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Electric Skateboard Crash (Evolve GT Accident)

Okay, you are going to get to know one of my best friends today! The Egyptian Prince! Yup, that’s Tarek. We are going to present my airplane today. We are gonna show it to you in a proper way. The last video was a little whack. I wasnt able to show it to you properly in the last one. I wanna show you how crazy it just is. It’s just so amazing! Offrad or on the road? Offroad in the next video, because it’s gonna get dark soon. And we have amazing weather today! Look at it! Not a single cloud in the air! Probably the last day of summer! Even if there’s officially no summer anymore. What do you say about the weather? So beautiful! You know who you look like? You look like Tingulli Trent! No! Now you can close it! You almost killed me! Sudanese Rap! Sudanese guys! Okay, I gotta get something off my chest! We know each other since we were 10 years old. The cool thing about it? What you just witnessed, It’s our excitement of seeing each other, which inshaAllah is never gonna end! Whenever we meet up, we do weird and sometimes even dangerous stuff, we can sometimes even get hurt, yes.. And why? Because we’re simply happy to see each other! I’m not sure how many people have something like that in their lives! Everybody should have that! The world would be a better place! And a more dangerous one! And more dangerous! “The Film in Film Effect” There is some phenomenon that I call ‘the film after the film.’ When you just finished watching a movie, and you’re so amazed by it, that you feel like you’re yourself in a movie. You’re basically going out of the theater and you feel like you’re in a movie. And this exact feeling, we once had withTarek. I don’t remember what movie it was. Do you remember? Space Jam, I guess. No, the one you almost died after.. Anyways. We watched a film at the movies. The explained effect kicked in.. And after the movie was finished, Tarek ran off. The cinema was almost completely empty. He started jumping over all of the seats. Then, he jumped over a wall. Behind it were the exit stairs. But the stairs were so deep down, he almost died because of it.. I think it was one of the most boring movies ever. It was the King’s Speech I think. No way! It was a good movie! That’s why you acted like that! Anyways.. It was just awesome. He fell from like 16 feet. After the movie was over! Imagine I would have had to explain it to the Police! We watched a movie, he ran off and broke his neck! And died.. This is our old school.. Two years! Most things happened in this school! Most stuff and the beginning of it all.. But, this academic high school was not our thing.. Not yet, at least.. We were not ready, yet. And… I beat him.. Not true! I beat Tarek up in this school! This is how we became friends! I did not cry! Since 20 years, he’s in denial! I did not cry! I had a special kinda move. Although he was taller than me, I jumped and put my arm around him. He choked me! I performed a chokehold on him. And then, he cried.. Not true! Then, I felt sorry for him. Not true! That’s how we became best friends. Not true! It’s still true! It’s always gonna stay the truth.. Even in fourty years, it won’t change. It’s not true! It’s not truuuee.. We’re out here on the open road.. Say some words about the dinosaur! I already mentioned it in one of the previous videos. Dinosaur? Yes! The important message. Concerning the dinosaur. This right now was an anti dinosaur move. Cause the dinosaurs just took what they neeeded. They didn’t care. They ate each other.. They did all sorts of things.. They simply did not care. And in contrast, we just left the road because of the approaching cars. That’s our common sense. Common sense stands for civilized behavior. Unreason stands for the dinosaur. Or vice versa. Whoever loses the dinosaur, gets to reasonable. Muhammad Ali said the following: What I mean by not losing your inner dinosaur to not break the law, but to break the rules! You can ride an electric skateboard even if you’re thiry years old! Even if some Albanians won’t grasp it! Correct! Record a video if you feel like it. Nobody has the right to tell you what to do. If you know you’re not a joke, you’re not afraid to joke around. Turn the camera real quick! Stay right there! All these generations before us, I’m not sure if they understand it.. They either think you’re a child or a grown up And then, they think that there are specific rules and norms that must be obeyed at all times. My generation is probably the first generation since all of mankind that doesn’t give a sh**! We are grown ups, but we don’t have to conform to somebody elses opinion of being a grown up. Define being grown up. What’s the true meaning of being grown up? Alright! I’m not getting directly paid to say this but it’s definitely the best electric skateboard out there! Tarek, what do you say? Is it the best one? It’s the best! Just look at that style! Carbon deck, dual motors! All electric skateboards have wheels similar to this one, Evolve also has All Terrain wheels. From zero to 25mph in no time! the bag for the remote control is also great. It’s getting boring, dude.. Right here is the power button. Still boring. Yes, until you see me flying! Just wait! It starts on safe mode. blablablablaaa And this one, I call the savage mode. GT is just savage! Just look at this! You got the savage mode on? Yes, that’s right! Metin’s got some fresh kicks! Just wanted to demonstrate what happens, if you’re not careful. The better choice! Show the remote. From zero look how fast it is! Oh, it shows the speed! You saw how fast? Do it again. I don’t get it. Is it on girl mode? Why safe? That’s the mode whenever you turn it on. It’s a safety regulation. Imagine you turn it on, and you’re having some food in your hand. And accidentally, you push the trigger.. blablalbalblalalalaa And imagine in front of you, there is a road and it’s full of traffic. and you just kicked your board full speed towards the passing cars.. If you’re such a bigmouth, then show me.. I want you to kickstart the board on GT mode in a standing position! Just push it man, what’s wrong with you? You won’t make it! I will make it! Even if it doesn’t make sense to accomplish that. Only the pro can do it! Lean forward! Lean forward or you won’t make it. Shoelaces are stupid, right? Safe mode.. Just saying.. Tie your shoes, but don’t put the remote in your mouth! See? Told you. Let me show you. I’ll explain the secret to you. The secret? The secret is.. You gotta be awesome! Just kidding. It’s actually not that difficult. You gotta use your whole body weight and shift it towards your front leg. You gotta stand firmly on it. GT mode is on.. Stable and concentrated. Okay, he just raced away real fast. What’s the point of it? It’s simply an amazing feeling! Indescribable.. Acceleration ->Weight forward Braking ->Weight backward It’s physics! What happened?! I wobbled.. Are you alright? I fell properly. Never underestimate this thing! You okay? Just a couple scratches. At least we got it on camera! But why? It started wobbling. Maybe you were not firmly on it? No idea. You got something on your arms? Sh*t, I think yes.. Wait. I think there is something. One is thicker than the other.. My hand is a little jittery. And the other side? Did you record it well? It’s a good moment to emphasize, that you should always treat the thing with respect! Blood on your pants.. It’s the same way as respecting anything that is super fast. Ride it with caution, always! No goofing around with it. I think he fell because he was playing too much, right? I

