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Domestic Violence and Abuse

Everything Wrong About the Child Abuse Study Article (Paragraph-by-paragraph discussion)

hello there I'm Lloyd Evans and you're watching the John Cedars Channel from the bunker and we need to talk about the may 20 19 Watchtower article which as it happens I have already talked about on this channel we actually discussed it as part of a watchtower InFocus episode all the way back in February but this is an article with a difference this is a significant watchtower article that witnesses are studying this weekend so I am filming now on Friday the 12th and this coming weekend over the Saturday and Sunday witnesses will be studying the article love and justice in the face of wickedness which begins on page 8 of the May 20 19 watchtower article the reason why this is so significant is because it is essentially Watchtower presenting their child abuse policy to Jehovah's Witnesses and you don't have to be an ex Jehovah's Witness or an apostate hopefully to understand that the organization has attracted quite a bit of criticism in this area obviously Watchtower wants Jehovah's Witnesses to believe that this is unjust criticism that it is in fact apostate lies and to that end they have written a very carefully and in my view cleverly worded article that frames the discussion and seeks to reassure witnesses that everything is under control that there's no need to worry the children in the organization are being protected the reality is quite different and when you understand the policy and you understand its various nuances the problems with this washed her article become obvious so for the benefit of Jehovah's Witnesses who are sincerely troubled by the child abuse issue and wonder whether the may 20 19 watchtower represents a turning point and whether everything is now okay I've decided to put together this paragraph by paragraph analysis of the love and justice in the face of wickedness article so without further ado let's get on with paragraph one the wording I want you to look at in particular is where it says in imitation of Jehovah we as his witnesses are poor child abuse and do not tolerate it in the Christian congregation this wording of a poor child abuse is routinely trotted out by Jehovah's Witness public relations officials at various branches around the world whenever they're approached by journalists for comment on the various court cases that Watchtower has become embroiled in due to its policies on child abuse both now and historically the problem we have is that while it's all well and good talking about how you are poor child abuse the proof of the pudding is what policies are you putting in place to show that and what policies have you had in place to show that and time and time again when you examine Jehovah's Witness policies they come up short a classic example is the database of accused sexual predators that Watchtower is keeping these are names of individuals who have been accused of the worst crimes imaginable and rather than all of these names being turned over to the police and to the authorities so that children can be protected now because bear in mind if there is in fact a pedophile on the run who hasn't been reported to the authorities they are a danger to children now they are a danger to children for every minute that their identity is kept secret from the authorities Watchtower has tens of thousands of these names and we know this for three reasons firstly back in 2002 the existence of the database was featured on a BBC Panorama documentary titled suffer the little children it was suggested that there were approximately 23,000 names on this database and in correspondence between Watchtower and the BBC rather than deny that the database exists watch how a merely disputed the high numbers so they didn't deny that they are keeping at least some names from the authorities on this database that's the first line of evidence the second line of evidence can be easily researched through the investigative reporting of journalist Ray Bundy in his reporting over Gonzalo Campos and the many victims that he accumulated the lawyer who represented campuses victims a lawyer by the name of Owens olkin successfully after many attempts successfully managed to subpoena at least part of the database and actually has it in his office in a filing cabinet albeit in redacted form so we have actual physical proof of the database and the third line evidence was the Australian Royal Commission in 2015 actually managing to again subpoena part of the database related to the Australia branch they demanded the records going back to 1950 and when they got the records back spanning 1950 and I think 2014 they discovered that one thousand and six accused pedophiles had again had the records of their atrocities carefully managed by Watchtower and not a single one reported to the authorities so that's what we're dealing with unfortunately we are dealing with an organization that actively withholds information regarding accused pedophiles from the authorities and yet right in that first paragraph and I've talked about this longer than I intended to but it's important to stress this point because I'll be coming back to the database later on in this first paragraph they say that witnesses are poor child abuse and do not tolerate it in the Christian congregation I would suggest that shielding tens of thousands of accused pedophiles from the law is a form of toleration moving on to paragraph two I want you to take a look at the sentence that reads any act of child abuse is absolutely opposed to the law of Christ one thing that's going to become very apparent as we look in other paragraphs and later material in this study article is the fact that watchtower places the sinfulness of child sex abuse over the criminality of child sex abuse it's all very well talking about the law of Christ it's all very well talking about how child sex abuse is a sin but do you treat it seriously as a crime this is a very important question because no matter how sinful you think it is and sin relates to judicial issues forgiveness repentance trying to salvage someone to a relationship with God at that sort of thing but criminality relates to does is there an individual at large who poses a risk yes or no do we need to lock him up number one yes to some degree to rehabilitate the offender but most importantly to make sure that the offender cannot accumulate more victims by being unpunished essentially that's where criminal law comes in and as we're going to see in subsequent paragraphs Watchtower is nowhere near as interested in the criminality of child sex abuse as it is interested in the sinfulness of child sex abuse paragraph three I want you to read along with me where it says sadly child sexual abuse is a worldwide plague and true Christians have been affected by this plague why wicked men and imposters abound and some may try to enter the congregation in addition some professing to be a part of the congregation have succumbed to perverted fleshly desires and have sexually abused children what advocates like myself have been most anxious to see in this article baring mind this is really the first article that has directly addressed the concerns over the organization's handling of child sex abuse in a format where ordinary witnesses can see what the organization's answer is what we've been most anxious to see is some form of responsibility some form of accepting that mistakes have been made and a willingness to correct those mistakes instead what we're seeing in paragraph 3 right off the bat is an attempt to obfuscate is an attempt to evade is an attempt to divert