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Destiny 2: Why Are Grenade Launchers So Good Now? Gahlran Damage Test

If you would’ve told me last year that one
of the best boss damage loadouts in the game consisted of 2 grenade launchers and an SMG
or one of the best general loadouts was an SMG, a fusion and a grenade launcher, I would’ve
told you that you were insane. And yet here we are: season 7. This has become reality. It technically has been a reality for a little
while now, since season 6. I know I’ve looked into grenade launchers
more ever since I got my Mountaintop at the beginning of Season 7. But it’s more recently come into the limelight
because of a new raid that allows for good use of grenade launchers and because of the
new strike pinnacle weapon. So much so that several of the top Crown of
Sorrow boss damage weapons are grenade launchers. So that just begs the question: what happened? Let’s go back to April 2018. I just made a video discussing grenade launchers,
although discussing is a very generous term for what the video ended up becoming. Grenade Launchers in PvE had basically no
place at all, with them being not too bad in PvP. Nothing would change until Forsaken, where
they were buffed by… an undetermined amount in both damage and blast radius. Alright. But nothing really happened with grenade launchers
back then either, besides some jokes with Edge Transit. Cluster Bomb rockets were alive and well and
combined with Tractor Cannon were torching Riven. It wasn’t until grenade launchers were buffed
again in Season of the Drifter and Cluster Bomb rockets were nerfed that grenade launchers
would be thrust into the limelight. A 25% PvE damage buff and increased reserves
came to grenade launchers, and combined with cluster bombs getting absolutely nuked and
the Mountaintop crucible pinnacle weapon getting acquired by more people, this didn’t so much
thrust grenade launchers into the limelight as it did strap them onto a rocket ship and
then sent them to space. They’ve power creeped their way forward as
by far the best options. But just to test, I wanted to see how old
rival like Whisper, DARCI, Lord of Wolves and Thunderlord fared against these beasts
in the new raid, along with new comers like Outbreak Perfected. And I gotta say… it’s not even close. Note that damage testing was done on Gahlran
himself and that damage dealt to other targets may vary. Let’s start with some grenade launchers to
see what we’re working against. Mountaintop is up first. Note that shooting at Gahlran’s head deals
the most damage, even with grenade launchers. We’re also not working with any buffs unless
specified because I just wanted raw damage. Mountaintop at 750 with a 750 character deals
a total of 115,267 damage per shot, that’s explosion damage plus impact damage added
together with Spike Grenade active on the weapon. At a rate of 90 RPM, we can fire 1.5 grenades
per second, giving us a DPS potential of 172,900. With a boss spec mod, that damage per shot
goes up to 124,522, with our DPS going up to 186,783. Wow, alright. Let’s try out Prospector now. My Prospector wasn’t at max level, only 741,
and with it, I deal a total of 94,493 damage per grenade, which is considerably less per
shot than Mountaintop, but at 165 RPM, we’re shooting really fast, 2.75 grenades per second,
which gives us DPS of just under 260,000. Yeah. Yeah that’s a lot. Prospector’s main issue is ammo capacity,
but with double reserves and the catalyst, you can bring that up pretty high, 22 rounds. Anarchy has been making some waves lately
due to Mountaintop being such a good DPS weapon. Anarchy is a completely passive weapon, meaning
you can shoot grenades to activate the arc web effect and then swap to another weapon
to deal damage. Anarchy has pretty high reserves, allowing
you to tag an enemy, shooting another shot at the ground and letting it passively deal
damage to a big target while you handle other things. I frequently use this when I need to kill
a Knight and need to immediately swap my Witch’s Blessing. Anyway, Anarchy ticks twice per second, once
every half of a second. On Gahlran, at 750, I was getting passive
ticks of 38,873. Doubling this gets our DPS, which is 77,746
DPS. But, this is damage that’s happening in the
background, so we can more or less just add this to whatever other weapon we happen to
be using at the time. It’s not EXACTLY the same as just adding it,
but it’s pretty close, close enough that we can just say that it is. If we added this to a boss spec Mountaintop,
we get DPS of 264,529, which just barely edges out Prospector. How about Wendigo, the new pinnacle grenade
launcher from the Vanguard? Seems like that has some potential. With our orb buff, a Wendigo shot is capableof
147,635 damage. At 120 RPM, we’re firing 2 grenades per second,
DPS potential is a whopping 295,270. BUT, this only lasts for 6 shots, unless you
happen to make a situation happen where you’ve stockpiled orbs in exactly the spot where
you’re standing to deal damage. For the most part, after your initial shots,
the buff will drop off and you’re going to drop down in damage, to a paltry 86,140 damage
per shot without the buff, 172,280 DPS. So, our DPS range is somewhere in between
172 and 295 thousand. If we cut that directly in half, it’s about
233,000. So, we’re already looking at some insane damage
when we stack Well of Radiance and Empowered melee from Warlocks. While Melting Point, aka Hammer Strike is
technically possible to apply to Gahlran, it’s much easier to just use a Tractor Cannon
in this case, which buffs damage dealt. But, the bonus is only 33% for non-void sources. Void sources get a 50% buff, matching Hammer
Strike. This means if we can find a void grenade launcher,
