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Flower horn breeding lip lock damage

common doubt that comes to flower horn hobbyist during breeding time is damage happens to male and female flower horn i receive many whatsapp and phone calls about this problem this video is for those who face flower horn fighting during breeding time this video gives some idea about damage happens to flower horn during breeding srd what you see in this video involved in the fighting process. after female downs its tube, both male and female united since male showed less cooperation, fighting began between them. male suffered more damage than female if you closely observe, you can easily find the hanging thread like structures from the lip region many hobbysits fear after seeing this fighting behaviour. i tell sometimes to separate and sometimes to keep united we have to take some risk, because sometimes fight may lead to loss of eye we cannot predict the behaviour and mood of flower horns In this pair, there was severe fight. but i did not separate. i took the call Female laid plate full of eggs and male fertilised them. both are already proven fishes still fighting action is not yet stopped. if you see this clay plate, few are unfertilised eggs. most of them fertilised i am posting this video after 5 days of breeding process. during breeding process, there will be little fight among parents. if the fight is severe, we have to definitely separate them when female cleans the egg laying area, and male cooperates for this cleaning, there will not be much fight. if the fight is severe, we can separate them after the breeding process and apply salt and general medicines if you like this video, press like button. subscribe to our channel for more fish related informations

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