the blame somewhere else what we're seeing here is an attempt to confuse witnesses into thinking what they must already be thinking which is all this is just a case of a few bad apples every organization is going to have evil men men who are criminals men who are sexual predators what on earth are we supposed to do about it you can't blame the organization just because there are one or two individuals that need to be routed out that was the reasoning that I fell back on years ago when I first saw that BBC Panorama documentary I just assumed well inevitably there's going to be imperfect man in this organization we don't judge the whole organization based purely on what a few individuals are doing which is the reasoning that's being offered here in this paragraph again to confuse people but what most witnesses won't be aware of is that this is not simply a case of a few bad apples this is a case of many bad policies that are serving to protect these bad apples and make sure that they are shielded from justice so moving on to paragraph four child abuse has far-reaching consequences it affects the victims as well as those who care about the victims their family members and their Christian brothers and sisters child abuse is a grave sin so again the onus here is on the sinfulness of child abuse and notice there how it's talking about the consequences of child sex abuse almost being shared between the victims their family members and brothers and sisters in the congregation the more you come to understand about child sex abuse when you really look into it and that's something that I've been able to do reluctantly I have to say because it's not a pleasant subject to look into in any detail but I have over the last few years interviewed many child sex abuse survivors and it's clear to me that what was done to them was absolutely crushing and devastating to them emotionally and mentally and no matter what the consequences or what the effects were on their family members or on members of the congregation these pale into insignificance compared to the crushing effects on the survivor themselves so to in any way suggest that we need to be thinking about the effects on members of the congregation in the same light as we would be thinking about the effects on the victims I think that's very unfortunate wording again very early on in this magazine and again you have that line child abuse is a grave sin what about the criminality what about child abuse being a crime a crime that needs to be acted on by the authorities if you are a jehovah's witness watching this and you're interested in just a brief exercise to understand we're watched how as priorities are I would urge you to do a word search for crime or criminal verses a word search in just this article and just in the paragraphs I'm not talking about the headings or the questions just in the paragraphs do a word search for the word sinned sinful or sinner and what you will find is that crime pops up twice where as sin or sinfulness or sinners pops up 20 times so at least as far as the usage of these words is concerned it seems to suggest that the writers are ten times more interested in stressing the sinfulness of child abuse than they are in stressing the criminality and for reasons I've already discussed that is a crucial point to make and it's one of the main factors to why the organization has the terrible reputation when it comes to child abuse because they think of it first and foremost in terms of what does this say about repentance and forgiveness and restoring the person to Jehovah rather than we need to protect children we need to pick up the phone the police need to be involved so moving on to paragraph five I want you to look at where it says children must be protected from such a wicked deed and those who have been victimized by it need comfort and help notice that it says children need protection but it doesn't necessarily specify in just that sentence where the duty to protect comes from that's that's actually an important distinction and you'll remember I said at the beginning that this article has been very cleverly worded this is an example of the clever wording because if you actually read the paragraph it seems to indicate that Watchtower is accepting some responsibility but when it says children must be protected from such a wicked deed it's going to become obvious later in the article where the duty to protect lies where the responsibility lies you would think that the responsibility would lie with the organization and with elders who due to their position receive knowledge of accusations actually that's not what the writers of this article are going to argue moving on to paragraph six we read when someone who is a part of the congregation becomes guilty of child abuse he brings reproach on the congregation how unfair that is to the millions of faithful Christians who are putting up a hard fight for the faith this again is giving us an indication of the true concerns of the writers predominantly it seems they're thinking about the reputation of the organization indeed the whole point of writing this article is to help reassure witnesses and therefore to manage therefore the fallout from this terrible reputation that the organization has got due to its child sex abuse policies watchtowers main concern should be with protecting children and helping the victims instead they seem to be preoccupied with reproach on the congregation and the ironic thing is that if they're truly concerned about reproach on the congregation they would not be covering up child sex abuse as I discussed earlier with the database they would not have computer records and documents with information of accused pedophiles that they are not giving to the police in the order of tens of thousands of names if they were truly interested in not bringing reproach on Jehovah or on Jehovah's congregation or organization they'd be handing over those documents they'd be transparent they would be ending their cover-up and they would be putting in place policies that are aimed at protecting children for reasons I'd rather not go into now they're not doing that they insist on keeping hold of these policies for dear life and holding on to the records for tens of thousands of accused pedophiles rather than handing them over to the authorities but again this is very telling and if you know where to look it's obvious when you're reading this article where the mind of the writers is on what they are most concerned about they're concerned about the reputation of the organization and reproach on the congregation rather than protecting children paragraph seven a sin against the secular authorities Christians are to be in subjection to the superior authorities we prove our subjection by showing due respect for the laws of the land if someone in the congregation becomes guilty of violating a criminal law such as by committing child abuse he is sinning against the secular authorities while the elders are not authorized to enforce the law of the land they do not shield any perpetrator of child abuse from the legal consequences of his sin the sinner reaps what he has sown this is quite frankly well first of all I can imagine witnesses reading this and thinking oh well that's the main thing as long as we have a policy as an organization that sinners must reap what they've sown and that no one is shielded from the legal consequences of their sin that's fine I can live with that case closed the problem is that this paragraph is a lie a bold-faced lie at the very least it's a lie by omission if you were to give Watchtower the benefit of the doubt and say oh well this must be their position from now on so they've