 15% with non-void going to like, 10% if they wanted to keep
that theme. Otherwise, I don’t really know how much they
wanna slap these debuffs, so it’s anyone’s guess. Weapon specific buffs stacking I think is
fine, like Kill Clip and Rampage, since it’s gonna be really hard to maintain those buffs
for long periods of time during boss damage anyway. Supers being made more vulnerable in PvP is
very good. Part of the issue of chaining supers in PvP
is that you get to live a really long time and they’re hard to shut down. Orb energy AND kills and assist energy getting
nerfed at the moment seems fine, but obviously it’s a worry if they swing too hard back towards
Destiny 2 launch status. No way to really comment on this further without
seeing it in action, but I like the concept. It maybe doesn’t need to be hit AS hard in
PvE content though, although it definitely should be looked at. Power ammo getting seemingly nerfed is also
great. The nerf to me sounds like an adjusted Destiny
1 heavy ammo situation. In Destiny 1, if you weren’t there when someone
popped the power ammo, that was it, you had no chance of getting any. This version sounds like that, but you’ll
have a few seconds to grab some power ammo after someone starts it up. My only question is: how many times will it
spawn? I’d prefer it to be on the lower side of things,
once, maybe twice. The ammo reduction is great as well. Power ammo should be a manic moment in a match,
and then reset. Having one person on the enemy team just camp
power the whole game isn’t fun. Biggest thing from the PvP section is probably
this sentence. “Trials of the Nine didn’t work the way
we’d hoped, and Trials of the Nine is on hiatus indefinitely.” Nine is emphasized, potentially hinting at
some form of a Trials experience returning to the game, but that’s all we have right
now. Bungie is right: PvP has been neglected over
the past year, only granting easier and easier to obtain pinnacle weapons. Things need to be happening. But, what seems to be happening in Shadowkeep
on the quickplay side of things is just a giant reshuffling of game modes and options. I hope they’re keeping some new maps and modes
under wraps, because otherwise, this just kinda feels like the same. Competitive is where things are at least getting
shaken up a little bit, but Survival is familiar to the playerbase already and seems to be
one of the lesser liked modes in the game. Not to mention the switch to 3v3 might make
things feel slower on maps that were made with 4v4 and 1 or 2 with 6v6 in mind. But, I respect that they’re at least trying
something here and trying to make glory point gains and losses less binary as well. Elimination looks to be the star of the show
here, with different variants coming to Crucible Labs, with and without res tokens and whatever
other rules they have. But, again, until we see this in action, it
is tough to comment further, but I am excited to see what’s in store. Finally narrative. As I questioned Luke during the Shadowkeep
reveal stream, Destiny has been going in many directions, but not one of them feels like
forward. I know I would like to ultimately see Destiny
find that central villain or storyline or SOMETHING that makes us feel like we’re not
floundering or just going around helping random citizens with their problems. I like that seasons will seemingly set up
the events for the next season, perhaps creating a chain reaction of events and I hope that
Destiny actually decides to go somewhere instead of having central characters just disappear
or feel like they serve no purpose anymore. Ok, that was a lot. Overall, these were really great reads and
insights into the game and I hope we see to see this kind of stuff in the future. Maybe once a season to reflect on how Bungie
thinks the season went or stuff like that. Anything that gives more insight into the
game is always going to be welcome. Overall, the main gripes that I have or have
pointed out seem to match up pretty well with what Luke has outlined in these posts and
that’s… I dunno, that’s cool. It’s pretty validating as a content creator
who now mainly focuses on commentary to point that things that I think and at least some
of the community think are problems with the game and have a lot of those points matched
by creatives, it’s nice knowing that I’m not just making things up or that I’m completely
off base, it’s a nice confidence boost for sure. But I think that’s going to do it for me. If you enjoyed this video, a positive rating
is very appreciated, thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time.

Cesar Sullivan

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  24. The narrative is my biggest complaint right now. I'm a fairly casual PVE player and I don't do much outside of strikes, patroling, and other forms of solo content so a lot of the deeper changes, while good, aren't going to have a gigantic impact on me. But the story has zero momentum and I'm kind of tired of it. Each expansion tells a decent story on its own (Forsaken!) but they all feel so self contained and I'm tired of going absolutely nowhere. The tease at the end of the vanilla story feels like a million years ago.