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36 thoughts on “Electric Skateboard Crash (Evolve GT Accident)

  1. How is his elbow? Had a close call with a chestnut like a week ago. The board just stopped dead and I went out flying. Fortunately I was going slow so I was able to run it over. The chestnut wasn't that fortunate though.

  2. Ohne Schutzausrüstung mit so schnellen boards ist einfach nur dumm…. Von ner brücke springen geht schneller wenn ma todessehnsucht hat!!!

  3. Lol why are you on guys on gt mode? They wanted the accident. Not enough skills to ride. Put on a helmet. You can tell these guys are new to riding skateboards. You know they want to die. Smoking cigs.

  4. Two weeks ago I went through that very same thing,EXACTLY!!! Except that I separated my shoulder due to the board loosing connection with the remote. You are super lucky.

  5. ouch. Though a little constructive feed back. Maybe should practice a bit more with your lens. about %60 of this video is out of focus xD

  6. ACCIDENT FORENSICS: He failed to lock the knee of his forward leg to brace himself for the quick deceleration. That's why he was shot off the front of the board. Conversely, at the start of this run, notice how he also did not lock the knee of his rear leg to brace himself for the acceleration from a standing stop. Electric skateboards require a wider board stance than that of a manual board to brace oneself for the quick acceleration and decelerators.

  7. Riders love Evolve Skateboards, but deaths and injuries follow their rise around the world.

  8. crash at 16:03, he turns left and right and accelerate too fast in same time, like almost doing drifting but without wanting to do it intentionnaly, when he was shot off the board after he turned and accelerate in same time, if at this time he had bent his legs leaning his body back in the right inclination according to the speed, he would have done a lil drift at the end.

  9. so the electric skateboard gangbang is at the the end of the video right?… after you get the pizza 🍕🖖🖖🖖💦💦💦💦

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