they've now put this policy in place from 2019 onwards great you're still lying by omission by not coming clean about all of the times in your recent history and when I say recent I'm talking 2018 2019 you are lying by not admitting that you have been caught out in legal proceedings doing the exact opposite of what this paragraph describes all you need to do is take a look at cases such as the Montana case which again a very recent lawsuit where Locke where Watchtower was fined to the order of 35 million dollars the lawsuit I should is now being appealed by watchtower but a jury found Watchtower guilty with a judgment of malice precisely because Montana is a state we're reporting child sex abuse is mandatory and instead of reporting their knowledge of a child sex offender watched our covered up details of that individual and withheld information from the authorities so we have actual cases where Watchtower has been doing the exact opposite of what they say they're going to do in this paragraph and I mentioned earlier about the child sex abuse database what about in Australia with the one thousand and six names of accused pedophiles that Watchtower was keeping carefully managed on its on its files and on its data systems not a single one not a single one had been reported to the authorities so when you actually understand not just the historic cases of cover-up but the ongoing cases of cover-up and the fact that you still have tens of thousands of names that are being kept under lock and key by watchtower the more you understand about the scope of the problem and where we are now at this point in the story the more you appreciate the paragraph 7 of this Watchtower article is a flat-out lie intended to deceive witnesses into thinking that everything's okay when it isn't if watched how were truly living by what they say here if they truly recognized the need to hold perpetrators of child abuse accountable and to be in subjection to the superior authorities including in countries and states where there is mandatory reporting then yes that would be a massive stride forward but unfortunately evidence suggests otherwise moving on to paragraph eight we read there when a human sins against another human he also sins against Jehovah and later on the abuser brings great reproach on Jehovah's name for that reason abuse must be condemned for what it is a gross sin against God so this goes back to what I was saying earlier again if you do that exercise where you look for instances of the word sin and compare it against instances of the word crime you're going to see where watchtowers thinking is and they are obsessed with child sex abuse being a sin rather than a crime and unfortunately this backwards thinking manifests itself not only in wooly negligent policies but also in the many casualties the many destroyed lives that those policies have helped facilitate moving on to paragraph nine we read there over the years Jehovah's organization has provided an abundance of scriptural information on the subject of child abuse for example articles in the watchtower and awake have discussed how those who have been sexually abused can deal with emotional scars how others can help and encourage them and how parents can protect their children I mentioned earlier about the the few bad apples thinking and about watchtowers attempt to distract witnesses and confuse them with no arguments one argument being oh every organization's gonna have a few bad apples this is another non argument which actually if you investigate it enough actually is quite incriminating against watchtower yes it's true that over decades Watchtower has been spewing out articles on child sex abuse and how to combat child sex abuse and prevent child sex abuse these articles go all the way back to the nine 1880s and what they show is that Watchtower should know better Watchtower cannot say oh this we've been caught off-guard by this you know all religions were caught off-guard we simply didn't know how bad the problem was no you can't say that watchtower because we've got written evidence going all the way back to the 80s where you've been writing about child sex abuse and how serious it is and how widespread it is but history bears out that you've not been doing anything about it in fact what you have been doing about it is assisting those who prey on children again if you're watching this as a Jehovah's Witness and you're sincerely trying to understand the scope of this problem I have an exercise for you look up the references that Watchtower provides in this article and I believe there's an entire page page 12 where it lists some of the many under the heading educate yourself and your children it lists a number of resources for educating parents and children about child sex abuse and of course in this paragraph that we're discussing now they're boasting of how over many years they've been warning parents and children in this way if you're a Jehovah's Witness what I would urge you to do as a research project is look up all of these articles and all of these references and count how many times parents are urged to go to the police if their child accuses someone of molesting them count how many times Watchtower encourages parents or survivors of abuse to go to the authorities what you will find including in some of the more recent articles including in the young people ask book for example where there's an entire chapter on this subject not once not once a parents or children who have been abused encouraged to go to the police that's the most arguably the most important thing that they should be doing because again if child molesters are just left free to roam around completely shielded from the law and without any form of censure or any form of punishment what that means is that they can accumulate more victims this one essential piece of advice go to the police is missing in all of these years of references and as far as I'm concerned that's a disgrace paragraph 10 I want you to read along with me where it says the elders are primarily concerned with maintaining the sanctity of God's name they are also deeply concerned with the spiritual welfare of their brothers and sisters in the congregation and want to help any who have been victims of wrongdoing again we have an insight into where watchtowers priorities are you would think the elders the the most basic responsibility would be to protect the vulnerable if you're going to measure any organization as to whether it has a clean bill a bill of health when it comes to morals and ethics you're surely going to ask the question how are you looking after the most vulnerable how are you protecting children how are you protecting the mentally ill or the elderly what are you doing for those who are not able to care for themselves in the same way as an adult is able to care for themselves on this question watched how it falls woefully short and it is because they don't take the problem seriously as I've already alluded to they actually think that the duty to protect children lies elsewhere which is why in this paragraph when they have an opportunity to say elders are concerned with the safety and protection of the most vulnerable in the congregation instead what they say is well we're interested in the sanctity of God's name this is watchtower saying using very clever wording I might add elders do not have a responsibility to protect members of the congregation from child molesters very clever when you think about it but also reprehensible because elders absolutely do have a responsibility a very basic duty to again make sure that children who attend the meetings are not being preyed on by the worst of humanity moving on to