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Dota 2 But You Build Up Bonus Damage / Damage Block

yo what's up everybody how is it going today we're playing dota 2 but you build a bonus damage / damage block I have no idea what this is about but your cookies made it so small we're gonna be kind of weird and funny so we'll see anyway we've got this thing right here which is giving me bonus damage now I don't actually have any bonus damage though so I don't know if it's like just a modifier or like maybe it will not display or maybe the modify needs to breach your cert now we'll see all right we'll see maybe we do already hit for free hundred bonus damage who knows why do we have Medusa I think it's pretty obvious if we're gonna be dealing a lot of damage it seems like good idea to split that damage amongst many targets because yeah I don't know it seemed like a good idea I fuckin do so strong right what do I know I were gonna stay away from this now oh god okay we just okay sniper seems to be hitting a lot harder than me oh you only get it for one attack I get it I get it oh and you also use it up and you're blocking it okay well that's a little wonky isn't it okay so I actually expect this is not gonna have that much of an impact this is where you should have played tusk alright like tusk is the best hero for this like run around build up a billion damages one punch some money I don't know if that would actually work because it doesn't actually add in here so I don't know if you can credit and PA I don't know like if PA I guess you gotta get lucky with the credit right so I guess strictly speaking it's it's fine but yeah that's kind of interesting we do say isn't the best pick no I don't think we do says the best big but I think we do is also not the worst pick alright just kind of finger food as having a little bit of bonus damage to form with right girl sells a wave bound that seems like not terrible idea it seems the creeps also build it up which is kind of funny I always find it interesting well the creeps are affected by something too proud one of these bad boys give me that mana oh yeah hey it's a nice little tool that just lets us be pretty scary anyway anyway which is gonna be a kind of chilling I guess it seems to me like this might be a relatively slow game-mode I don't know how that didn't bounce I always find it a little bit hard to tell what's gonna bounce and what isn't so cash upon it to mana shield sniper aghanim's oh my god oh my god that is a dreamer idea sniper aghanim's huh don't tell anybody about that though don't give anybody any bad ideas because I promise you it's probably still gonna be bad it's always still gonna be bad Oh Towers get it – I'll see you like don't wanna get near one of these bad boys right now so you don't want to die the tier 2 all right all that seems it seems like something to keep in mind get him nice hey it's always always good whenever you get that nice Man of Steel and it's good damage too right so we're gonna get all those boots of speed think about the first time somebody gets to a tier 4 yeah or like the ancient hazard right so do you have to remove – it's a damage block just one instance and you have to like remove all of the damage by dealing that much damage is if you have to remove all of the damage by dealing that much damage the agent is gonna be a bit of a bit of work oh right that's gay also some haste is this based on our movement speed or is it based on time because it seems to be based on movement speed doesn't okay we're building up to every tick now although sometimes it like resets it a bit no we're still building up to every tick so I think it just accelerates as the game goes along oh my god means these boys are gonna build it up quicker oh man all right I have to say I'm a little worried about the I'm definitely a little worried about that hmm in a magic wand just some good old stats and I'm probably gonna go for face boots because they're good and they do work stone gaze fraud one of these just to be a little bit annoying there's pointed restores enough mana on just crepes that you know it's not that big of a deal to just quickly use it look at the bright side no one can bully rush on this game well actually on rashon we could test how this works like it's just a single instance okay hit him up nope you have to work your way through that all right so that's gonna be interesting because the ancient can't have an attack like I can't just tank a hit off for Sean right like if I just tank a rush on it then I get rid of Roshan but wait I just had an idea okay you guys like my idea oh come on let's just assassinate me okay I just I just had an idea and I feel pretty good about what's that 100 percent block item a on disk oh you mean the item that lag negates the damage yeah that's a on disc if you're thinking about 100 percent damage block there's only one item in the game that ever did done everybody pour one out push f4 poor man's shield we miss you buddy we miss you in here we go so we do a lot of bonus damage right now he does really seem to be accelerating doesn't it pretty confident it is accelerating okay so we're not fighting bad we're not fighting that that's just not happening um but I have a plan every braid owed us work on spells – ha so that's important Wow one time actually I take it back I'm pretty happy I took Medusa like she's doing quite all right here I feel so we need um ideally