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Ohh..Kuru, kuru..Kuru, kuru..Hmm.. Shita pika pi, shita pika pi.. Shita pika, shita pika, pi, pi, pi….. Where I know I must be….. Hmmm , hmm, hmm…. always flow. This is home.. *Audience singing along in the background* I have a physical condition called.. Cerebral Palsy. Because I was born premature. I was born in 6.5 months. There was some issues with the limbs and sitting posture and all that. Using which they actually diagnosed it to be, Cerebral Palsy. Life was tough, because when I was born, I remember my grandparents telling me that you are the 1st one who because of your birth caused your father to faint in the labor ward. Even from sleeping on my back, to move and sleep sidewards I need assistance. When teachers begin to motivate you knowing your disability and willing to work with you that motivates you to do better. And as you grow older, of cause, friends, some of your friends understand you, they will try to come to you and make good friends. I have good friends over the years. But of course in secondary level bullying when to another level where they don’t really understand, why I was being treated differently by the teachers. This baby or fetus as that they call it survived 48 hours. Put in to rehab, for 3 months old baby. I am blessed with a fantastic life from GOD, to be with sitting in front of you with a PHD degree and speaking to you guys today. *claps* I am a close-up magician and also a cardist. Anyone want to volunteer? .. To come up. Jackie: Is this your first time watching magic life? Audience: Yaa
Jackie: Are you anxious?
Audience: Yes
Jackie: I am more anxious. *giggles* So I will now drop the cards slowly, just say stop at any way you like. Audience: STOP! Here? Ok, memorise the card. Memorise already?

Audience: Ya Everyone saw the card already correct?
Now I will just give it shuffle. Jackie: Ok, start. *Pen drops*

So the pain just dropped at this card correct? What was the card that you stop me at just now? Jackie: 2! 2 of what? …. Hearts, ok. Let’s see. *Cheers & Claps* I don’t come from a reach family, I come from a very below middle-income family. I struggled a lot in life. When I was 17
years old I started supporting myself. I always choose between dinner or taking the train, so most of the time I chose to take the train and skip dinner. which meant I will go up to the toilet and use a mineral water bottle, fill it up with water, sit in the toilet cubicle, have my mineral water and make sure I have enough money to take the train home. But I had a lot of issues being accepted by society as well. I cleared my diploma. and I did my internship in Singapore Tourism Board as well. Did my NS, came out, when back to STB (Singapore Tourism Board). And we brought in LinkinPark Much later in my life I found out that I was dyslexic but growing up I was told I am stupid. Stupid right? Not suppose to be starting an airline, but I did. Which was really cool. I only got my degree at 30, and you know what was the coolest thing? So I mentored a lot of people the lead lecturer, I mentored the lead lecturer. He was talking about marketing and branding and he says I’m gonna talk
about three people that inspire me and I am slide number 3. Academics is important but education is more important. I left the corporate world. I took a year off. And I did the most craziest thing, I became a monk.

Cesar Sullivan

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