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Fractured Space: TDS Leviathan Ship Guide and Tips

greatings captain’s a built for purpose warship bristling with extremely destructive weaponry the titan defense systems Leviathan is the flagship of the manufacturers line this mammoth vessel is capable of holding down an area of combat on its own but is at its destructive best when surrounded by food something which is never far away thanks for ability to summon reinforcements the Leviathan carries a jump buoy which when deployed provides an extra temporary jump point anywhere in space which can be used by the entire team allies can jump to this with no restrictions so the Leviathan can turn a match on its head instantly by deploying this in the heart or gamma or even within an enemy base the ship is more vulnerable when deploying however so it should be used with caution the Leviathans primary weapon is its battery of tempest cannons situated around the hull the cannons deliver high-impact ordnance at an extreme rate of fire though it has limited effective range the magma Lance a single shot to repeat homing in on a target before ripping through its armor to deliver plasma damage should an enemy survive the initial impact a lasting effect of plasma eating away will lead the target extremely home the fusion beam is devastating delivering concentrated energy onto a single point in the form of a continuous beat this being when it hits an exposed part of the hull it’s capable of annihilating weaker enemies in seconds and putting even the toughest ships in serious danger you also have a squadron of Leviathan fighters to Harry an opponent doing damage we’re getting them to use energy on their point defense the Leviathan can tear apart other heavy ships in one-on-one combat when those slow moving is one of the most consistently destructive damage dealers to be seen in practice space the Leviathan is a pure combat machine comfortably operating in and dominating war zones the Leviathan boasts a huge array of firepower and is capable of eliminating opposition capital ships with sustain weapons fire able to capture and hold an objective the ship is an effective centerpiece to a combat formation and is able to spawn a rally point anywhere in space for allies to instantly jump to don’t fire The Tempest cannons to earth let the enemy close in before unleashing the rapid fire main guns the Leviathan is hugely powerful in close range once the enemy closed within three kilometers give them everything you’ve got the magma lands is extremely effective at opening up a gap for the fusion beam to go to work broken armor is a tempting target for the beam and this 1-2 punch particularly when supported by tempest fire is amongst the most damaging attacks in fractured space-time it wisely point defense will foil the magma lancing so use your fighters to the please be sure to communicate when flying a Leviathan it’s a vessel designed to be rallied around so let your teammates know when the jump buoy is coming it lasts 30 seconds but is often shot down well within that time frame so plan your deployments well in advance the fusion beam has a fairly tight angular fire it can only fire in a forward arc always keep your nose pointed the most dangerous enemies one on one the Leviathan can take on almost any it’s wide range of offensive applications give it the edge in closed continent so anything staying too close will quickly find itself in trouble the Leviathan can pair with its hangar mate the protector to form a devastating duo particularly when yet another tedious ship the Reaper is introduced this is a hugely powerful and mobile attack force covering most ranges while the protection keeps the battle blue through the fighting teamwork is built into the fiber of the Leviathan dropping the jump buoy can instantly summon all allies who will do well to rally around the close range dangerous heavy the ship needs some form of range support so another option could be to pair itself with lazaret hunter which can use its blink ability to outflank the enemy flushing them into the path of the Bisons big guns much like most heavies the Leviathan will need support to be completely effective its able to hold out alone for a while but doesn’t quite post the survivability of a colossus for a paragon so while they can dish out huge amounts of punishment it’s not the toughest heavy the Leviathan is awesomely powerful but very slow the ship will fall prey to the USR watchman or the Zarek overseer not backed up by more agile bodyguards as its to a mobile to seek cover effectively that’s it for me captain good hunting you

Cesar Sullivan

15 thoughts on “Fractured Space: TDS Leviathan Ship Guide and Tips

  1. Can I make a small suggestion? When doing more of these guides, it would be interesting what other loadout choices are available, especially when talking about ships that have other loadout choices than light-standard-heavy. The Leviathan's Tempest Flamer for example. The fact that you don't need to spin it up and that it is not constantly firing may be interesting for new players who have not encountered the Flamer before and are wondering how it can shoot before they do. Another example is the Raider, with it's unique and interesting choice of missiles and damage support systems, aka Proxi-Mines, Mark Targets and Proxi-Grenades.

  2. I noticed this in the video, you said the magma lance could be shot down by point defense. I have never seen that happen. Are some missiles harder to shoot down than others?

  3. ECG, give the Levi's Tempest Cannons a nice fat smack with the buff bat. +50% dmg, lose the wind up timers, and let it fire 4 guns at a time, since it has 4 on each side. I know the top left only has 1 gun, but go ahead and give it 2…let it fire 22×4 instead of 22×3.

  4. Why are the effects of the standard skin regularily switched with the Levi 426 skin effects?
    Nonetheless a beautiful ship. Again, ECG is at the very forefront of game design.

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