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Ex High School Sweethearts | Fear Pong | Cut

(laughing) (operatic classical music) – My name’s Skylar. – My name’s Brooke. – We’re ex high school sweethearts. – A little under a year-and-a-half. – I broke up with her because I came out as bisexual. – I have not slept with a woman since her. (balls clanging) – Oh my gosh. Call the last person you’ve had sex with and ask them to critique
your skills in the bedroom. No, we can do that, we
can definitely do that. I could call (beep). But he was bad. I don’t want his answer ’cause
he was the one that was bad. (phone ringing) – Hi. I got a question to ask you. – How good am I in bed? – Sure, but then, like,
give me some details. – Pain threshold? – Cool. I’ll call you back. Pain tolerance. – He was hyping himself up. – I know. – I think I’d give it a go again. – Are you serious? I thought it was gonna be a hell no. – Would you ever sleep with me again? – I was very, very in love with you. You were my first love. And I don’t know if that
would be a good idea for me to put myself
back into that situation. – Mhm.
– You know. Fuck. – Yes! – Tell your ex how you really feel about the people they’ve dated
since you two broke up. Okay, I’m gonna talk about two people. Kyle and Trevor. Kyle was an egotistical,
arrogant, insecure, selfish, mistrusting asshole
that can go fuck right off. He’s the reason why you and
I didn’t talk for a year and why it’s never been the same since. Now, he’s dating a fabulous
person who I adore very much and I hope it works out for you. – Thank you. (clapping) – Kyle, though. Man, I’m glad you got out of there. Woo! – Describe the last time you had sex. Give the where, the who and the why. The last time that I had
sex was with my boyfriend. He was on top, riding me. We’re pretty synced when it comes to the orgasm. – Honest opinion. – Oh, fuck, really? Honest opinion, it was never super long. I always initiated it. So it made me feel like maybe you weren’t as into it as I wanted you to be. Never made you cum. Except for the time after we broke up. – Yeah. – And then I cried because
that’s how much it meant to me. Did you know that you were bisexual when you first courted me? – I definitely knew. – You just decided you didn’t
wanna come out until college? – Yes. Because I wanted a fresh
start and new people. Just kind of like a whole new life, and I knew it just wasn’t
going to work anyways, so. – Why’d you start it then? – Because I liked you a lot. I loved you. I mean, it’s hard to
suppress those feelings. – Dang it. Do a dramatic performance
of your own orgasm. Shit, I don’t even really know what I do. – Yeah, you wouldn’t know. Yeah, woo. Keep going, don’t stop. Oh yeah. – Aw, damn it. Wear your pants down by your ankles for the rest of the game. Alright, I’ll do it. Dang it. Why am I doing this? You gonna join me? – Yeah, I have some cute underwear on. – Do you have any questions about the people I’ve been with since you? – Just David. There’s a lot of questions about David. – Yeah. He was 26 years older than me. – Daddy. Let your ex pie you in the face. Oh, I’m gonna do it. – Oh, shit. (laughing) – No distractions. – Oh, are you kidding me right now?! Get in the shower right now
with all of your clothes on until you are sopping wet. You must air dry. – If you drink it’s game over. – I don’t wanna be sopping wet. (applauding) I don’t need the money. Love you. – I love you too. – Aw, cool.
– Oh, fuck yeah. – This game, I think,
brought us closer together. – Exactly. – It brought up questions that we didn’t even know we had for each other. – And if you like to have
fun, definitely do this, because this is extremely fun. – Thank you.
– Thank you.

Cesar Sullivan

100 thoughts on “Ex High School Sweethearts | Fear Pong | Cut

  1. Bisexual? How can't you tell he likes to sword fight???? So f-in flamboyant….he's not into females at all

  2. Everyone asking why they broke up is dillusional. First of all, she might not want AIDS. She has an open orfis. Also how great is it to tell your parents that your boyfriend is gay and probably prefers dick over you.

  3. Hi

  4. A we e peadl mamti q e sram ot teb. Ako se grumnesh shte mi e tijono za kurshuma che te e dokosnal.Susipaha e taq durjava gaytaci kat tebe.Pedal. Ako ima muje laikvaite .

  5. Gentlemen, the exact point of this game was: if you broke up with your gf and still want to close with her, be a gay.

  6. There's a strange comfort zone between these two….. They are the people who's absence in each other's life won't make a difference but when in contact they would bring out (and to) the best of (and for) them…..

  7. "Pain threshold" should never be a measurement of how "good" a woman is in bed. That, my friends, is why hardcore porn should not be the way kids learn about sex.

  8. 0:40 ". . . because I came out as bisexual." Okay… but… that means you- bu- wha- huh? NOT gay… but bisexual. Alright. Sure. Makes sense.

  9. wasn't he a bit of a dick to start the relationship when he already knew he was bi? my thinking is that even if he couldn't understand all his feelings at the time, he still shouldn't have put her through that.

  10. I find it funny how people are always there to give their opinion on other people’s sexuality. It is only his business and honestly it is hella rude to give your opinion on the matter. This is not funny guessing game, it is his life! Even if he was fully gay there are reasons why he might not want to be open about it and it is his decision what labels he wants to have or if he wants them at all. His friends and family are going to watch the video and now instead of reading comments about the game or the fun they are having they have to read hundreds of comments of people speculating his sexuality which is not cool so everyone should just stay in their lanes and mind their own business.

  11. Okay he's not bisexual he's gay I fucking hate people do that stupid fucking fad Trend bullshit that just claim their something when they're not if you haven't slept with a woman and fucking 10 years since high school your fucking gay

  12. I know that people who identify as bisexual don't always have to be 50/50 but they dated in highschool, he hasn't slept with a girl since her AND he didn't cum?? he just seems like he's gay and maybe not ready to come out as a fully gay man

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