a range creep Ryan if that creep that can go invisible I don't think so all we need mud golems cuz like they have a projectile right I don't do this to me I would just ran out of mana we can still take an assassin and so we're good I got some stats I didn't go for a super squishy me do so I'm pretty happy about that cause I think we need to rotate the cat all right Coco it's time to be rotated let me just briefly really quickly yeah you just chill Coco don't worry about it it's not a big deal all right like don't worry it's just gonna rotate you a little bit then we're gonna put you right back where you win there you go that's a good cocoa a rotated cocoa so farming is gonna be interesting yes somebody should have picked angel spirit then you use the wave of Tarot like you be like a long-range nuke let's just run around build up like until you have like a thousand damage throw it out somebody that's the next little strategy okay we need 800 more gold ow stop being such a wiener doesn't even have agonist although admittedly I don't think I would even be useful because bah I mean you already get the bonus damage on the spells right no no all you need to agonize for cool got some mana back yeah closing in on the helm of denominator and we need the whole planet help the dominators just to one shot somebody alright I think for the time being I'm just gonna continue sitting in the mid lane oh I shouldn't have let this tower attack yeah I guess it's fine I mean it would lose it very quickly anyway the towers really just used their thing like their bonus damage to one-shot whatever gets close first and then afterwards they're totally fine okay hey rest me you can rest me you can rest me butterfly what a wiener um that's a little disappointing that's a little bit disappointing and back into the mid we go nice nice rod one these bad boys oh the creeps just came in big time oh damn yeah if you get the first kind of wave of creep hits on a tower that's gonna do a lot of damage really quickly oh they got the tonight alright alright yeah yeah yeah keep coming into the midlane not much I can do about it so I guess we're just gonna wait oh nice bring me back sick feels good I'm glad this is much more convenient and I want to get in there now boy I feel like this game is mostly just gonna be laning the game where are you think Jen agrees to watch the towers pink I hope I'm the only one rushing off the dominating I hope nobody else going for it yet oh come on oh wow that's just one shot me it's like go somewhere else there are other lanes hmm yeah just kind of getting one shot but that feels a bit that feels just a tad bit bad all right coming in hey dusk can you like fuck off that's your Killam right hell yeah whoo all right because we get the evasion are we building up damage quicker now because we are level 10 which is nice and we have our our Dominator so what's not to go on as well all right give me you run run run damn it lost a lot of it but it's fine it still has a ton so what are we gonna hit with this I think that's really the big question I'm gonna try to hit the tower all right oh god okay hey Nev Dracon thank you very much appreciate it all right so that definitely worked let's find another one and add some bonus damage early so this one right I'm gonna take this one like oh crap get away from me oh right let me activate dad no no I actually gotta save this oh wait had lost everything damn it resurrect me boy ah it lost everything so the big the big issues I can't let the creeps attack right when I dominate all of these creeps and they attack beforehand or they attack right afterwards I won't actually get to retain the damage so they can't attack that's really really important and then of course we need to find another creep that no has enough damage build up all right Rory Tate over here they can be attack that's fine it's got three thousands guy got six thousand so we'll go for you no no no no aah that's the problem that that is the problem okay ah big oof well we can't just kind of like position this nerd somewhere around here for now those guys got 5,000 let's go good 250 luckily we picked up in arcane wound so let me see isn't there like turn off auto attack on someone brewing units right options where would this be advanced options somebody in an auto attack never okay no I turned it off oh come on man where you gonna be such a wiener okay but what I can do dogs I can use this to soak Roshan right yeah I did turn it off I mean at this point I just have a lot of bonus damage build-up so we might be able to just use meet you although six thousand three thousand what if I use my ultimate first okay let's let's use my ultimate first okay okay these are gonna do and drop it all to me stone these nerds get this sent you away no okay we have retained most of it nice okay I lost my damage on my hero but that's fine because we have another nuclear bomb running around all right let's get ourselves a tower I think we're gonna get ourselves a tower hey come on boys oh shit this tower probably has infinite damage as well doesn't it no oh yeah the tower had too much the tower removed a large portion of the damage I had mmm the thing is now I just need to find another creep that has enough damage output no SATs a you screwed it up like it's hard like I know it seems like I was just messing it up but it's actually difficult so how do I get this creep hey in the first or attack