Solingen 93

Domestic Violence and Abuse


(Have a Happy Thanksgiving) HL: Whoz that girl? HL: EXID! HL: Hello, I am Hyelin! HL: Here comes Chuseok with a generous heart. HL: LEGGOs who have come down to their hometowns, HL: Go back safely without getting trapped. HL: Eat a lot of tasty foods and HL: I wish that you have a fun Hangavi* (*hangavi: another name for chuseok) HL: Have a Happy Thanksgiving~! HL: Bye LE: Hello, I am LE. LE: Are you guys having a fun Thanksgiving? LE: I wish that today you spend a good time LE: With the people you love, you family and friends. HL: Have a Happy Thanksgiving~ SJ: Whoz that girl? SJ: EXID! SJ: Hello, I am Solji. SJ: It’s been a long time LEGGOs, nice to meet you guys. SJ: Have you guys been living well? SJ: The long awaited Chuseok* has come. (*Chuseok: Korean Thanksgiving) SJ: The weather has become cool and SJ: I think it’ll be very nice. SJ: I wish that you have a good Thanksgiving. SJ: I wish that you guys have a Happy thanksgiving SJ: With your family and close people. SJ: Eat a lot of tasty stuffs and SJ: I’ll eat tasty stuff a lot too. SJ: Because I am diligently making an effort right now SJ: to show you guys good appearances, SJ: Please wait a little and SJ: again I’ll find better appearances next time SJ: Till now, SJ: It was EXID Solji. SJ: bye~

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