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DRIFTBOARD Murder MYSTERY in Fortnite!

so a lot of you guys have been asking for this welcome back to another murder run brought to you by dolphin dumb and just like always there's show us some love hit the like button down below another light goal 1 1 1 1 1 I hit the like button if you want more of these murder mysteries show down some love and so the special rules for this round you guys know murder mystery one killer one sheriff and the rest innocence if the killer kills all the killer not killers he wins if the killer dies the other people win instead of snowmen we have drift for it's this gets pretty insane and then at the end of the video we throw another twist in it's also insane so again dudes if you enjoy this hit the like button hit the subscribe button hit that little bail I hope you guys enjoy murder mystery alright so we already know the rules everybody ready everybody good I'm ready okay let's all run in 3 2 1 go is everybody ready everybody have their stuff ok so this the the new thing for this one I get to activate it cuz I'm in room 1 and ready 3 2 1 go may the killer be killed okay is everybody in everybody in so there is a different twist to this instead of snowmen we have hoverboards Oh everybody where is the killer remember if you die you turn into a spectator and you immediately mute your mic Oh who's this who are you who are you wait I'm swinging I'm swinging who are you dolphin Dom just hit me twice somebody come kill them 57 were unique Oh give us a position go away I got away I got away he was ignored so Amber's dead right here this person right here yeah who it is who I know it's you are you gonna kill me or what yeah do it do it I know it's you what who is it I took down player 257 who was it how many killers you guys so that's your round how many kills you get I so quran' has 4 kills for his round you guys ready for the next round i don't in going you put the like button you old jerk ok ok you're the killer say things about foots the next person I meet you need to show me your shotgun ammo how we gonna know if they meet you I will tell it you loudly hey hey you hey you right here hey you I just ran into you stop it stop your moaning right now stop in the moment everyone about show me your shotgun ammo right now changes store much money can you stop L dancing Nico I'm just gonna play golf I'm gonna play golf on my board into the alone area by myself I sure hope nothing bad happens wait you killed me so you got what two kills I believe I got two kills yeah do anything all I did was L danced all right so that's round – lets go to the next round I bit ball has two kills you guys ready for the next round Hey so piffle if you become the killer again you can redeem yourself who's in one who's in one I'm alright everybody ready where are they I'm standing on top of the chest where don't fall it works trust me stand on top of the chest – no fault crap I lied okay guys I normally wouldn't say this right because I'm afraid of being exposed but I will protect who's the murderer show me your big toe nail show me we talked about this you discussed the hymen okay okay so where's the killer killer it's gotta be a Co all he does is L bands that's it Blaire – vv7 died – vide seven died we know who's the guy – kill them – it was wait true people are muted true people are muted which SUNY code I'd waited on purpose so Korean guy who are you who just ran into me who was that I might protect this city you say sorry to me attract you why would I say sorry I will show you my shotgun ammo how can I trust you show me your shotgun ammo you're not the killer you neither of you are the killer come with me I will protect this room who are you by the tree who are you Chang I don't trust you smell like onions who are you who are you who are you Miko freaking boat dude why you got a boat me like that D alright how many kills did you get boat I got four for ISO boat has four kills from last round you guys already freaking boat you murdered your boy I was try to protect this city okay I just heard a shotgun right next to me who's ever into is the killer to us for you though – it's for you who's in – who's in – tell me your name right now it was George Foreman grill he's gonna grill us with that shotgun what both of you right here right here I'm here bringing my pickaxe show me your shotgun ammo got it okay I know he's not the killer wait – scissors the killer will show you my shotgun ammo I want to see that you know wait I'm showing your shotgun ammo literally does nothing what are you gonna code I'd wait who are you hey I'm behind you I'm behind you I'm behind you who are you alright so how many kills did you get every Oh God so Quran and boat are tied right now alright three kills alright let's go to the next round I saw Amber's that three kills you guys ready for the next one okay so who isn't the killer that's the Queen there's no killers this time who's protecting this city oh yeah I mean with my handsome looks I can oh that was fast it's this person I see you I know it's you you don't look at the killer and say you're a killer that's not how you win who's this guy so before Nikko are dead do you know the kind that's been sitting now for a few days collecting dust wait can you show you a shocking image so he's not the killer okay he just shot somebody with a sniper everybody did it but me and AM brew its man Central's left citizen it's either you and me it's either you or me which one of us is the killer I don't know it could be me I don't know is it me Oh it'll be me where are you I'm everywhere it's in my raccoon wounds do you want to meet up and show each other our shotgun ammo you just killed everybody okay it's how you murder a mystery boys that Wow okay well quite sir go to the next round let's do it gasps you little turd ISO sizzles wipe the board the freaking jerk all right let's go next right everybody go everybody go everybody go I'm going this one this time going this one again yeah throw they throw the grenade at your foot this time I'm not gonna say anything to them last time I died because I said something is it tree there for you guys yeah the tree on my screen that's all wait who are you wait who are you trust you show me your shotgun ammo show me your shotgun ammo that was right next to me and I have no clue who it was right here I see him he's right here right every time yeah but you die every time you got anybody die well the killer shot didn't hit anybody why do I see the ships guns big guns get the gun okay how many kills did you get Chang I got 20 of them three okay okay let's go to the killer you guys ready and go hey you get out of here everybody ready when I was that clicked wrong but crap I clicked on but again guys I'm gonna say something what are you gonna say I will protect the city bear that ended oh oh he's there he's the sheriff okay everybody kill the sheriff make sense trust me kill the sheriff want to be safe right the Far East quad or okay you want to be safe come here and I will save you oh I gotta go tomatoes are my one weakness this is so good and now I'm the other good weird and there were two left welcome to my skate park my dog do you remember when you killed me okay okay listen let's listen we can we talk about this we're not talking about nothing we're not talking about nothing somebody kill another player [Laughter] no no hey having somebody else kill somebody else that's like 10 kills crap I win okay let's go to the last round what we're gonna do like we've done before two killers two sheriff's the last round let's do it all right final round so what we're doing instead of two two into we're doing four and four so everybody's having a role so if you're a killer and you think another guy is not a killer and you shoot him and he is a killer you're a killer killer you're a killer killer I left my door closed I closed my door sorry so since myself in sigils are tied if we're on separate teams whoever wins wins at all okay what if we're on the same team and we win I win who are you what are you if you're a killer you have to be careful on who you kill okay so if you're a murderer say it in the length I have a weird feeling about Chang's I maybe have a weird feeling about Chang all the time let's all meet up in the parking garage okay going going going Oh what so you're a murderer I can't share if I do the sheriff so so sheriff is down a sheriff is dead it was oh we simply murder well who died who died who's left left I'm les Mika what are you I am a killer what are you it's just me and eco this is Renuka Nico I am a killer as well may the best killer win wow did you just snipe at me no what makes you think I won't cut you I don't know where you are dude you're just shot at me what do you mean I know but then you disappeared I didn't mr. beer there's so many dead bodies out here oh crap I gave him alone I know are you are oh crap no no wow I don't like this I don't like this at all I don't like this at all oh I gotta go maybe wanna meet I feel me me oh I'm not falling for the shotgun string who we meet again no I can't scope in oh you can't what do you mean you can't scope in it's glitch no it's not no it's not you know what you know what how about this how about this how about this schedules I'll let you have this one I win this one is the like but I've also hit the subscribe button for you right here you're the only one in this car with the Bell way who else Isabelle oh gosh

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  1. Be my friend on fortnite I I love fortnight is the best thing that was ever created. This was a sick episode that you and your friends made.

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