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Fractured MMO | Pre-Alpha Gameplay | Hike & Slash

Hi everyone! Welcome to the office of Dynamight Studios in this warm Italian Saturday evening! First of all, thank you all for being here, and if you’ve been part of the Fractured community for a while, thank you twice and sorry for the delay in getting this video out, I know you’ve been waiting for this for a while. So, if you don’t know already, what is Fractured? Fractured is the first sandbox MMORPG – open-world sandbox MMORPG mixing action combat with fully interactable environments that aims to appeal to both PvE players who like cooperative gameplay and hardcore PvP players who like heavily competitive gameplay. There are a lot of innovations behind Fractured but I won’t indulge in explaining those in this video, so head to, just read the homepage of the website and everything is explained there if you want to find out more. So, today we’re going to show you about half an hour of Fractured gameplay. You will see some exploration of the map, which is about one kilometer wide, you’re going to see some PvE action, the art direction of the game, and in general how the game plays out. Of course Fractured is in a very rough state right now, this is a pre-alpha build and is actually the product of the work of a 7-people team for about seven months now. I know you might be wondering: “How is it possible that a 7-people team can make an MMO with such ambitions?” Well, the answer is called SpatialOS and is the world building platform that we are using to make the backend of the game together with Unity which is used as the front-end. We are looking forward to expanding this team and we’re going to do this after our Kickstarter campaign which is going to start on the 1st of June, so if you haven’t signed up already head to and create a free user account. You will have the chance to read our newsletters, find out more about the game in our new feature spotlights and other blog updates, you can follow us on social media, and most important of all you, will know exactly when our Kickstarter campaign begins. So, I guess we can… head to the game! Well well. Here we are in this small player village in the mountains… I will be recording this video with Uriel, co-founder of Dynamight Studios and lead designer of Fractured – the mind behind the game. So, let’s get out of town right away and see what the wilderness has to offer! We have scattered the map with several hundreds AIs – some neutral animals, some hostile animals, some monsters. Let’s see what we’ll meet first. And… It’s a bear! Now, this one is definitely aggressive and quite tough. We will be approaching this fight in a very classic way – warrior at the front, mage in the back. And… it went down this was quite easily. Now, let’s continue our adventure. I will be skipping this video ahead a few times to stick to the most relevant parts of the footage. First of all, let me tell you something about character customization and building in Fractured. As you might know, Fractured is a strictly classless game. This means that you can set the strengths and weaknesses of your character when you create it, and after that you can learn and use literally any ability in the game with any character. Of course you cannot use them all at the same time, you have to choose – and when do you do that? It’s quite simple: any time you are in front of a fire, be it in your own place or in a public tavern or even in a temporary encampment in the wilderness, you can start a resting phase where you choose a set of abilities. How many you can choose depends on your intelligence. Usually it’s more than 8, but only 8 fit the hotbar at the bottom, which is also shared with items. So, how did I build my character? I’ve made quite of a resilient one when I created it. I’ve picked a lot of strength, I picked a lot of Constitution, and during the last resting phase I’ve selected 5 abilities that give me a lot of crowd control and mobility, some self buffs to my attack speed and I’ve also brought one item with myself – a potion that I can be used out of combat – I’ve just used it actually! That helps me recovering health and endurance very quickly. My colleague Uriel instead has made a character with a lot of intelligence and perception and a set of ice-based abilities; a lot of crowd control again, a lot of AOE, very good for both PvE and PvP I think it’s mostly group character, I don’t think it would fare very well alone, but it’s a it’s a nice one nonetheless. Our two characters are working fairly well together I would say, we don’t have any problems getting rid of these creatures… but we’ve lost a lot of endurance in the last fight, and I’ve just recovered it by swapping out some life. Oh, there’s a deer there! And… it’s gone. Now, this brings me to another point. In Fractured, creatures age. When they’re young or adult they yield the best loot in terms of pelts and other resources, but they’re also more difficult to fight – and more difficult to catch, in this case. Maybe later on in the video we will find one which is older and slower. Now, I guess you’ve seen enough of this part of the world… Here we are, still looking for a bridge to cross this damn river and… Actually, let’s talk about this river now. This river is procedurally generated, just like the rest of the map you’re seeing – one square kilometer. We’ve spent several months devising tools and a pipeline to build large portions of the world without any human intervention or as little as possible human intervention This happens by connecting different biomes with different characteristics. Right now we are in the grassland biome, which is quite flat, vegetation like birches and oaks, but let’s see what happens when we cross this bridge. And… here we are in the mountain forest biome! Now, I know it might look quite similar to you, that’s because we don’t have so many art assets yet, but if you watch carefully you should notice that vegetation here is made exclusively or almost exclusively of pines which are a mountain tree. Later on in the video you will also notice how the shape of the world is different, there are way more rocks, way more mountain formations, you go uphill and downhill way more often. This has all been decided by our game designer when setting up the basic data for this biome and the connection