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Follow up Story – Fractured Back Radically Healed – The Normal Christian Life

In July 2014, a video was released that has
touched lives all over the world. It was a video captured of
a man named Mark, and a radical miracle that
changed his life forever. We’ve had many people ask us
what’s happened to Mark since. So we want to show you where
Mark is at today. But first, here’s a quick recap of
what happened over a year ago. John and Pat, who had only been Christians for
eight months, approached a man named Mark and asked if he
wanted prayer. Mark didn’t believe Jesus could
heal his severely damaged back. No, I believe, I’ve really got faith
that He will heal you. At the time, we were unaware of just
how severe Mark’s injury was. Mark recently explained to us that he
had fallen between a boat and a wharf. Mark had fractured one of
the vertebrae in his back, and was in traction in
hospital for six months. Doctors suggested a surgery where they would
fuse the vertebrae together to decrease the pain. But Mark declined and instead took the other option:
taking strong painkillers on a regular basis. Mark had been on this dosage
for seven years. And when we offered to pray, it was clear
he had lost any hope for healing. Do you mind if I just quickly
pray for you for one minute? Ok, what’s your name?
– Mark. Thank you for Mark and
his beautiful family, that You’re going to pour out so much love
out and there’s going to be healing, I believe there’s going to be healing
and deliverance in the name of Jesus. We got Mark to test his back a few
times, but he saw no improvement. How’s it feeling?
– Nah… Mark walked away with pain still in his back, but as he was walking something extraordinary happened Jesus loves you brother I Just prayed for you. We got faith It’s Jesus It’s all his glory. We just pray go right down go right down you can do that Elizabeth did you pray? He’s been in the pain for years Wow, wow touch them. God can’t he can do anything? Let’s him all the quality. It’s all right. It’s all It’s Jesus. It’s Jesus. He loves you He loves you by not see he loves you so much food. I love you so much to me A Paisa gourd heavenly Father heavenly father we thank you for market surveys I didn’t believe if this boy prayed for me and I feel a baby paid for years And godly girl Mark and his daughter Sarah wholeheartedly accepted. Jesus as their savior. I give you my life It’s yours, holy Spirit Come living here We’ve had many people ask us what’s happened to Mark since well? It’s been over a year and we have regularly caught up with mark in his neighborhood and for those wondering How marks back is all this time later Mark ourselves back gone? no pain What’s the weather? It’s amazing before you wake up halfway through the knesset angel is full of pain now you Well, what do you think of Jesus Mark? And he came Ma has often told his neighbors about his miracle and as a result many have received prayer and want to know more about Christ Over a year ago mark was someone that had lost hope But as Christians we had never done underestimate her one moment of obedient can change someone’s life like marks for you To see the full video of what happened to mark over a year ago. Go to our website the normal Christian Life Comte you

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27 thoughts on “Follow up Story – Fractured Back Radically Healed – The Normal Christian Life

  1. Love this!! Thank u Jesus for people that love u and deny themself. Praise the Lord brothers & sisters in christ. Much love all the way from Sydney.

  2. Missed videos like this! I went to school with Nathaniel, only he is around 10 years older than me, so I would have been 7 or 8! It's crazy to see a kid with a mini afro and guitar singing in Monday morning church, have such a massive role in helping people realise their calling as a "normal christian" so many years later. Thanks Nathaniel and The Normal Christian Life, I'm looking forward to another video like this!

  3. Come on guy's this is crazy amazing is so strong this testimony Praise be the Lord If their is some of you in italy around Venetia don't forget that you have a brother here.god bless you

  4. All praise be to Jesus Christ! God bless you, brothers. God be blessed for his mercy and your obedience in imitating the Master and walking in the Holy Spirit. God bless your work with increase in love and its demonstration throgh the power of the Spirit! I rejoice with you and with those who experience the love and mercy of Jesus Christ and our Father through your hands and words.

  5. My GOD! I'm so blessed, i'm from Costa Rica and i need to share this in spanish subtitles! Does anyone know somebody that does that?

  6. 👍 great to see him again. Pity we don’t know what the doctors said. They must be amazed by this miracle. I immediately those faces wondering what happened. And the photos how his back is now 😀😀 glory to the Healer, Jesus. Amen 🙏

  7. Amen!! It’s a beautiful testimony. I’m learning more about the power of healing doing Jesus work that’s the real. Gospel. God bless you ministry

  8. Please! Please! Please, make more of these videos! They are life changing and inspiring!!! We need more of these videos now more than ever! God can use you all to show Christians what the normal Christian walk is supposed to be like! Not only that, but it will inspire them, as it has me! Thank you and please keep making THIS type of video! Please! And thank you! God bless!

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