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Domestic Violence and Abuse

Free NBA Youngboy X Rod Wave Type Beat Instrumental 2019 Hurt My Soul

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Cesar Sullivan

17 thoughts on “Free NBA Youngboy X Rod Wave Type Beat Instrumental 2019 Hurt My Soul

  1. Dude this free download didn't work if it's alright Id like to use this
    For a track

    My emails
    ([email protected]) HMU if you refuse by the way I will not get mad I appreciate your beat it hit my soul 💪

    👊 Thanks G

    Well done 🔥

  2. How you gon say dat you love me when youn love yoself? Played wit my feelings like barbie and sat me ona shelf. If yeen want me why yeen say how you truly felt ? I'll take my Lick and keep trucking and go wit someone else. All dat temporary love ion care about it . the way im feeling its really jus fuck everybody. Im lactose to the bull like a dairy product protecting my heart wit designer like chanel or prada yea. My mama told me you a star girl you something special. Just go to school nd trust in god he guarantee to bless ya. All da rumors went around and I still trust ya. I shuda did like western got my horse took it and dust ya . all da fake love its hard to spot da real. Thats why I walk alone but kno im clutchin on my steel. Niecy told me she love me and I can tell it was foreal cause dat girl boujee as tf she rarely say jus how she feel

  3. I want you inside not out the picture love me long time and show me you different I’ll put away my pride I let read my mind gave you all my time so I’m sure you’ll be fine it a hurt my soul But I won’t never fold love me long time and we gone shine together we be so high I’m feeling light like a feather

  4. it's been a while(3)

    since I done seen you
    smile/ from thoughts of child/ now that I'm man/ mama I got the plan/ just leave it in his hand/ he'll never leave you the end/ at least that's what you tout me/ just keep on flying even when they doubt me/ I'm make it to that place where I know I should be/

    even through the ups n downs/ you still held it down/ I guess I get it from you/ i'll never back down/

  5. I feel stuck off in these trenches,feelin like its 4th and inches,aint got no time,but to hustle,but to grind,but to get richer

    Came from never havin shit,the shit im on different,like youd have to take a trip,i mean really yeah,like take a hit

    My brother he locked in the pen,everyday i miss him&i think of him

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