the camp and then control if I attack this camp like if I attack this creep okay I died I died out so that that was the problem of that strategy right okay I remembered because I remember there was a problem with that strategy and then and now you know I it's making sensing yeah guys I remember what the problem was okay so the good news is that now I can't actually do that though right because like I can actually take the damage from this and nice four thousand four thousand stacks all right like maybe that's the strut I have an ally with me that resurrects me when I get one shot and then uh-huh uh I get it that's the next level strat alright so in theory this should now kill the tower all right like we should be able to just one shot this let's go that's my boy all right that feels good and I'm just gonna like half this run in here to take this off of that tower good that's what we need that's what we need so now we need to find a novel creep look I know this is a bit silly but this is what this K mode is about okay all right we're gonna try again with an ultimatum the ultimate Strad worked really well last time we storm this and then we hit you and okay well that did not work okay well great so that was awful okay I don't know like this is none of that work if somebody actually just leveling up though cause like you know eventually you're gonna get like crazy amounts of bonus damage yeah I'm not quite yet hmm a thousand a thousand is not good enough a thousand there's nowhere near good enough we need a lot more than that maybe we need to actually just go back to playing the game though this guy has what 8,000 okay okay um how do we do this wait do we have free helm of the dominators SATs assets assets I get down here get on here I have it this is a strategy okay we all dominate the creep at the same time okay and then we have three creeps I've got a time in perfectly we got a town perfectly okay I take the doctor'll summoner salsa you take the small troll and that's to left and cursed GTX you take the small troll that's at the bottom alright and we do it at exactly 10:00 so 23 10 right 5 4 tidehunter you're lagging you're way too far away [Laughter] I am lagging that's why I gave you a time are you nerd I'm lagging oh my god alright what a wiener new strat yeah I clicked I didn't cast yeah right yeah right ok ok wait this is just a single creep as it's just one of them okay well I guess we just take this boy ride like we just I mean this one is free perfect all right sick cool all right let's um make sure we don't run into any enemy heroes along the way just casually don't worry up okay we got a hit and that's fine we're losing a few stocks yeah yeah you Rinas he put up Ward's here because he saw Edna crepes this way okay god dammit alright so what do you have that's what did she find something say to summoner we need like they are they avoiding we need we need wards like so they can't board where we standing in it we need to counter with them that's what we need if we can't award them all right these guys are still really weak it's that camp of to only two creeps that's not that doesn't have that much yeah but like we only have to half of the dominators and they don't trust I tender anymore wait okay new plan everybody get down here everybody get down here I'm gonna ultimate these creeps okay I'm gonna ultimately have like three seconds to dominate them I believe in you that we can do it if we get three seconds of time right like we can totally that's possible I believe in us okay I'm going to ultimate them and Emin airstone dominate one of them all right how wait oh shit I didn't I we should have QWERTY named ed better I really thought I had one of them we must have clicked that like the exact same time and well I got shitty ghost ah you know what I can use my shitty goes to take the damage or sure yeah run when you're born whatever great hey this is too complicated let's just go kill them okay like whatever just go like the sky hate them we got me towered I'll just pause okay forget it this is not happening I give up this is just go push this go like here we go fuck fuck the nerds up okay look there's one down like whatever get the barracks good you're like five thousand damage to the barracks firs this is no big deal somebody's gonna get one shot by the axe oh my god okay we can't resurrect our teammates though so that's good yeah snipers being a wiener hook the sniper there was a wiener ugh there's don't worry about staying alive just like little rescue like seriously don't make a big fuss about staying up like Auto stayin alive I just need to make a big fuss out of being able to rest people oh wow oh ah q mo just meant real items things like properly playing the game how dare you god what a waste of a perfectly good crepe though absolutely no no Coco no head scratches right now okay we can just move II can't do the ultimate thing again it is off cool huh yeah I got an ultimate if you guys got free Hummel dominators this time I want to like coordinate this a bit though that's a lot sir all right okay I take the one to the left tied you take the ice as soon as you take the one to the right okay I'm gonna start my ultimate now get in range oh great great only somebody had told you to get in range that's just is impossible well why do you don't move around with me when I select you like this oh now you are okay Paul's a bit weird okay come on eleven with ten