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East Orange, NJ Foreclosure Attorney | Learn Your Rights to Defend Foreclosure! | 07017 Newark

After hearing about all of the wrongdoing
that occurred during the housing boom, have you ever wondered if the lenders broke the
law when it came to your mortgage? If so, does that mean that you may have another way
to fight your foreclosure? Hi, I’m Jim Keaveney of Keaveney Legal Group,
We are a law firm servicing Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and we focus a portion of our
practice on helping people avoid foreclosure. Come join me as I tell you about how you can
use the bank’s greedy and illegal business practices to your advantage when fighting
a foreclosure. One of the tools in our legal toolbox is to
simply audit a mortgage and any foreclosure paperwork to determine if there were any improprieties
in the mortgage origination process. Mortgages have been securitized, and further activity
including the sale of the mortgage has taken place. Often we find issues that can spell
big trouble for the banks and give a homeowner a leg up on overcoming a foreclosure. After the burst of the housing bubble the
news was filled with stories about how banks made bad loans. Despite all of the government
bailouts and other programs, the consequences of those actions still haunt us today. Some
of the problems relate to the very moment the loans were being created, or their “origination.”
Some examples include: Intentionally overvalued homes
Fraudulently filled out loan documents Inaccurate or insufficient lender disclosures When loans were sold on wall street (which
is called securitization), things were flying very fast and loose and lots of I’s were not
dotted nor T’s crossed. We regularly find issues from that securitization process that
help us fight our foreclosure cases. Because most banks hire large foreclosure mill law
firms to file their foreclosures we regularly find sloppy work and mistakes that also help
us in leveling the playing field and helping our clients get their outcome. There are a number of other defects that occurred
during the life of millions of home loans, and if you know how, you may be able to take
advantage of these mistakes or intentional frauds in order to avoid foreclosure. To find
out how, you should contact an experienced, foreclosure defense attorney. At Keaveney
Legal Group we help homeowners avoid foreclosure every day, and we would welcome the opportunity
to speak with you to see if your loan may suffer from any of these defects. You can
reach us by calling 1-800-219-0939 or by email at [email protected] I’m Jim Keaveney;
have a great day!

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  1. Mr Keaveney, thank you once again for giving advice and the knowledge to empower those facing foreclosure. I'm sure this will benefit those tuning in.

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