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Domestic Violence and Abuse

Embracing Accidents

Cesar Sullivan

62 thoughts on “Embracing Accidents

  1. I once knew someone who was making a video for school. For the last scene he put the film in backwards accidentally and that caused all the film to come out red. After showing the video he got lots of classmates coming to him and asking him how he made the film red at the end and commenting on how good of an effect it was

  2. I just read a massive piece on Children of Men recently and it went through all the stuff of what happened on that day.

    These video essays are really cool.

  3. isnt there a movie (a shitty one) where a helicopter crashed while the camera was rolling an they just used the footage because it was the best scene in the entire movie?

  4. The scene in the Judd Apatow movie didn't fit the tone and it feld unrealistic. It was just out of place and not funny at all.

  5. I know I am biased since I have never really enjoyed any Judd Apatow films, but it feels strange to include his body of work with this video subject. His style of filming many takes that are improv seems intentional, while I consider good examples of embracing accidents unintentional yet somehow a good fit for the film. Hey, but that's just my two cents.

  6. I mean they're basically moments where the actor forgets to act and just becomes…so makes sense they're such magical moments.

  7. can't believe you didn't mention the whole "Aragorn broke his foot kicking that Uruk-hai helmet" thing, that's still one of my favorite film accidents

  8. I subscribed to RJFS for these types of videos. The inspirational ones, the ones that say this is what can be done.

  9. I'm watching all of your video's rjfs, and this is by far the best one I've seen. Be sure to make more videos about "how to THINK as …" 🙂

  10. Keep on rolling through those accidents. I will remember that. This is also good advice for those of us that have accidents like tripping, falling down stairs, forgetting that the plate might be hot, etc. Be careful but just keep on rolling. Thank you RJFS for another insightful video.

  11. The analysis without the advice would be better. I don't think you should be telling actual filmmakers what they should and shouldn't be doing.

  12. All your video essays are incredible, but please, respect the original aspect ratio, don't cut the films to 16×9, let us see it as the artists originally intended.

  13. Wait, was the banner of Rohan falling off the pole an accident? … if so mama nature did them a real favor.

  14. But in the end, you still have control. You can leave it in, or cut it out.
    But imagine that, Scorsese cutting out "you talkin' to me?"…

    What a foool!

    It reminds me of Susan Sontag's book on photography, no matter how much planning, you have no idea what can happen in the nanoseconds before you click the shutter.

  15. A "Problem" with the squib from Children of men is, that it gives away a hidden cut in what is meant to look like a long take, since the blood later magically disappears.

  16. I don't blame you for thinking the Jaws line was improvised since Carl Gottlieb told that story about ten thousand times, but he recently discovered he actually wrote the line.

  17. 1:22 "Safety comes always first on a film set" – random cab almost kills Dustin Hoffman on a road that could've been and should've been closed

  18. Love how K2SO in Rogue One whacks Cassian. Totally off the cuff. And Diego Luna almost breaks into laughter but keeps it together.

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