paragraph 11 if you'll read along with me where it says in addition if the wrongdoer is a part of the congregation elders are concerned with trying to restore him if that is possible and then later on it says a Christian who gives in to wrong desire and commits a serious sin is spiritually sick this means that he no longer has a healthy relationship with Jehovah in a sense the elders are spiritual physicians they endeavor to make the sick one in this instance the wrongdoer well now what we're seeing here in this paragraph is just one factor a crucial factor in my opinion in what is actually a perfect storm for facilitating abuse within the Jehovah's Witness organization because laced throughout the culture and the teachings and theology of Jehovah's Witnesses you just have these little ideas that help to make it easier for someone who does want to prey on children who does want to find loopholes and exploit various aspects of the Jehovah's Witness religion to their advantage when it comes to preying on children a big one a very big factor is the onus on forgiveness this idea that if you are a pedophile and you molest a child this is something that you can be sorry for and hence forgiving from including receiving forgiveness wrong your victim which if you think about it that's what victims would be required to do for someone who has abused them sexually as a child if the elders deemed them to be forgiven they're cleansed of their sins and that means that the the person that they have abused their victim then has to treat them as a brother then has to go along to the meetings and see their abuser week in week out and if they take their faith seriously as a Jehovah's Witness they have to treat their abuser as their brother someone for whom they have brotherly love someone who's done that to them and that's why it's very wrong for there to be such an onus on sin because implicit in the idea that child abuse is a sin is the idea that child abuse is a sin that someone can be forgiven of in fact should be forgiven of if they are repentant there's more I have to say on that but for now let's move on to paragraph 12 clearly elders have a weighty responsibility they care deeply about the flock that God has entrusted to them they want their brothers and sisters to feel secure in the congregation for that reason they act promptly when they receive a report of serious wrongdoing including child abuse this is another instance where a witness reading this who isn't fully versed on watchtowers procedures and watchtowers policies could easily think oh well that seems perfectly reasonable they that's the elders act promptly oh well that's fantastic that's all I need to know I need to know that the elders are acting promptly when there is an accusation of child sex abuse well what does this acting plea mean we're going to find out in later paragraphs but I'll tell you what it doesn't mean it doesn't mean phoning the police whenever an accusation surface is related to child sex abuse when they say acting promptly what they mean is we're going to promptly phone the branch office the branch office gets to tell us what we should do when it comes to this accusation of child sex abuse paragraph 13 do elders comply with secular laws about reporting an allegation of child abuse to the secular authorities yes in places where such laws exist elders endeavor to comply with secular laws about reporting allegations of abuse such laws do not conflict with God's law so when they learn of an allegation elders immediately seek direction on how they can comply with laws about reporting it this is an extremely disingenuous paragraph suffice to say it's very interesting that wash tower is here focusing on secular laws rather than the moral imperative to report if you know about a crime if you know a crime has been committed if you know that more people are at risk due to a criminal being at large regardless of whether the local state laws require you to alert the police you alert the police because of your basic human obligation to try and reduce harm to your fellow man to children in your community so what watchtower is doing here is its offering an excuse to Jehovah's Witnesses who most likely don't realize that it's an excuse but that's what this is they're saying look we comply with the laws well first of all you don't comply with the laws as has being seen case after case most notably the Montana lawsuit but also irrespective of whether the laws require you to do the right thing you should be doing the right thing because it's your obligation as a human being particularly a human being who professes to have advanced morals to those around you in Satan's wicked system of things moving on to paragraph 14 we read their elders ashore victims on their parents and others with knowledge of the matter that they are free to report an allegation of abuse to the secular authorities this is excellent wording because again it will lead the reader to assume that all is well oh well what more can you ask for the elders are there telling victims and their parents that they have that they're free that they have the right to report the accusation of abuse to the secular authorities problem solved if this is followed through on how can there be any problem well the problem is that we're dealing with a religion where there is a culture of trust in elders to deal thoroughly with any perceived wrongdoing or any urgent matters the sibrel to their attention there's also a culture of not taking a brother to court if there's a disagreement or some kind of issue between two Jehovah's Witnesses the last thing we want to do is bring Jehovah's name into reproach by pursuing things legally you also have repeatedly in watchtower materials this idea that just because something is you're right you have the right to do something that doesn't mean that you should do it it's conceivable that you have to forego your rights in certain instances we don't fight for our rights we're more concerned with our duties our responsibilities for example when it comes to dress and grooming some say it's my hair my clothes I have the right to dress and groom any way I want to it's my right well you may have the right but what does first Corinthians 10 23 say all things are lawful but not all things are advantageous all things are lawful but not all things build up so what they're saying is even if you have the right to do something if it's not advantageous if it doesn't build up then don't do it so against the backdrop of this sort of culture it simply isn't enough for elders to merely remind parents and remind survivors of abuse that they are free to inform the police they should be telling them that they should inform the police otherwise there's plenty of scope for countless reports of abuse to simply be ignored I will however grant this one concession regarding this wording I'm glad even though I feel this wording is quite deceptive and again very cleverly written to throw witnesses off the scent I'm still glad that this wording has found itself into a Watchtower study article that all witnesses have access to because what this means is that you will never have the instance which anecdotally has happened lots of times where parents of victims get in trouble and are accused of slander due to going to the authorities I can't see that happening from now on if there is a Watchtower article and witnesses can underline this wording and go back to the elders and say see it says here that I can go to the authorities and in fact you should be reminding me of that so I'm glad that this wording is in the article I just want to make that abundantly clear I just feel that ultimately the aim is to again