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Fractured MMORPG Upcoming Sandbox ARPG 2019

What is up my guys, Kira here. No gameplay here today, but I am excited to
be talking about an upcoming game called Fractured from Dynamight studios. The reason I’m excited for this is because
this is one of the very few MMORPGs on the horizon that features niche concepts that
really get me actually excited. No world of warcraft clone here, no eastern
cash shop heavy monetisation, just some good old sandbox innovation. The game’s main selling points is player choice,
freedom, action combat, hardcore consequence based pvp, player driven economy, politics,
community driven world building, sieges, no pay to win, no lengthy character grind to
become viable and a unique system for learning abilities and vertical progression. Now for those of you who follow only the larger
games on the MMORPG radar, games that have raised millions of dollars on kickstarters,
games that have the backing of established AAA studios or massive publishers…Fractured
could be a game that would slip under the radar and that’s exactly why I’m here to talk
about it, because this is one that you should be as excited for as I am. The reason we should all be on the lookout
for MMORPGs like Fractured is because they design based on innovation and this is a game
that has some of the coolest concepts I’ve seen to date. Dating back to Ultima Online in the 90s, community
focused sandbox games have struggled to live up to this godfather of the genre and fractured
is a game that gives me the most hope I’ve ever had of having that experience revived. Fractured is an isometric style, sandbox,
with arpg style combat set in an open world MMORPG. Set in a sort of sci-fi esque fantasy world,
or worlds as a matter of fact here. The game seems to look entirely feudal, fantasy
but involves travelling between different planets which are the homeworlds of the starter
races. The broad concept of the game revolves around
consequences of your actions, choosing a home that fits your playstyle and paying the price
for your actions. The idea is that each planet represents a
playstyle, meaning the game has a place for everybody, regardless of your choices. And the choices you make, determines that
area of gameplay until you make change your playstyle, or not..You’re free to choose how
to play, be it good, neutral or evil or each one for however long you like. There are two different systems which may
get a little confusing. There’s the Alignment system revolves around
three titles that are built on the classic dungeons and dragons moral spectrum, good,
neutral and evil. You’ll be able to take short rests to change
your alignment to what you have available while setting up which spells you have equipped
and talents. What alignment choices you have available
at any given time are based upon a few factors such as your race, location and karma. Karma is the second system which is point
based between negative 10,000 making you Diablolic and positive 10,000 being holy. If you’re below -2,500 karma you can only
be set to Evil alignment, below 0 you can be neutral or evil and above 0 all three are
available. This is the flagging system of the game, if
you’re evil anyone can attack you or steal from you without consequence. On the flipside you can also attack anyone
or steal from them with the resulting loss of karma. If you’re neutral you can also attack or steal
from anyone with the same karma loss involved but anyone doing so to you will also have
these consequences. And if you’re good, you have no friendly fire
to neutral or good players and can only attack evil players, which is also encouraged to
so so. The eternal battle of good versus evil rages
on. There is also a flag for actions that forces
your alignment switch, such as thief which is given when stealing from a good or neutral
alignment player and lasts for 24 real world hours which prevents you from turning back
to good alignment in that time and murdered which comes into play when you murder another
player, forcing you to be evil for 48 hours. Now being evil doesn’t sound that bad, but
consider where you’re living, you might be in an area where you might get forced out
or considerably weaker. You might even lose access to where you live,
if you decide to be a wolf you have to live with the wolves. Humans are born with slightly above 0 Karma,
Beastment are born with very high karma and demons are born with strongly negative karma. All three races are born on their own unique
planets in the game and each planet has a certain ruleset which governs the gameplay
styles there. Humans are born to their homeworld Syndesia,
which is a world in perfect equilibrium between conflict and peace. This is a starter world and race for anyone
who wants to start the game with an open mind about their first experience of Fractured. Then the beastmen world of Arboreus which
is a very strict PvE experience and finally the Demon world of Babilis. Each race also has multiple sub races, except
human who is of course male or female. The first mind blowing thing here is that
choosing your starter race and planet means you’re not just locked into that playstyle
forever. The beastmen, the most pure of the galaxy
can choose to become evil themselves, which forces them from their homeworld, cast out
and become an abomination. Likewise the demons who start purely evil
can become good and morph into angels, allowing them to walk amonst the good people. Each planet has rule sets which allow certain
playstyles to thrive there and limits access from other people based on their character’s
circumstances, whether it be karma, race or a combination of the two. This is a very intricate system and something
that is super exicting for me, I suggest if you’re interested in this to go read their
wiki it has a ton of information. The amazing thing about this concept is that
for many years the woes of sandbox pvp mmorpgs is that the wolves of the game would quickly
hunt down the sheep and make them quit…This world system allows PvE or casual players
a respite from the constant harassment and to let the players who opt in to the warring
lifestyles clash on their soil. The amazing thing about this system is actually
not even the freedom of choice which in today’s games is few and far between. The amazing thing for me is the way they plan
to tackle invasions of other planets. The demons are looking to be the more aggressive
focused race which start in absolute chaos, for the most hardcore of the players and the
infighting will of course be constant. If they however choose to invade the human’s
planet of Syndesia, they will be doing so at a distinct disadvantage, being away from