thousand holy sheet that's insane I like Korea affected by it seven billion so I can't just kind of like bait these guys out what are you you're weak my soul my soul oh cool rest me yeah may I go off the dominator ready we can yell sell some our creepy cousin all pushed on you just go actually come on guys just just keep doing it all right where's all a big boy it's not to get the tower you can't ultimately crazy apparently not I always doubt the strategy did he like teleport himself in with the creep that's clever I like it that is actually really clever okay I can dig it no made these boys aren't even strong build like with a thought that seems pointless like okay sure okay nice nice job all right hello what's up oh okay that's a good idea yeah do that right goodbye um okay cool oh this guy's got a lot yeah um here's what I'm gonna do wait wait wait sir give me give me a second I got it I'm gonna bait these guys out No Oh thuds are you interrupted it okay all right let's just rest stop so really quick we still have the big boy will bait this guy out actually you know what I can't just kill wait I just killed a small boy okay here we go and I take the big boy you too small boy three two one nope okay we didn't cool one question box I feel like this was obvious are you okay cool cool all right you're gonna hear some cat noises don't worry the cat is okay I know it doesn't sound that good but cats do this just sounds a little bit scary while doing it you okay there you go yeah oh yeah she's on camera dude don't worry about it she's fine cats do this all right sometimes kind of gotta get the hair balls out of the air I guess don't know I'd already stored Oh is already okay we're gonna girl so is this boy because this guy actually got some good stacks all right four thousand that's good cool we have a creep so I think what we're gonna do now it's a covert mission I'm gonna run in first and just straight up will throw myself at the tower and die okay and now the creep no wait it worked didn't wanna go I got you for your smarted me but the game outsmarted all of us you're cleverer than me spins out the game mode is cleverer than every single one of us oh my god that is so funny okay cool look all strategies are kind of starting to work out a bit we kind of need smoker thing thoughtful do you want one of these wait actually I'll just I have to be dominate for stuff oh yes okay no no what the fuck you are Kimo ivory miss that's fine no oh okay wait we still have a lot we still have we still actually have so much stop it leave my creep all right fucking I'm just sending the creep of free pass how much only 18 on it doesn't that much this is not enough all right whatever we're gonna well might be might be enough that's how already has taken damage yes we got it all right nice this is the greatest game on turns out Medusa is kind of good in this funnily enough because for those ridiculous reason but turns out Medusa is really good in this game own because I can't just ultimate the creep calves and that is really helpful great dance that's fantastic I need how much do you have 4500 it's they're wonderful more No 4500 is good enough alright so we'll hit you die immediately perfect not quite what I had in mind whatever just come back I don't want to live with the shame and this is – oh my god not all I wanted thought you go oh my god alright so how much does this half it's gonna have to same as ours right it's 8,000 the parking half descending freak rates to just get food out before we get really do any damage oh my god okay okay so three thousand five hundred three thousand one hundred its to anybody with more let's find somebody nicer to harvest no you are a good one okay gonna wait what I'm coming we're gonna get that guy wait which one is it it's the big one right fourteen thousand this is the biggest bird fifteen thousand all right let's not screw this one up cool all right champion bird on its way okay I'm just gonna click here and let it happen go go go go go go you get doing a job yet wait wait putz already did it that's so anti-climatic oh come on man that is so disappointing what the champion oh man all right so that was a quality experience I hope you guys enjoyed it too hey angel on crack thanks for the ag-1 stewed if you did don't forget to be writing on the video and I hope to see you guys tomorrow good bye

Cesar Sullivan

35 thoughts on “Dota 2 But You Build Up Bonus Damage / Damage Block

  1. maan! I wanted to see specific heroes on that soooo much.
    Arc Warden/Brood/Lone Druid/Meepo/Riki/Templar/Veno/Chen/Enchantress

  2. The real cancer strat was reaching level 25 as fast as possible so you get damage build up faster. That's what Pudge did.

  3. This mode is come from volt in warframe lol the more he move the more bonus damage in his next atk lol

  4. I got a review message for baumi video…. 5/5 I would see backdoor and overpowered hero gameplay! 🙂 Love you videos baumi, keep it up!!

  5. you know you could just use hand of Midas then use helm of dominator to clear the other creep so that dominated creep won't attack. . .

  6. Unfortunately this is a mode you can literally only play once until the endgame strat is figured out and it becomes impossible to play.

    Pick any invis hero, lane normally for 10-12 mins then disappear in 2 minute intervals for one shot assassinations on anyone you can find.

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