throw witnesses off the scent and make them think that everything that reasonably could be being done by Watchtower is being done when the reality is far different paragraph 15 in the congregation before the elders take judicial action why are at least two witnesses required this requirement is part of the Bible's high standard of Justice when there is no confession of wrongdoing two witnesses are required to establish the accusation and authorize the elders to take judicial action does this mean that before an allegation of abuse can be reported to the authorities two witnesses are required no this requirement does not apply to whether elders or others report allegations of a crime again very cleverly worded I want to first focus on the concluding words there because if you think about it what it's doing there is saying what potentially the organization could do without committing to doing it so they're saying hypothetically there's no reason why the to witness rule would prevent us from going to the authorities we get to report child molesters to the authorities whether there are two witnesses or not we reserve the right to do that they're not committing to doing that and that's the crucial distinction if you're going to have a policy in place where the first phone call the elders make must be the branch office then you're giving the branch office permission to decline informing the authorities which is what we've seen happen in the Montana case and in numerous of the cases where it's just being buried it's also interesting to note what Watchtower has to say on the to witness rule itself the whole tone of the paragraph is very defensive as it should be because the to witness rule applying it to a crime like child abuse is simply preposterous and what's interesting in a day Deuteronomy 19 verse 15 which is basically where the to witness rule is to be found they also include Matthew 18 which is to do with the procedure for if there is wrongdoing involving two individuals so if your brother commits a sin go lay bare your faults between you and him alone and if he doesn't respond bring along someone else that sort of thing even watchtowers publications acknowledge that when we're talking about serious gross sexual immorality you don't have to invoke Matthew 18 you go and report it straight away but what this amounts to is blurring the lines again between sin and crime a judicial determination in other words trying to find out whether someone has sinned or not is not the same as a criminal determination and finding out whether someone is a risk to society bottom line if watchtower wants to have a to witness rule in terms of figuring out someone's sinfulness they are well within their rights as a religion to do that so long as they first of all prioritize the criminality and make sure that someone who is accused of one of the worst crimes imaginable is immediately reported to the authorities they would do that if someone were accused of murder they would do that if a Jehovah's Witness were accused of stealing something why aren't they doing that in all instances where someone is accused of raping a child paragraph 16 when they learn that someone in the congregation is accused of child abuse elders endeavor to comply with any secular laws about reporting the matter and then they conduct a scriptural investigation and then later on it says the elders provide ongoing supports to any individuals who may have been heard in addition the elders remain alert regarding the alleged abuser to protect the congregation from potential danger just on that last point it's the job of the police to make sure that criminals no longer pose a threat to society elders seem to think or watched how it seems to think that when a pedophile is identified to the congregation there are scenarios in which elders can limit that individuals access to children sufficiently that there is no longer a danger to children in the congregation they buy into this fantasy that once they know about a predator simply by informing families in the congregation and telling the individual that they no longer get to spend time alone with children that'll fix the problem well certainly it's good that measures are being taken to limit the person's access to children but ultimately if the if this individual is a criminal he should be behind bars or under police surveillance it simply isn't enough to say oh well the elders are aware of the problem and they are remaining alert to the situation know again this is why pedophiles need to be processed by the law it isn't the place of elders to take it upon themselves to carry on about service but I do just want to take you back to some earlier wording in this paragraph note the use of the word endeavour it says when they learn that someone in the congregation is accused of child abuse elders endeavour to comply with any secular laws about reporting the matter this goes back to what I was saying before about child sex abuse not being properly treated as a crime if watched our fully considered child sexual molestation to be a crime such as murder or theft this sentence would not be in the article let me just change a few words for you when they learn that someone in the congregation is accused of murder elders endeavor to comply with any secular laws about reporting the matter you either you either report this criminal to the police or you don't there's no endeavor involved you don't endeavor to pick up the phone and call the police you pick up the phone and you call the police the only reason why you would insert the word endeavor is if you're not sure this is something you want to do or there are reasons why you might not want to do it so well I endeavored I did my best to do it again if you know where to look and if you understand watchtowers mindset even though this has been a carefully a carefully worded article by the writers in places they do show their hand and it is easy to see where their thinking's at and quite simply either child abuse is a crime or it isn't if it's a crime the authorities should be notified and that's not something you need to endeavor to do you just do it paragraph 17 the elders do not interfere with law enforcement they leave criminal matters to the secular authorities well what exactly is a pedophile database assuming this database exists and I've given the reasons why we know it exists it does it really does exist the only question is how many names are on it and based on the one thousand and six perpetrators that were uncovered by the Australian well commission and their 1800 victims I've been able to extrapolate that the number is in their tens of thousands so in the back of my book The Reluctant apostate I actually do some calculations based on the annual reports in each and every yearbook going all the way back to 1950 and I extrapolate what the numbers would be in terms of predators and victims based on again the Australian figures of 1006 predators and 1800 victims and for Britain over that time period we're talking 2324 prayer perpetrators and four thousand one hundred and fifty eight victims for Canada were talking 1964 perpetrators and 3515 victims and for the United States we'd be talking seventeen thousand and eighty three perpetrators and thirty thousand five hundred and sixty seven victims so in total twenty two thousand three hundred and seventy nine perpetrators this is again just an extrapolation and forty thousand and forty one victims so we would only watched how I knows what the true figure is but bear in mind that that's just a few countries that's not all of the countries that watched our keeps records for that's a lot we're talking tens of thousands of criminals the