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Easy Fake Bruises | 3 Methods

GluestickFX here, today I’m gonna show you
guys three ways of making easy, but not very detailed bruises. The first way, you need
face paint. I have a custom coloured pallet here for bruises, which I’ve just mixed myself,
but you can also just use anything that has blue, purple, yellow, and green in it. The
second way, you need something to prime the skin, either a makeup primer, or chapstick
is my preferred way; olive oil, coconut oil, vaseline, all of those work as well. And then
eye shadow. A lot of eye shadow. Maybe a bit of blush if you want some redness to the skin,
but honestly, you can just use the eye shadow. So the first way I’m gonna show is the face
paint way. This is not my preferred method, but if you are going to do this, just start
in at the most concentrated impact area of the bruise with purples, blues, and reds.
And you’re gonna want to layer the most colour there. And I’ve sped up the footage here just
to get through this a little faster for us all. So you’re gonna put a lot of colour down
in one concentrated area, and as you spread out from the blues and purples, you’re gonna
go purple to red, and then out to greens and yellows on the edges if you want it to be
a slightly older bruise. A fresher bruise isn’t going to have those greens and yellows,
it’s just going to be the purples blues and reds. But the greens and yellows sort of give
that cool, healing, semi-rotting, like disturbed look, so I do like adding a bit of that to
the edges. Now as you can see the face paint blends really well, I find it’s almost a little
too well, it’s harder to maintain the depth and variety in the wound, but it does end
up looking pretty good. So, that is an option. This method is my preferred way of doing it,
which is to use chapstick or a light primer. Chapstick is what I’ve been using lately just
’cause I always have it on hand. So if you do go for that, just rub a little bit of chapstick
into the skin, then you get to start going in with your eye shadow. Now all that priming
is just to make sure the eye shadow sticks to the skin and you get the pigmentation out
of it. If you’re using a more expensive product you might not need to do that. But all of
my products are from the dollar store, so, to get pigment you sort of have to coax it
out of it. Now as you can see I’m going with the same basic theory as with the face paint,
starting with blues and purples; my purple is a bit darker here, but it’s just going
to create a more traumatic bruise effect, as it were. So start in with blues and purples,
and a little bit of green highlighter that I have there. And that creates a nice basic
bruise effect, I like to keep going and make it way more outrageous and stuff, but, uh.
For this step here I’m going in with a blush around the edges, which is just making it
look like this is a very, very recent bruise, like you just got the shit kicked out of you.
And, as you can see, I’m adding on more and more, spreading out the purple. Now, you do
want to have that varied, you don’t want to have it be just a solid lump of purple, so
you don’t want to be doing sweeping motions with your finger – you can see I did there,
but that was just to blend out the blush. You actually do want to be going in with these
light dabs and little circular motions, because it gives you more variety of texture to the
injury. And then the last step that I like to do is go in with a yellow or green highlight,
which if you just make little patterns, it actually makes it look like it’s swelled up.
And now, you can also use an actual makeup primer like I’m doing here; I really don’t
like this because I don’t know how to work with primer. But, you can do it, and it works
just the same as the chapstick, except for, uh, my primer’s shimmery, so it ended up looking
really shiny. For this, I’ve decided to go with an older bruise ’cause I’ve shown you
two ways of doing fresh bruises already. And with older bruises, I like to go in with a
white, light shade first just to make sure I don’t apply too much pigment, because old
bruises are really dusty. So I go in with a white, and then with light browns and only
the lightest touch of a purple or a blue. And, the yellow. You’re gonna use a lot of
the yellow/green highlight for this. But you can see, just a little touch of purple there,
and then brown around the edges where your body starts to break down the bruise and the
dying blood cells. And the yellow’s gonna be all around the edges just to make it nice
and shiny and look really weird. As you can see, like, none of this is going to be the
most realistic looking. If you want to make it look more realisting – realistic – you
can research and practice, and practice, and practice, or you can just throw these on and
most people when they see a bruise aren’t even going to care at all. They see something
that looks like a bruise and they’re going to be like “Oh my God, what was that?”, like,
I’ve literally rubbed chocolate on my face before, while I’m at work, and people have
been like “Oh geeze, did you get in a fight?”. Like, people don’t pay that much attention
to these things, so if you’re going for a beaten up look, it’ll look good enough. So
as you can see, the three ways come out a little differently. The face paint is a bit
more sheer, a bit more shiny; if you want, or have translucent setting powder, you can
use that. But… I don’t, which means that I just tend to avoid that method entirely.
The chapstick is my preferred way; it doesn’t leave a shiny residue on the skin, it doesn’t
affect the eye shadow. You can use it on your face, as well, because it’s chapstick, it’s
safe, and it will not affect your skin at all, and get the eye shadow to stick properly;
the face paint might shift a little, even though it is intended for faces. And you can
see with the primer it’s fine, but there is a lot of glitter around it; maybe if you have
a sheer primer it would behave differently. I’m not sure, like I said, I just grab everything
from the dollar store. So yeah, that’s the basic way of doing three bruises that I do,
everyone has their own ways of doing it, and all of those are equally valid. If you guys
liked this video feel free to leave me a like, comment, subscribe. If you have any ideas
for things you would like to see in future videos, I do have some stuff that I’m going
to be recreating from my instagram page, which my link is in the comm- in the description
below. But yeah, just let me know if there’s anything you guys wanna see, and I will see
you guys next time.

Cesar Sullivan

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