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Fortnite In Depth: M4 Assault Rifle Guide

Cesar Sullivan

31 thoughts on “Fortnite In Depth: M4 Assault Rifle Guide

  1. also my top 10 most favorite weapons of Fortnite
    10.Scoped Assault Rifle
    9.Double Barrel Shotgun
    8.Bolt Action Rifle
    7.Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle
    6.Tactical Shotgun
    5.Heavy Shotgun
    3.any version of the M4/M16 Assault Rifle
    2.Suppressed Assault Rifle

  2. when i aim using M4 , my crosshair is right in the middle of his head / body and none of my bulletts hit him, its right in the middle of my crosshair

  3. Welp is not a m4 a m4 is burst weapon that is a m16 god dam i tink viewers are getting smater then youtubers

  4. I never considered these M4s from the first time I played. I seriously didn't know you could hold the trigger in for a good while. I still don't hold the trigger in, because you can shoot so much faster using it as a semi-auto. I legit call it an AR because I think they are AR-15s and Epic put in a really slow hold trigger fire rate. The DPS has got to be a lot higher using them as semi-autos.

  5. At 3:58 did he like semi auto or like press the trigger. I don’t know what to do in situations like that

  6. That moment when Drif0r is making In Depths of something else besides CoD… it's odd for some reason lol

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