their homeworld will sap their powers slowly unless of course there is an eclipse…Then
the demons are invading and you better be ready. The idea of a constant back and forth conflict
between warring guilds and the idea of what will they do when the enemy races invade? Will they band together and fight? Or will they leave the people on the outskirts
to take the brunt of the damage and use the opportunity to strengthen their position? The posibilities here are endless and just
thinking about the political intricacies gets me moist. There’s so much to be said for this system
that I could make a whole video just explaining how it works. I will however move on to talk about some
other things because that’s just the tip of the beautiful, sandbox iceberg. Before I move on I just want to talk about
the political aspect of the game, it features the most extensive world building system I’ve
seen to date. There are Towns, which are pre determined
locations that can be taken over by guilds and built up with hundreds of buildings eventually
perhaps becoming cities or achieve metropolis status. Then there’s hamlets which has no rules or
ruler, it is claimed by citizens after they place a house at an area after clearing it
of the monster infestation and if it grows enough they can choose to elect a governor
which then turns the hamlet into a town itself. Guild towns which are different from freely
ran towns ran by a govenor and is specifically for citizens in the guild running the town. This really is the most amazing concept for
building communities and player housing since star wars galaxies and the idea really gets
me pumped. Again a running theme in this video is going
to be that there’s so much to talk about here and only so much I can fit in the video. Moving on the character progress, in Fractured
you progress not by grinding long hours but my knowledge. Abilities are grouped into two schools, fighting
and magic. You can learn every single ability in the
game with no restrictions. The unique aspect here is that you’re not
going to an NPC after grinding for a certain amount of hours to then hand over some currency
and being taught how to hadoukken people. You’re finding abilities via crafting, exploration,
combat, gathering, or just from waiting. At the start of the game all abilities are
unknown and as things happen, as you progress you’ll learn certain aspects of abilities
until you unlock the knowledge of how to do things yourself. Abilities have 6 tasks attached to them which
you must complete before you unlock the ability to study the overall technique, after you
have the technique ready you’ll study using player crafted tome items and learning points. Once you have the completed tome you’ll set
it to read over tiime and after however many hours the ability will be ready to use. Each skill also has up to three levels of
power, allowing you to complete further tasks and hone your skills in a minor way. This allows for vertical progression over
time, but doesn’t give such a huge advantage overall in character power. There is also a large web of talents in the
game which you can swap between during rests to augment abilities and other benefits. I can’t wait to experience this system and
I hope they expand upon it in the future with even more rare and unlisted skills, perhaps
unique skills for feats of strength or exploration. With the talk of player driven economy of
course this means all equipment and items are supplied via crafters and the playerbase. There is however a small chance to aquire
rare items from monsters or treasures, these items are unidentified and could be extremely
valuable or powerful items. I miss this from old school mmorpgs, the idea
of unique items in the game which you can just come across on your journey and totally
change your fortune at a moment’s notice. With that being said the crafting in the game
consists of Leatherworking, metalworking, carpentry, tanning, tailoring, bow making,
cooking, alchemy, jewelcrafting and pottery for now. You need to have basic crafting stations to
craft some items which can be created on personal home plots and more advanced items require
advanced crafting stations which can only be created in towns. There is also studying of advanced items over
time to then gain the knowledge to craft it yourself. Aside from the amazing freeform building,
the sandbox political aspect, the player driven economy, the exploration based progression…There
is also the aspect of enviromental usages. This works similarly to divinity original
sin if anyone has played that game, you’re able to do things like electrify water, freeze
lakes and walk over them, lure enemies over the same frozen lake and then melt it to drown
them…This is somethinng I’ve never seen or even heard attempted in an MMORPG before
and something that if pulled off will really be a game changer. There’s so much stuff to go over with this
game and so many amazing concepts, ideas and innovation that I personally couldn’t be more
excited. They’ve laid out their vision for the game,
got the funding and in June are launching their alpha test. I have been granted access to this test so
I’ll be there trying out the game, bringing you content as the game develops. Just looking at how you gather materials and
place a house, to then build it just reminds me of days gone by with real open world housing
and a sense of community. Finding your home and protecting it, getting
to know your neighbours. Concepts like establishing trade between guild
towns and taking refuge during invasions or wars…This game has an absolute plethora
of promise and I can’t wait to get in the game. As I said at the start of the video, games
like this are the reason you should be paying attention to the smaller studios, the smaller
games. Without kickstarter and crowdfunding, we would
be stuck in a stale genre. I personally cannot wait to get into this
one and try it out, if even half of what they’re talking about comes to fruition it’s going
to be amazing and this for me is the most exciting MMORPG I’ve seen on the horizon. Thanks for watching and if you’re interested
in the game, subscribe to the channel, drop a like and consider sharing the video. Let me know what you guys want to see, let
me know if there’s anything you want me to try and find out from the developers or if
you want more indepth videos on the game prior to alpha testing. And as always, I’ll see you on the next one. PEACE.

Cesar Sullivan

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  1. Babilis is the god of demons, Tartaros is their planet.

    there's also the survival aspect which requires you to be dressed for the location.

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