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Famed Climber Brad Gobright Dies In Climbing Accident | NBC Nightly News

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100 thoughts on “Famed Climber Brad Gobright Dies In Climbing Accident | NBC Nightly News

  1. Cutting corners because "You've done it 100 times" + Complacency over time = Preventable Tragedies. At least he went out doing what he loves.. ✌

  2. What about climbing with a helmet or and inflatable body bag that'll deploy after a sudden drop after a couple of feet

  3. I dont normally post like this, but I feel that this has to be addressed. Brad was climbing with a rope, he was not free soloing. The mistake came when he was retreating from the climb. He was rappelling, this is when the rope is fixed above you, you use safety gear to attach yourself to the rope and then lower yourself to the next anchor. It is practice to tie a knot at both ends of the rope in the case of a miscalculation to protect the climbers, but mistakes do occur. forgetting to tie knots at the end of your line and rappelling off its end is unfortunately what causes 70 percent of climbing related deaths. and a large amount of these accidents come from people who are new and dont know to take the proper steps to be safe. What happened was an accident. in the same manner as someone checking their cell phone while driving, not wearing a helmet while riding a bike, driving to fast in the rain or snow, or any number of other accidents that occur when people get comfortable with everyday tasks and get complacent. So please, if youre coming here to say "it was only a matter of time" or "He deserved it" or some other horrifically callus comment about Brad, please reconsider and just keep it to yourself.

  4. really stupid to climb a mountain just to do it….I can see doing it if you need to get to the other side and there's no other way around…play stupid games win stupid prizes

  5. Common sense and good judgment are given to everyone by the almighty God, Lord Jesus.
    I am alive and thankful that I am not one of those heroes( climbers). Very sad, but you reap what you sow!

  6. You ever hear that sound Qbert makes when he jumps off the cube pyramid? Can you say Brad Gobright? As Seinfeld once said, "that's a shame".

  7. Another one. Plus Mexico people always die in weird., nasty deaths. It's like cursed ..maybe because majority practice witchcraft . Witchcraft causes bad karma, Satanism causes bad luck.

  8. I just noticed in the picture he's flashing the peace sign. Correct me for saying, but does that mean "peace out"? DOUGH!!😲😲😲

  9. Can't stand all the ignorant comments here.I follow Alex and have the utmost respect for him and the sport.Brad was an amazing free climber and the armchair experts only wish they had the guts to do what he did, he accomplished amazing feats and loved his life.

  10. I usually when i climb a mountain, i make sure to bring Spiderman with me or someone places a mattress down in the bottom.

  11. Without meaning to be disrespectful at all, I'm sure he knew what risks were involved. Title should be changed from this to "Man died do doing what he loves". May he rest in peace, I only wish I could be doing what I love when my time comes.

  12. I was not going to comment until I knew more so I did some research …it says the night before he died he advertised on social media for a climbing parter so, these two climbers met for the first time the day of their climb . They did not tie safety knots says Brad had less rope left than he thought and the rope ran out and slipped through the hardware than they fell ….This is one of the best climbers in the world . I'm sorry , I don't understand any of this …careless mistakes , advertising for a climbing partner on social media the night before. This is a world class climber , how could this be ? I'm sorry. I don't understand ..R.I.P. young man and God Bless your family and friends .

  13. Condolences to this man's family and friends.
    I am ashamed of some of the comments I've read on here. Lack of compassion for a life. What a sad world this has turned into.

  14. Sometimes people should do something important and don't do it. Because they don't think anything bad is going to happen to them. They take high risk when they get comfortable and don't expect any thing to happen. That's poor judgement.

  15. Please help those close to him. I did not know him. But I did know others who may be like him. There is a known psychological issue relating to taking unsafe risks to the edge of dying. You can identify them….not buy the unsafe risk, but by the frequency risks and enjoyment that they get by pushing to the edge – which seems to bring them great pleasure.
    They cannot just enjoy their environment which includes the people and nature…. They like to maintain a high frequency of major risk taking, and often have someone close to see them do it again and again. We also see this with drug and alcohol users. Free climbing in very high risks environments has nothing to do with Free. You are enslaved to beating the poor odds of high risk repeated again and again at a high frequency rate.

  16. He went out the way he would have wanted to. With a 1000 ft free fall followed by his brain housing group popping like a water balloon . smh

  17. Honnold has said on the JRE that something like this was gonna happen anyway to him and other free soloists. It's just a matter of when.

  18. Everyone dies! He died doing what he lived for. Awesome! That's a good life. Understandably his family and friends will miss him. Much love to them all.

  19. God bless him and his family He's a brave brave man and the one beautiful thing about this entire story he lived his dream he lived it and he died for it so don't be sad he would want you to smile he would want you to see the passion 4life , he would want you to live it , cuz that's what he did ❤❤👍❤👍❤👍❤👍❤👍❤❤❤👍❤❤👍👍👍❤❤👍❤❤👍👍❤

  20. Seek Christ Jesus the Redeemer

    God bless with Truth

    Kalam argument

    Contingency argument

    Fine tuning of the universe

    The ontological argument

    The moral  argument

  21. Is doing what you love, worth dying? We're talking about doing something for 'kicks' for the rush. Drug addicts are doing what they love. They overdose every day. Is that a good way to die?

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