we have a shot at finding something with very high poten– oh there’s one. Swarm of the Raven from Iron Banner. It’s a 150 RPM void grenade launcher. If you can find one with Spike Grenade on
it, you’re looking pretty good. As we saw with Mountaintop vs Prospector,
rate of fire really matters. Swarm of the Raven hits for 109,083 damage
with Spike Grenades on a direct hit. This is 15,000 damage more than Prospector,
at a loss of only 15 RPM. 150 RPM means we’re firing off 2.5 grenades per second. That means we’re actually beating Prospector,
at 272,708 DPS. We aren’t even including any other buffs AND
we can put a boss mod in this thing too. A Tractor Cannon buff brings us up 50% in
damage, eclipsing 400,000 DPS, again, no boss spec. For reference, a Prospector with Tractor Cannon
only goes up 33% in damage, going from 259 to 345,608 DPS. If Prospector gets the full 50% damage, it’d
be just under 400,000, at 396,793 DPS. So, where are our old veteran weapons? How are they doing in this new world? Let’s start with Lord of Wolves. Lord of Wolves is currently busted in PvP
due to the new Release the Wolves perk being able to be activated whenever you want. We can use this to our advantage in the raid
by being able to rip through a bunch of ammo really quickly. Unfortunately, due to range, my damage per
shot was pretty inconsistent, ranging from as high as 13,143 damage per shot, to as low
as 9,525. Keep in mind, I’m also not in a Luna rift
either, which could really boost my range, and thus, damage. Let’s take the ideal scenario: all 120 bullets
hit for 13,143 damage. That’s 1,577,160 damage. Lord of Wolves has an RPM of 640. 120/640 is 18.75%, which means we fire 120
bullets in 18.75% of a minute, which is 11.25 seconds. Our damage divided by our time is equal to
140,192 DPS, which is not close to our current champion grenade launchers. For this to come close to something like Prospector,
our shots would need to do over 22,000 per bullet, unbuffed. Whisper of the Worm, another veteran weapon. At 748 on a 745 character, Whisper was dealing
157,500 damage per shot with Whispered Breathing applied. At 72 rounds per minute, we’re firing 1.2
shots a second, giving us DPS of 189,000, respectable, but definitely not beating grenade
launchers right now. DARCI was making some waves again due to Whisper’s
nerf, but DARCI has technically always been a competitor. A 750 DARCI was dealing 96,575 damage per
shot with the catalyst and perk applied. At 2.33 shots per second, our DPS for DARCI
is 225,019, again, very respectable. The difference between DARCI and Whisper continues
to be DPS vs total damage. Whisper is capable of higher total damage,
whereas DARCI can pump out damage faster than Whisper. One Thousand Voices has been hit and miss
in a lot of situations, so let’s see how it does here. 7 shots takes just under 14 seconds, call
it 13.5 if you’re firing as fast as possible. 1 shot in our example is 333,210 damage. That’s pretty good, gives us about 2.3 million
damage (2,332,470). If we divide that by the time it takes to
deal that damage, we’re looking at 172,776 DPS. Serviceable, sure, but not the top. Thunderlord is last on the list, critting
for 8,444 damage. Thunderlord is a weird weapon to simulate
because its RPM ramps up from 450 after a short time. If we go to 600 RPM, that’s 10 rounds per
second which equates to around 84,000 DPS not including the random thunder damage you
can proc. In this case, this damage doesn’t even register
on the scale of being an option. Even if we doubled that RPM to 1200, it would
just barely enter competitive territory, and by that I mean, it would be the worst option
we’ve tested today. And that’s if we DOUBLED IT. That’s how uncompetitive Thunderlord is in
the new raid. Outbreak Perfected is also a really difficult
weapon to simulate because it all depends on how many people are using it at a time
and because the damage scales up for so long. I will say that Outbreak Perfected is definitely
not the best option once you are level with the raid, but proved quite effective in the
day 1 raid experience. This is due to the damage boost you get from
multiple people using it and because you could then use your special and heavy ammo to kill
enemies during the actual fight. Now that contest isn’t active, this isn’t
as necessary. If you’re not capable of 1 phasing the boss
for whatever reason, Outbreak is a good option as long as your entire team is using it, it’s
a very safe 2 phase. But so are a lot of other things. Rat King 2 cycles the boss. So what do we take away from this? Grenade Launchers are our new lords. They’ve power crept really far ahead. Not only that, but they’re a pretty easy weapon
to use for DPS purposes and Gahlran’s crit spot is pretty difficult to miss. You just need to worry about accidentally
blowing yourself up on someone’s back. They’re part of the reason that killing Gahlran
so quickly is possible, that people were 1 phasing him while contest was active, that
people are 1 phasing him with only 2 people. Swarm of the Raven is from Iron Banner, just
a random drop, so it’s time to get lucky with those drops. Otherwise, a Prospector will work just fine,
I imagine a lot of you have one of those, Wendigo works too. You don’t need Mountaintop and Anarchy for
this raid, so don’t worry if you don’t have them. As for what will happen to grenade launchers,
I think they’ll be left untouched for this season, but everything is game for Shadowkeep
since it’s such a major expansion. It wouldn’t shock me to see a nerf to their
potency then. If you enjoyed this video, a positive rating
is appreciated, thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time.

Cesar Sullivan

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