between the two was absolutely seamless, without any loading time. Actually, there is never any loading time in Fractured… All right, let’s switch to the bow now and play as archer for a little while. In Fractured, you can configure two different sets of weapons. Any time you’re out of combat you can switch between one and the other by pressing the tab button, you don’t have to wait for a resting phase to do that – you can do that any time… and here I’m shooting my colleague again, which is definitely not a great idea… Also, it’s not a great idea to to play as an archer together with such a fragile mage, but let’s do it anyway for fun! As you can see two abilities in my hotbar are now disabled. One requires a pointy or slashing weapon to be used, and the other one – Shield Bash – requires a shield of course. The result of procedural generation is also that there are different spawners and thus different wildlife in different biomes. In this case the mountain area is full of wolves and… oh oh, to the rescue! Whoops, okay. Well, I guess I have to finish this alone. It’s quite hard, but I should be able to pull this off. Don’t worry too much, though, Uriel is actually not dead, he’s just knocked out and he should be back soon. Here he is. So, the reason why he’s still standing is because he has depleted his endurance but not his health. The way this works is that most of the damage you receive in Fractured only removes your endurance, which is the big green bar at the top of your character. Only a few special conditions actually remove your health, or if you keep getting attacked while you’re knocked out with zero endurance. Most of the hostile creatures, since they are not actually evil like wolves or boars, they will stop attacking you once you’re knocked out, but you know, really evil monsters or evil players could actually murder you and then you’d be forced to respawn at the closest town and you would drop all of your equipment in your body, and you’d have to go back and collect it. So, let’s see if we can find a deer once more in this new area. We skipped ahead again, we have traveled for another five minutes I guess. Oh, here it is! Okay, so I guess we can try to surround it No hope for you little boy… Boom! Done, finally. So… Oh, here I am hurting my own colleague again with my sword. Soon we should transition into yet a new biome. This time It’s the goblin territory which is a variation of the grasslands you’ve seen in the beginning of the video. One thing you should know is that in Fractured everything you see around you that you can interact with, such as a resource node like a tree or an AI like the monsters were fighting, is streamed all around you by SpatialOS this is streamed in an area that is barely larger than what your client can see, so there is no point in a zoom hacking and whatnot. Also, there is almost no limit to the amount of players and other creatures and entities in general that can be in a limited area in the Fractured world thanks to SpatialOS, so the game will feature a massive amount of monsters and massive fights between guilds and alliances of players and the servers will be fine. Thank you SpatialOS! Here’s a stag! Let’s get him let’s get him let’s get him… Here we are… Nope, failed teleporting. Am I like… too obsessed with virtual deer hunting? Uh well whatever, let’s get rid of the green menace down here and… hold on, are these little goblins not animating while attacking us? Yeah, they’re totally not! I guess that’s the beauty of a one-shot recording, let me add a note: “flay the developer…”. no, just kidding. So, still on procedural world generation… Do you see this little encampment? And also the larger one we’re going to walk through later… Of course they are assembled by a game designer, but they are spawned in the world by an algorithm – the procedural generation algorithm, so when they are placed in the world the the terrain around them is also reshaped to host them. For example, large encampments are often located on top of a hill, and…. I know, maybe I’m overly enthusiastic about this world building thing, but it’s really cool because it allows us to build a truly massive world without requiring a truly massive team of game designers – which is probably not financially sustainable, right? So, I guess it’s about time I allow you to watch this gameplay without having to hear my endless commentary – which I hope you enjoyed it anyway. Right after we’re done cleaning this area I’m going to show you a little bit of what was going on in the SpatialOS servers while we were playing. And now… music, maestro! So, here we are in the SpatialOS inspector, a very user-friendly view of what was going on in the server. This is where we started our journey, the player settlement. Let’s check out some of the entities that we met during our travel: a fox, a bear, a pack of wolves, boars, then there are plenty of rabbits I guess… Let’s see if we can find a stag. Here it is! As you can see the map is displayed in different colors. We’ve walked uphill and at a certain point – and you didn’t notice – we transitioned from the control of one worker to the control of a different server worker, which is a server process that manages the entities. This area on top full of wolves is the one on the mountains – I have hinted to the fact that it was full of wolves, and this is the transition between two server processes, one is brown, the other one is purple and as I mentioned we walked North and we’ve crossed a worker transition and you didn’t even notice. We moved our travel in the hills and in the mountains. This is the area after the bridge, the green one, and at the bottom we’ve reached the goblin area. You can see plenty of goblins in green. At the bottom the brown area is the zone where we ended our travel with the ruins. So, the fact that SpatialOS gives you this type of tool to control your server is really amazing and it opens up a lot of possibilities in terms of management of the world that management of the players. So, I guess this is enough for the inspector… Thank you all for watching this video! Don’t forget to sign up on – and one big news, in the first week of May we’re going to host our first live Q&A. You’ll have the chance to ask us any question you want in a Twitch livestream so… stay tuned and enjoy Fractured!

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