names of whom are on Watchtower files in Watchtower filing cabinets or on watchtower data systems and they're not being passed to the authorities and literal talking individuals we're literally every minute counts every minute that those names are not in the hands of law enforcement is a minute where one of these beasts can touch children and molest children that's how urgent the situation is so Watchtower has absolutely no room to talk about elders not interfering with law enforcement Watchtower is interfering with law enforcement as we speak by keeping a secret pedophile database of criminals whose details they are not passing on to law enforcement paragraph 18 if he is repentant he may remain in the congregation however the elders will inform him that he may never qualify to receive any congregation privileges or to serve in any position of responsibility in the congregation out of concern for the welfare of children the elders may privately warn the parents of minors in the congregation of the need to monitor their children's interactions with the individual when taking such measures the elders are careful to maintain the privacy of those hurt by the sin well the two things this again goes back to what I was saying about Watchtower being under this delusional fantasy that they can monitor and manage a pedophile in a congregation setting it only takes a few minutes to sit down and think of all of the many loopholes a determined sexual predator will find even under those circumstances there's any number of opportunities they can a determined predator will jump on will seize will engineer to prey on children if that's what they want to do so just very naive of Watchtower to think that a repentant pedophile can be managed in this way but just think about what the whole idea of a repentant pedophile involves we're talking here about someone who the elders are satisfied there a pedophile because you only get to the point where repentance is an issue if the elders already know that you've done what you've been accused of and apparently everything's okay because he's sorry he's repentant he's forgiven oh well in that case we'll just have a chat with some families in the congregation and we'll monitor your interactions with children but you get to attend meetings we can we count quite likely with the very child or the very victim whose life you have ruined and that individual assuming they stay in the congregation and assuming they take their faith seriously again they have to forgive their abuser they have to love their abuser they have to treat their abuser as a brother because Watchtower thinks pedophilia is something you can just be repentant for because they think first and foremost it's a sin rather than a crime paragraph 19 who have the responsibility to protect children from harm parents do I'm not taking that out of context that's what it says in black and white without any caveats without any conditions that's what Watchtower thinks about child sex abuse they think that rather than it being the responsibility of elders to make sure that children in the congregation are protected that families can bring their children to the kingdom hall on a Sunday morning or on a Sunday afternoon without fear that the person sat in the row in front or the row behind is a pedophile no no no this all falls on the shoulders of the parents and when you watch the following footage from a recent convention you'll find this it's even more chilling watchtowers attitude towards child safeguarding they don't just think it's the parents responsibility rather than the elders responsibility even some responsibility apparently lies with the child itself parents ask yourselves have I trained my children regarding what are proper displays of affection the importance of wearing modest clothing and the need for others to respect their privacy even the children according to Watchtower there's some responsibilities when it comes to not being raped this is the organization we're dealing with these are the ideas they are trying to sell to Jehovah's Witnesses or sneak in with this Watchtower and if this alone doesn't explain why this watched how it is wholly inadequate in addressing the concerns about the cuts for like myself I don't know what does paragraph twenty first educate yourself about abuse learn about the kind of individuals who abuse children and the tactics they use to deceive them be alert to potential dangers so this is again putting the responsibility on parents to educate themselves about abuse and apparently briefed themselves on pedophile tactics they wouldn't have to do this if pedophiles or accused pedophiles was simply reported to the authorities this again is where watchtowers head is at not only is it the parent responsibility but any advice they give centers around prevention rather than reporting criminals to the authorities which seems the obvious thing to do listen I'm not suggesting that there isn't some merit in parents exercising caution to a reasonable degree but when a child is abused there's only one thing that's going to stop further children from being abused and that's the pedophile being reported to the authorities something that watched how I only say is it will endeavour to do provided they get the green light from the branch office in other words elders aren't allowed to simply call the police themselves everything requires the permission of the branch paragraph 21 remember that children are often reluctant to report abuse they may fear that they will not be believed or they may have been threatened by the abuser to keep the abuse secret this is precisely why a to witness rule that assumes a child is a liar if they come forward and say this person molested me this is precisely why the to witness rule doesn't make sense because broadly speaking children do not make this up and they should be believed and that's why when a child comes forward with an accusation of molestation the first phone call should be to the police paragraph 22 third educate your children share with them age-appropriate information about sex teach them what to say and do if someone tries to touch them in an inappropriate way use the information that God's organization has provided on how to protect your children again the responsibility is anywhere but on the shoulders of the elders and on the shoulders of Watchtower no it's the responsibility of parents to prevent or to foil the efforts of sexual predators and it's even on the shoulders of the children themselves to prevent themselves from being rapes again watchtowers had is all over the place on this and they betray and time again throughout this article that they fundamentally don't grasp the seriousness of what they're dealing with here and the final paragraph paragraph 23 hours jehovah's witnesses we view child sexual abuse as a gross sin and a wicked deed why couldn't they have put unders a crime in that sentence governed by the law of the Christ our congregations do not shield perpetrators of abuse from the consequences of their sins again shielding perpetrators of abuse from the consequences of their sins is precisely what this organization is doing every single minute that they have a database with tens of thousands of criminals on it that isn't being handed to the authorities Watchtower has zero freedom to make that claim and frankly that claim is an insult to the many victims of sexual abuse whose lives have been ruined by the dreadful negligent disgraceful policies of this group but those are my thoughts on this article I do hope you found this video interesting don't forget to subscribe to the jon cedars channel for more such videos and as always thank you for watching

