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EastEnders fave Mel Owen dies in high speed collision horror – BBC

Mel? Mel, can you hear me? Mel! Mum! It’s ok, I’ll get you out! Mum! Mel! Mum! I’m lucky to have you. Mel, help me please! No, no, no. Mel what the hell are you doing! Come here! I saw him. He was there. Why did you do it? Why did you stop me again? Mel, there is nobody there. It’s just you. No, Hunter. Take it easy ok, you’re in shock. I could see his eyes. I could feel his breath. It’s just your mind playing tricks on you. Mum. Why did you do it? You could’ve just left me. I couldn’t just leave you. I would never of left you. Look, please Mel. End this. End this now. Mum. You could’ve died. We both could. This isn’t worth it, none of it. My baby. Mum. Paramedics are nearly here, ok? Oh, Hunter darling. I promise you Mel there’s no-one
there! You’re a liar. Mum. Mel? Mum. Hunter. Mum? Hunter! Mum. Mum. Mum. No!

Cesar Sullivan

100 thoughts on “EastEnders fave Mel Owen dies in high speed collision horror – BBC

  1. The amount of licence fee payers money wasted in the last 40 years to make this load of "Utter Shite",must be astronomical.And the millions that watch must have something missing.

  2. Now that was stupid …an accident with a burning car on the road yet idiots are still driving by like nothing happened …who writes thus stuff ?

  3. Not watched Eastenderes since Pauline Fowler died on Christmas day 2006, got too depressing, the glory days of the show were the 1980's, with Den, Angie, Lofty ,Pete, 1985 to 89. I was watching old episodes on line from that golden time, thinking of watching it again but after reading about Mel's death, well it was like watching something out of a horror movie. The show has really lost its way, ghosts (Hunter) dramatic music, come on, where did that come from ? and it's even done a Doctor Who on us, I mean, Michelle Fowler's face completely changed when she returned !

  4. Mad. 2002 Steve Owen Died In A Car Traffic Incident Over Louise. 2019 : Mel Owen Dies Of A Car Traffic Incident . There's No More Owens And Her Marriages barely Last A Year

  5. Was I the only one that was dissing the BBC for showing Mel after she got run over by a truck all looking absolutely intact like she was only hit by a bicycle 🤣🤣

    Come on Eastenders, if your gonna make us think that Mel got killed by a truck, then you shouldn’t have shown us her face afterwards
    You should have covered her with only her hand showing and left the rest to our imagination 🤷🏾‍♂️

  6. Omg though Sharon's one string woemn she's pregnant and she still manged to get Mel out. When Mel started smiling at Mel, I was like she's really lost it now. I was literally about to cry when Mel got hit and died. I felt so bad for her she was mentally unstable so I felt so bad for her. I'm gonna miss her character😭😭but the storyline is still not over.

  7. Pretty effective and engaging ending for the character. The writers did an excellent job in the build up to these scenes exploring Mel's grief making her increasingly unstable and vengeful.

    The final scene itself is quite curious. The initial car crash was spectacularly handled with the phone call, Sharon's desperation quickly switching to humanity and compassion and Mel's single-mindedness drawing her back to the flaming car to be with Hunter.

    I just find the editting quite strange. The initial crash was well orchestrated, but the final shot of Mel being hit by the HGV was quite clumsily editted somewhat undermining the gravity of the situation.

    It's strange to have such an overwhelming assumed death with the crash shortly followed by quite an underwhelming collision in the final note.

    Overall, however, despite the limited attention span of the usual EE fandom unable to delve into the psychological motivations and extended storylines over a number of months, I'm finding the show's writing to be sharper than ever before and outclassing Coronation Street trapped in its nostalgic time warp.

  8. This is what happens when people who worked on Hollyoaks infect the rest of the UK TV industry. Utter sensational tripe. But don’t worry, it will all be forgotten in two episodes time.

  9. Sharon has seen many deaths but this one she will never forget as she looked mel straight in the eye as she got slapped by the bus. R.I.P MEL OWEN XXXXXXX😢😢😍😍😘😘😞😞🙏🙏💔💔💔💔💜💓💛💚💙❤💝💘💗💖💕💟💞

  10. One of the greatest laughs ive had in a while! One of the worst things ive seen!
    Slow it down to X0.5 and listen to them talk… it sounds like 2 women after a really bad piss up on a friday night out left them having a drunken argument about much one hates the other!
    Makes this death all the more realistic… she was off her head on 27 WKDs!

  11. Killed off the ONLY character that brought something to the show and made it exciting and entertaining to watch. Well done eastenders. (also could've devoted at least the whole half hour to Mel instead of showing other stories that had no development and that no one cares about…)

  12. How come there is a few idiots who say this soap is shite . But yet they are watching it .. why are you on this YouTube video for . Buzz off

  13. Yeah ok. There has been a terrible crash and a car is massively on fire and a blinking massive truck just keeps on rolling through. What a load of rubbish.

  14. This show has really gone to the gutter now. Used to be good, now it's totally unrealistic and just crap in general

  15. 2:20 Jeremy Corbyn on the campaign trail..? Sure he made sure Mel got signed up for her postal vote before she croaked it… 😂😂

  16. So at 1.40 shes lay on her back hurt bad car on fire ready to go up at any moment. And at 1.43 their she is with Sharon hobling away from said car just in time, what happened in those 3 seconds ffs lolx And they wonder why no one watches this shit. Their worse viewing figures were like one point five million 3 weeks ago so they had a crisis meeting well after this drivle it must be in the minuses minus 3million ha ha lol. The best thing they can do imrpove this shite is put it out of its missery and well us come to think of it warra load of crap lolxxx Her husband dies in a car crash thirty years ago I know well re-hash the story line for her like her husband only she escapes zzzzzzzzzzz lmao lol……..

  17. Eastenders was so realistic and now they’ve made everything so fake. The way she fell when Sharon took her seat belt off 😂😂. How was she alive after all that ? Why did the fire flame light when they both were away from it ? How can a fake truck just come from nowhere and kill her like that ? Everything just looked and seemed so fake!!

  18. This was soooo bad and unrealistic. If you look at the position of all cars and people and the speed of all the traffic that seems oblivious to the burning and damaged cars none of it. Makes any sense whatsoever. This was just BAD.

  19. Lol has anyone else noticed that EastEnders has a bit of a longstanding habit of killing off the blondes? Pat, Peggy, Lucy, Ronnie, Roxy, Danielle, Abi, now Mel and even Saskia back in the day 😂

  20. All the Owens died tragically. Steve in an explosion, Hunter in a shooting and Mel literally stands infront of a lorry.

  21. Don't you just love it when traffic just drive past as if there is no accident. No one even stops to ask if everyone is alright!

  22. Eastenders needs to be taken off air. The writing, directing, editing and cgi is beyond horrificly bad it looks a shitty student film. Get it off air. It's ran for too long to be good any more.

  23. It's a shame that young viewers of EastEnders (those who haven't seen the 90's or early 00's episodes) will never know the greatness of Martin Kemp and Tamzin Outhwaite on screen together as Steve and Mel Owen. They were truly one of the soap's best couples, and they both deserved better than exploitative car crash deaths. The tragic irony of Sharon watching Mel die like she saw her husband Dennis Rickman die from a stab wound is obvious.

  24. If you watch carefully or in slow motion you can actually see she isn’t just cut off. Her feet leave the ground very quick when she’s hit.

  25. I actually burst out laughing at this scene. Is that bad? It was ashame to see Mel go but what truck would be going at that speed when there is that much smoke on the road.


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