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Does overcharging hurt your phone?

– You’ve probably heard people say that you shouldn’t leave your
phone plugged in overnight. Doing so depreciates your battery life and makes it age faster. You’re killing your battery! I always charge my phone overnight, and I always let it
reach a full 100% charge. Am I really killing my battery? Am I a murderer? I can’t live with this guilt, so I called up some battery
experts to find the truth. Daniel Steingart, Associate Professor at Princeton University
told me that, actually: – [Daniel] The easiest thing to do is just keep it plugged in all the
time or as much as you can. – Did you hear that? I’ll say it again, “as much as you can.” The way he sees is it is that we all need our phones ready and charged, so we might as well keep
them fully charged forever. Your phone is pretty smart,
and its software recognizes when it reaches full charge, so you can’t technically
overcharge your battery. Problem solved! But not really. I also called Venkat Srinivasan, the Director of the Argonne
Collaborative Center for Energy Storage
Science, and he told me: – [Venkat] Don’t charge the battery all the way to 100%. Get it up to 90% and then stop it. – He never lets his phone
reach a full charge, what? He says we should keep our phones between 30% and 80% charged
because once they reach 100%, certain reactions occur that
degrade the electrolytes and depreciate our batteries. So this is probably where that
overcharging myth comes from. Alright, so I went back to Dan,
and I asked him to clarify. Like, Venkat says you’re wrong. And Dan told me that both
of them are actually right. So, awesome, you do damage your battery when you charge it to 100%. But if you’re going for
the full charge already, keeping it there doesn’t harm it. Basically, if you are a normal human who just needs their
phone out all the time, feel free to go to 100% and
keep it plugged in forever. But if you care a lot
about your battery’s life, like, a lot, a lot, or you don’t use your phone that much, go Venkat’s route and try to keep it in a narrow charging range. I admire your discipline, and maybe you’ll extend your battery’s lifespan. Ultimately, though, batteries
are meant to be used, and phones are meant to be used too. You don’t do any damage
by leaving it at 100. You’ll probably replace your phone before your battery totally dies. Or in a worst case scenario,
you replace the battery. That’s not so bad. Okay, glad we settled this. Go live your truth, keep it 100, goodbye.

Cesar Sullivan

100 thoughts on “Does overcharging hurt your phone?

  1. i charge my phone to 100% and i think my battery is getting damaged cuz when i bought my phone the battery was better but now its a little bit worst

  2. If that's the case, why don't designers just program the phone to make it look like 100% for the phone but only 90% of the battery is charged? Or maybe it already is we just don't know it.

  3. The effect is worse for Android phones for some reason. Android phone batteries seem to degrade faster

  4. I let my phone charge for 7 hours ;—; is that bad it was the first time that this happens to me and I’m not sure 🙁

  5. this answerd nothing, at all.. and good luck changing the battery on a newer S or Note series. If theprice of the battery doesn't kill you, breaking open the phone will.. So i guess never mind buying a DeX Pad..

  6. Please help i put my phone on charge then i heard a shock and my phone turned off then i turne it back on it was 5 after it turn off and i turn it back on i saw it on 70 im just worryed about my phone did any thing get damage?

  7. I only charge it overnight if I have a road trip. So it will be at a 100% and I have it power off till we get on the road.

  8. what a useless video with no actual scientific answer! just some random opinion of a no body! disliked

  9. yes it hurts for your phone if you leave your phone charging during night and you sleep the phone will explode, dont forget to unplug the charger on your phone when your ready to sleep

  10. i had my phone for 4 years and always kept charge between 50-75%.

    i watched a guy do a battery test after he left his plugged in every night and his results were like 75% health, good for an old phone.

    did the test on mine and it was like 95% healthy

    interesting but overall not worth the 4 year stress of keeping charge at that level. Wish there were a proper actual video out there on this stuff.

  11. Possibly companies are only letting the batteries hit 90% mark even when they show a 100%. So most probably it's never going to overcharge and damage itself.

  12. I am here little too late, but the iPhones saves your battery – they actually tell you that you have charged to 100%, even though you really have just 95%. So even if you let it plugged every time, you usually don't sit at 100% battery, so you are not damaging it as much. Second thing is, letting battery deplete completely is much worse than sitting at full charge – so if you are heavy user, I would recommend more to charge to 100%, than run out of juice every day.

  13. I kept my phone plugged in all the time and now my phone's battery is swollen….like it's become pregnant had to replace it with new battery….very bad advise don't keep your phone plugged in all the time….

  14. You can expect a longer life from your battery if you charge to 80% and if your allways charging to 100% you will lose capacity over the years. Li-ion batteries have a certain number of times you can charge and discharge before the battery lose capacity. Thats why ur battery messes up over the years because ur charging to 100%(4.2v). Charging to 85-90% (4.1-4.15v) you can expect a longer life without losing capacity.but i charge to 100% because i change phones every 2 years and like the extra capacity.

  15. Who cares, it's not like I'm going to used the same phone for 10 or 20 years to keep it as healthy as it can

  16. “Thats not so bad” i thought we are trying to become a zero waste society. Depreciating phone batteries and getting a new phone every two yrs aint great for the environment

  17. One thing i like in the samsung galaxy when you charge your phone up to 100% it will automatically turn off so when you pick it up your phone there is no harm.

  18. Then make the phone stop charging at 90% instead of 100%… Problem solved. Wait,doesn't that make 90% a 100%?

  19. I spoke to a Samsung Electronics Rep and he told me otherwise you can charge to 100 % especially if you own a s10 plus or s10 cz the battery is a graphene battery they dont deplete overtime

  20. its 5am and imma end up sleeping until like 3pm, but im really paranoid so i got anxious that if i left it charging for 8 hours and its currently at 68% and since my phone charges rlly quickly i always feel like its gonna explode or sumn, i meannn…..

  21. Video started, looked so professional I started looking for "Skip ad in…" window on my monitor. Strange but in a good way. Great video!

  22. Idk but My Phone stops charging when it hits 100 and It offs the Charger so it wont break.
    i Charge it Overnight and nothing happens lol
    And btw I did this for 4 yrs(my phone is almost 5 yrs old lol)

  23. So I accidentally left my phone charging at school ummmm yeah it’s probably been charging for a good 6 or 7 hours now

  24. Since there is no charge alert, how do you charge to between 39-80%?
    I let mine go down till it says charge battery and then I charge to 100%.
    Why are there people who want to rain on your parade? I never buy a new phone at full price, instead I buy a refurbished phone on the cheap.

  25. Ohhh so that’s why Lenovo’s conservation mode exists it basically caps the battery at 65% max so it doesn’t get fully charged

  26. Actually I think you meant playing your phone while charging it lowers the battery life so it goes dead faster.:Bestfreind: Uhh bro you do it though.:Me: LIIIIIKKKKKKEEEEEEIIIIIIIICCCCAAAAAARRRRRRREEEEEE

  27. It’s a phone, you use it all the time, it’s the life of a battery… it discharges so it’s needs to be charged every time it’s low… plugging and unplugging also does decrease its lifespan but you have to use it as much as much as you need to… it’s a phone not a Bluetooth speaker…

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