Cesar Sullivan

25 thoughts on “Everything Wrong About the Child Abuse Study Article (Paragraph-by-paragraph discussion)

  1. 786 congregations in Australia and 1006 reported cases? So potentially every kid in all of these congregations is at risk. Extrapolating that to their global JW community, then every congregation could likely protect a hidden pedophile.

  2. There’s a huge conflict of interest between Jehovah’s witnesses and the law. The law wants justice and the JWS just want to keep a good social standing.

  3. Not going to lie – I found this very difficult to watch. I feel so angry. They needed ONE sentence not a whole article. If your, or any child tells you they are being abused, GO TO THE POLICE BECAUSE IT IS A CRIME.
    WT is disgusting, more interested in displaying a "clean" reputation than protecting children.
    As for parents "learning pedophile tactics so as to protect their kids" I think wt needs to educate themselves. They are NOT at liberty or possess supernatural powers to accurately assess whether a child molester is truly sorry. Such a creature should be made to suffer the consequences of their CRIME!

  4. Everything wrong with the child abuse article:- The child abuse article. Throw the whole thing in the trash 🗑

  5. You've presented this so well. I have to say every paragraph; the hypocrisy, the lies, the attempts at brainwashing their 'sheep', made me so furious that I simply should not say any more than thank you for presenting it so thoroughly and calmly.

  6. 1. Why would the Organisation be keeping a database of paedophiles?
    2. Who has authorised access to the database?

  7. These abuse cases were the final straw for me. I'd had my doubts for years and hadn't gone to meetings for ages but was still hanging on for the sake of my mother.
    But when the handling of the sex abuse came to light I couldn't be associated with such an organisation.

  8. I just read the article. It’s absolutely disgusting. Change child sex abuse with any other crime, like theft or anything, and you see just how ridiculous it is. They treat it like a sin, like adultery. They’ve “succumb to fleshly desire.” Is that how you describe a crime?

    Where’s your car?
    Someone succumb to their fleshly desire and stole it.

    And they try to defend the 2 witnesses rule! I’m so mad at this article. I only hope it’s so bad that it’ll wake some up.

  9. A masterpiece! Thanks so much for going through this article paragraph by paragraph. You are on point. There should be a way to track the 20 pedophiles who gave you a thumbs down, because anyone who disagrees with this presentation has a real problem and is most likely a pedophile themselves. My younger sister was sexually abused by an active JW in the congregation from when she was 4 years old until she was 11. The elders knew about it and did nothing except cover it up. She succumbed to suicide on March 17, 2014. The Watchtower Organization is absolutely disgusting in this and many other respects. I’m ashamed to have ever been a part of it.

  10. Two points that struck me when reading the article and then watching this. 1/. Absolutely no acknowledgement, responsibility taken or apology given to the countless victims around the World especially those we know about clearly as part of the ARC investigation.
    2/. When I was an elder (just over a year ago) I found it completely incredible that when instructed to call the branch on a potential legal issues we never knew who it was or their qualifications that was giving the guidance and also that the legal guidance was never provided in writing. Working secularly in the legal profession I knew this to be completely crazy and one would have to wonder why when they claim as in this article to be completely open and supportive of the secular authorities. The article has been cleverly designed to placate those with doubts. The vast data base of offenders is a point well made…if released it would open the floodgates to massive amounts of claims and bring enormous financial repercussions. I do wonder if the data still exists as we know that instructions had been issued around the time of the ARC to destroy all old documents and letters.

  11. I don't watch your videos. just remind all of you, we are human that imperfect but gratefully only JW that really follow what the bible said. There is no organization in this world like JW.

  12. What I don't understand is the "Why?" Watchtower conceals the names of the known pedophiles despite court order, which frees them from any legal concerns. Since when has Watchtower been concerned about individual destinies as opposed to organizational preservation? They’ve never had problems throwing anyone under the bus if they sense danger to the organization. Can anyone explain what could motivate Watchtower to act in this way?