  25. 54k bright dust Jesus, also I can’t believe we really had “fun” playing with 2 primaries eew that looked horrible now that I see it

  26. Before I click on this video
    Me: Setting up my dinner in front of my computer Clicks this video
    Datto: Hello everyone. Grab a drink, grab some food. It's a long one.
    Me: "Already done, already done."

  27. Datto: I should have spread this out over multiple videos.

    The 5 ads spaced throughout the video: Nah this is fine. You good.

  28. Aww look at how their eyes sparkle when they look at each other. "Daddy, the channel is getting low on money." Okay just keep quiet "SON" and we'll make something happen for you.

  29. Fuck I wish I saw this before I sacrificed half my enhancement cores to the infusion gods lol

    Good video Datto, I need to watch more of your content. Very informative.

  30. So i haven't played this game, in a year my power level, is very low i am building a pc is it worth to start grinding on console or just wait for pc?

  31. I didn’t click this. It auto played. And your voice ruined my day. I wish deep in my heart of hearts that when I dislike your videos YouTube figures it out and stops putting your whining sniveling voice on my screen and in my ears.

  32. I'm curious if, with the added power from the artifact, players who pursue pinnacle activity leveling can essentially over-level? If we hit 950, and the artifact were to add 50 to make us 1000 (that's an assumption, to keep casual players on par) like we're all assuming… perhaps actually grinding out the pinnacles will get us up to 1050?

  33. Lol now I can actually level a Warlock from like level 12 (I started a Warlock just before I got the first two expansions, in June of 2018)

  34. Dattos Thoughts:

    Doesn't matter bcus he's extremely biased. Nothing can go wrong w/ Bungie if that's your money maker

  35. Always love your commentary and I enjoyed the way you broke some of these down. Story is a big one for me so anything that would move it forward is a plus. Looking forward to Shadowkeep and many new videos.

  36. oh my friggin god "but ya live and you learn, and you hang on the edge of tomorrow" Datto has to do a play through of SA2

  37. Fuck them and their Johnny Two Sticks comment. I was playing video games before they were a glint in their parents eyes

  38. “You live and you learn, and you hang on the edge of tomorrow”. ~~~soooooo deeeeep.

    “Wish in one hand, and SHIT in the other. See which one gets full filled first”. ~~~~reality.

  39. In my opinion some of these things are gunna seriously hurt the game & just seem like a step back,
    people wont be happy about these vanity changes,
    you'd think companies would learn from the mistakes of others..
    The Eververse store will become the new Anthem MT store from what it sounds like..
    & Levelling in Forsaken was a complete and utter pain for solo players..
    I wont go through that again..
    Lastly the fact I have to re farm my EP armor and any other armor I've collected over the first 2 years is beyond moronic..
    A lot of these changes are more than negative and others are just flat out questionable like the weapon buff nerfs, & saying "toned down" is a quite the understatement now that weapon buffs wont stack anymore, especially if they plan on nerfing said buff as well.

  40. I already deleted all my armor, ships, sparrows, guns and colors so I'm ready for what comes next. I'm only level 30 anyways, I don't care.

    Part 3 I am VERY DISAPPOINTED that they are removing activities. Game was already short on content before, why remove seasonal content people pay for?

    I mean that just killed any reason for me to buy forsaken now.

  41. Oh yea, Bungie is so poor. Funny how they never talk how much real life merch brings them. What a bunch of cheating scumbags

  42. I showed a video of this scrawny , beak nose , nerd to a few of my girlfriends and they laughed . They said the poor nerdy little wimp must never get laid 😂

  43. I call BS on microtransactions payed for whisper/outbreak prime missions. Look to CDPR they gave out roughly 10 free dlc's for witcher 3. Ranging from missions to skins to ng+, gwent packs,etc. Bungie is just greedy, and thats all there is to it!

  44. Armor 2.0 sounds like the best thing to happen to Destiny since TTK. Now can we get Weapons 2.0 later? Love the updating info, I just masterworked my bygones tonight. FML.

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