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Destroying Valfross – New Campaign Levels & Building Vehicles To Destroy Them – Besiege

Cesar Sullivan

35 thoughts on “Destroying Valfross – New Campaign Levels & Building Vehicles To Destroy Them – Besiege

  1. I would actually like to see more building videos by you drae. The workshop is cool and all, but it would be nice to see some building as well.

  2. You could have just aligned the middle fish to the top fish then align the bottom. But that would not be the Drae way. LOL

  3. I don’t play besiege but I can easily tell why your carpet bomber is unbalanced. If you put the fan things on all sides of those 4 pillars sticking out of the top of your creation, it would allow you to move in all directions and make it symmetrical.

  4. its awesome that the next besiege video has you building, bc i asked you to do this last vid, i believe.

    *the last besiege vid*

  5. Finally an update hopefully the next one won't take a year 😛

    Great vid Drae and that spinning carpet bomb build is a sight to behold, it is definitely something to be proud of

  6. Drae! Cool video, but the final level was actually a level that was already in the game, it just got moved to the end. The real second new level is in its place. Just thought I'd let you know. Maybe squeeze in you beating that one next video?

  7. Your center of thrust was above your center of mass which is why you nosed down when trying to go forwards! You still went forwards because the vertical thrust was no longer directional to gravity but also slightly backwards (like drones fly, by pitching)

  8. I've been watching your videos for a long time now and this is legit the first time I see you doing a campaign level in Besiege. So now I understand what Besiege is supposed to be, a destruction puzzle game

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