  13. I'm a PIMO JW, we had our meeting this morning and i could not take ANY of it seriously. But I'm glad their perspective has changed from 'dont report it to the police; keep it to the congregation and trust in Jehovah' to 'still gotta obey the law, so we understand if you decide to report it'

  14. 31.58 time.stamp ! Physician 1st rule is do no harm! Makes me absolutely disgusted. I am so thankful for Lloyd and team for breaking this down and shedding light to this. It is beyond disgusting especially the statement " the elders are spiritual physicians.." how dare they compare themselves to actual physicians (who people usual by nature TRUST) and use it to their own benefit when the timing suits them but completely is opposed to higher education which would indeed give the title of an actual physician in due right. Hypocritical, irresponsible and disgusting examples of "spiritual food" to put into the minds of ~8M JW around the world, let alone human beings or survivors. Having gone through med school, this proclamation or assumption they are inserting into the JW minds is truley manipulative and down right cruel to each member. It's also demeaning to their intellictual being. The number 23,000+ is only the cases which were brought to the elders by brave individuals affected to the point they were needing help. I can't imagine how many have remained silent. They say it takes 1 in 6 people to think and feel something and actual speak up. So another words 23,000 x 6= 138,000 almost the amount of 144,000 they boast will be anointed and that was back on 2002!!!!! Horrific. Thanks for the platform to speak out Lloyd.

  15. One of my daughters was sexually abused by a member of the congregation and we were encouraged to handle it "internally" and were reprimanded by family members for calling the local authorities. My only concern was the wellbeing of my daughter! It was such a difficult time, and never once was I concerned about the reputation of the congregation or the organization!

  16. New laws came into effect in Queensland in 2018 Due to the ARC, which now also includes grooming of a minor.
    Section 218B of the Criminal Act QLD
    Grooming children under 16
    (1)Any adult who engages in any conduct in relation to a person under the age of 16 years, or a person the adult believes is under the age of 16 years, with intent to—
    (a)facilitate the procurement of the person to engage in a sexual act, either in Queensland or elsewhere; or
    (b)expose, without legitimate reason, the person to any indecent matter, either in Queensland or elsewhere;
    commits a crime.
    See section 1 for the definition indecent matter.
    [ indecent matter includes indecent film, videotape, audiotape, picture, photograph or printed or written matter ]

    Maximum penalty—5 years imprisonment.
    ( this was only the first part )
    So printed stories- say Chapter 10 Jesus’ power over the demons from the Learn from the Great Teacher Book.
    This is definitely an indecent matter.
    This is definitely not something that any young child should be learning in a bible study with a stranger or as a bed time story from a step parent.
    That stranger or step parent or parent may be one of the hidden Pedoflies that the elders allow to safely participate within the congregation. Allowing them to be near children and out door knocking in the community or conducting bible studies with young children.
    Without legitimate reason – printed material by watch tower that is suggested as a bed time story is definitely – “exposing a child, without legitimate reason”. No child should ever be exposed to that type of questioning. ( within a court hear would be an exception of course )
    How about we write to our local members of government, if you are in Australia, and send in this written material from the watch tower and ask for it to be band – as this would be in keeping with this new law and it would make our government aware that this grooming tool is being used by watch tower. Please write in, Our children need us to take a stand for them.

  17. I think the U.S. Government should RAID WATCHTOWER’S HEADQUARTERS in New York and seize their Child Molesters Database. I wouldn’t let them open their doors again until they get this database.
    Lloyd, what about circulating an online Petition Form to this effect and sent to President Trump? If you think this is worthwhile, I’m sure there are thousands of us who’d do everything in our power to get this done. But I personally don’t know how to get this effort rolling.

  18. Definitely a carefully worded article. Also notice how they water down it by calling it "wrongdoer" instead of what it is pedophile or child sex abuser or at the very least criminal.

  19. Hypocrisy of the high kind. They are doing more damage by not coming clean. The pressure is on high level, pushing to get more money; because people are not donating; the reason, their hypocrisy. People are angry when JW’s go door to door; and JW’s who have a little bit of brain left, are thinking. The org is damaging “ the true Christ ‘s message “
    Very sad! Unfortunately they have more pride than understanding; like Jesus said to the Pharisees. .. They can not go so far, because lies have short legs… please free God’s work; you are no longer going to receive the only thing you care the most, large amount of money. People are being helped by Jehovah’s Holy Spirit to see things the way they are.
    John 16: 7-13; Revelation 2:2,3,9.
    God order in the Law to stone this type of criminals, his people will never be secure around these evil doers. Who can warranty that they won’t attack again? The Law of the Christ says to throw them to the devil, because they have nailed Christ again and that there is nothing to be done , like declared in the book of Jude. Jehovah will take care on his appointed time; but, meanwhile they need to be locked in jail so they don’t harm our children. It is very scary to be in an organization that do not do the proper thing to criminals and condone criminals buy shading them under their wings when God says do not . Jude . Thank you for such a great video. 👍

  20. That talk that spoke about children being responsible, the one that said ‘dress your kids modestly’, that’s the talk that woke me up.

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