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Dog urine damage of a lawn and a possible solution

Hello this is Stewart and this is a regular
client that I have here and they have a nice
small back yard and they have two lovely
dogs that they care very very much about and they’ve got a problem. Their dogs use
a spot right on over here and high ammonia there is just killing
the grass. They’re asking me if they could re-sod or what
solutions were available to them. Even with
re-sodding the dogs would still kill off the new sod because of the heavy urea. So what I suggested is putting a little lime out and getting one of those small little circular sprinklers. Over time, just every night before they
go to sleep, turn that sprinkler on for five minutes
knowing their dogs use this area and try to flush the urea through the
soil. They’re going to try that as an experimental method to see if
this will stop the damage to their lawn. Once again this is Stewart. Thank you bye

Cesar Sullivan

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