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there's a murderer amongst us and I don't know which one it is is it you if you who is they didn't you dracco go I'm just eating chips okay hey guys welcome back to the channel today we are playing a Minecraft murder map made by these lovely people right here and this Mac no you wish really could rainbow get down you do not make minecraft maps and you guys it's a murder map and it's a lot more interesting because you can't kill the murderer you have to survive until rescue comes the murderer can kill us but we can only trap the murderer let's start this BAM assigning roles alright so it looks like we have $1,000 to spend and we have to buy some important stuff like a pony trap does that's it's $500 I'm buying it alright gold you ready to get a pony trap all right let's get ya oh sorry let's go for well we have $500 left and we need a lot of more traps so let's go for some cheaper traps like the glow trap sounds kind of silly you know what a web trap let's actually info for the traps up above if you look up Oh blind truck Oh a blind trap is good let's get one of these and last but not least a slow trap she is going to news murder Oh shopping I don't trust this mall it's called murder mall and it's direct let's go to the brightest section notes in the clothes aisle why would you go to the clothes aisle owner cuz I'm I shop for some clothes you know maybe gold will like forgive us you're right gold there's a good sale wait me put it this mall has a as a football stadium in it that's pretty rich Oh 100 seconds pretty easy okay come over here guys I heard there's some good sales over here Gold the sales aren't that I'm not sure oh my god how small is this map she just murdered me and lunar a drag are both running away from gold gold you look like a psycho [Laughter] I can't die there's so much to live for five seconds left go ahead so hey gold up here oh all right that was a good game but now since we know it a little bit more let's play for realsies who's gonna be the murderer next please be meow it's Shaq with some okay it's track whoo guys 1000 you know what I think Drock was gonna be bad at this trap and let's go for this so he could scream some more let's get some of these and last but not least let's go for it this trap do you guys think this little Hut is safe okay wait wait let's put our trap this throat dog guys throw it down go come come here with me Drago come on what what why I called right now you have a spot thing on you right Oh a spot it no no go let's run up the mountain run up the mountain let's go let's go Oh is he behind me oh he's right there he's harming for you gold do you have any more traps Luna do you have traps no yeah I'll – all right you gotta throw it down skate on okay wait wait did you not tell me kid I am make a truce with you why okay um I'll tell you when rainbow is rainbows dead ahh [Laughter] Drac oh you're good murderer that map was way too easy for you it was bright and opened this town isn't for the both of us all right she's gonna die I'll just put a trap you know you're not very smart I don't know you guys follow Gold's being a psychopath you know not can you please not harm your leg making this game uneasy thanks I appreciate okay my guys let's go over a bit to here I don't think she's success okay this is me Canova party over here oh you've been swamped thank you oh no no no I dropped my trap on the floor runner she's gonna get you oh yeah the trap worked oh she's still running okay Drago I have a good place Drac would you see me your telomere what are we sorry we got a ditch you up here up here come on don't ditch me do it I'm just dropping some tracks see me next time please don't run to my hiding spot haha I like this chainsaw alright as the murderer let's buy some traps a trap record yeah I think I could see the traps trap slider inversion oh what's over here in infrared whoo infrared might be good camera player tracker which is probably the best thing you know what we're gonna get one of each since we have so much money you guys should be scared I'm coming for you why don't wants to meet me oh hi I'm ready I'm ready I don't like this map it's too crowded all right let's use our player tracker do we have a player inside there what a ways I tried to see them away free kill okay guys give me a little hint of where you're hiding are you sure it's a smart idea to tell a killer that alright I'm setting up a camera right here so we can see everyone that's right camera you follow people okay you tell me if anyone comes and then I'll murder them alright let's go search for the crew I see someone it's a little person I goats any last words yeah you'll never catch me Arnie only have 35 seconds left oh no I didn't even get this trap slider slider okay let's put down where are you sighs they're in the ship I'm going for the ship oh I see them ten seconds hurry I have no time I didn't know the time would be so fast hey guys me funny what are you doing to me I so close alright let's hope that lunar is the murderer next you know what lunar hit the bud let's hope how about all of us let's try a challenge and just buy the most expensive thing dead-ringer I think that things just didn't Golden Apple that you eat I brought it and I let's see it says when use close to a killer allows you to fake your death and run away to hide tractor you heard nothing just just pretend that you didn't hear anything all right two hundred dollars left let's get ourselves I'm not gonna say anything this trap so we can waste all of our money you guys we should buy because they're best at dodging traps follow me follow me why is there someone here oh you guys come over here come over here I found something it's an old run-down spotted somebody no I died actually yeah I jumped off no no no I'm sorry I'm leave me for dead because oh no rebels get it die guys I don't think I can save her so apparently dracco oh you've just been swamped enjoy your day Drac who could you stop trolling us is this oh I see you yeah you gonna climb in trees bunny I got you're coming closer to him I know I can see him hey he applied a slowness thing on me just saying I was really slow okay like music infrared vision and inversion because inversion makes everyone slow Luna is the killer now okay something nice a lunar a Joni turn jump-scare faloona maybe we'll go for a neck snap trap ooh yeah I so tired of savage and let's go for a web trap because I saw someone use that and it looks super buys rainbow why you being a jerk to lunar lunar did you hear that I got a pony trap funny if you know triggers it we all get hoarse whoo Luna please trigger it ah the classic summer camp map will you camp and there's a murderer my traps didn't even work on her oh okay I'm running down start running guys I'm running come on come on I have like what like a couple of hearts left and I think I'm gonna die alright protecting me you change me my pony trap didn't where I could disappear dude the pony trap is so lame I tried using it – it didn't work you guys go probably split up just like in the horror movies okay I'll split up everyone bye okay I'm actually splitting up I'm going rogue I'm going on my own I'm going this way know where she players swaps us I don't know that'd be kind of sad Luna you'll have 60 seconds left and you last night you guys are that's good okay fine gold traveled um I say you can okay go a rainbow and Drago on your wood hey I won't push you in the water I don't see Luna in sight I think she's gonna lose yeah I guess she's never been to summer camp Luna Luna no no we're literally right on this pole where are you put your hearts your hearts yeah obviously fire hurt are you downstairs oh it's too late Luna I'm sorry you lost yay guys there's two killers this round oh but we really need to invest in really good traps now let's go for this traps right yeah yeah I know oh let's have five more them I started like a monkey for say oh that's my one owl actually okay let's buy something they are going to die okay guys put your hands together we gotta use teamwork okay Drago and Luna are both the murderers is gonna be extra tricky so make sure to drop a lot of these know what always the funny we are in the graveyard this is not a way to end weight as well are one of you guys glitching know we're in graveyard yeah nice crazy like what there's nowhere to hide I don't even know how you would live in a graveyard look it's all empty okay keep running let's see where they are infrared vision I'm hiding here infrared vision you gotta throw down traps like okay fine don't kill me don't kill me I just want look at your mat hi how's your days words how did they been can I tell you a knock-knock joke before you kill me okay so it's the joke about how I walked in the woods and yeah and that is all for this murder map you guys if you would love to try it out for yourself the link is in the description and if you enjoyed this video and would love to see more make sure to hit the like button down below don't forget to subscribe to join the crew and thank you guys so much for watching and we will see you guys all in the next one bye guys bye

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