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Drive-by shooting injures 2, seriously wounds 1 on city’s SE Side

we are following multiple late-breaking stories on the east side of the city at this hour right now fire crews are working to put out flames at a building on rice road that’s on the east side as this is unfolding we’re gonna turn to the scene of a triple shooting on Bailey Avenue that is on the southeast side of the city San Antonio Police Chief William McManus just gave us the latest information a few moments ago our patty Santos is there at the scene live so patty what do we know about what happened here he tells us about a dozen shots fired from a moving vehicle and I get out of the way so you can see here where crews are working the scene you can see that every mark there it means there is a shot or some kind of information that can provide him officers with with more about what happened we know that there were three people that were shot one of them has life-threatening injuries this is right on the corner of st. Anthony Avenue and Bailey and the chief telling us this is a very active scene five calls have been have five police calls have been called to this home since the start of this year right now again three people shot police looking for a white four-door vehicle that had three suspects they tell us there are two different types of weapons again about a dozen shots that happened about 30 minutes ago the men that are involved here there are two men in their late teens one in there is late 20s and again the police telling us that this is a very active scene this has been a very active scene for them right now their priority is making sure that they find these suspects and then finding out exactly what is going on in this home and why police have been called here so much since the start of this year we’re gonna continue to stay in the scene here and bring you more information as we get it we’ll send it back to you

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