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Did Halo 5: Guardians DESTROY the Halo Franchise? (Video Game Analysis)

Cesar Sullivan

5 thoughts on “Did Halo 5: Guardians DESTROY the Halo Franchise? (Video Game Analysis)

  1. Despite the emphasis on competitive multiplayer I feel they dropped the ball here as well. Halo 5's multiplayer breaks the Halo formula even more than 4 did. We hated Halo 4's multiplayer as it included a lot the things we didn't want in Halo and the maps were terrible. Insta-kill weapons, loadouts, sprint, thrust, see through walls, and a godawful frame rate made it unplayable from a competitive standpoint. 4 literally murdered the comp community at the time.

    Radar, sprint, charge, thrust and ground-pound break the classic Halo formula beyond an acceptable state. Why strafe when you can thrust? Why aim when automatics are better most of the time? Why worry about positioning as any part of the map can be easily sprint-thrusted to or groundpounded on? Why be aware when you have radar? Sprinting/charging in with your AR, while staring at your radar, is almost always the best strategy.

    Halo5's multiplayer caters to casuals in an attempt to gain new players and keep the old, however, the game is so different that they lost a ton of their loyal fan base. Most of the pro players don't like the game, but play it because it is their job.

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