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Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident Cleanup Jan 29, 2014

Today is the 25th of January 2014. The situation with Fukushima and the accident which has happened in the Daiichi nuclear power plant, has gone beyond control. We have tried to negotiate with the atomic energy authorities and Tepco, the owners and the operators of the nuclear reactor, in trying to find a way that we can can allow a new method of approach to start. That we can help the Fukushima people, not only the farmers, but the environment, and at the same time the contamination in the sea. There is a simpler way to extract nuclear materials from the land, and from the sea. And from the water contamination. This is an unknown technology which has been in the position of the Keshe Foundation for years. And for the first time, we have decided to release it, public. As we said in our mandate of 2014 road-map, priority is Fukushima, and through Fukushima, we open new technologies. The situation which we are going to explain, and the methods, is for the farmers themselves to be able to help themselves…individually, or as a collective. The cost to decontaminate does not run into, will cost less than, maybe a thousand Euros. Less than a thousand dollars, you can help yourself. And as this contamination is going to be continuous, so you can repeat the same thing every year before you cultivate. You can clean the water on a regular basis, at the same time the technology will be explained how even Tepco can clean up the new contamination waters which are arriving within the station every day. The story of this new technology is very much the way we saw with, what I call, in the contaminations of the waters around northern Europe too. So, this technology can be used further on for land contamination and water contaminations around the world. We start to explain the fundamentals, and then we go through it step-by-step. Every element will be like a plasma, and that’s how the shape of the plasma is… Earth, the Sun, the Moon, but different shape of it, different size of the plasma. What has happened, if we call for example, this plasma the plasma of cesium, or this plasma, the plasma of another nuclear material, or another contamination, each one has a certain dimension and a certain amount of energy, as gravity and magnetic field. So, once we measure the gravitational field , magnetic field and the energy of the elements, then we can easily understand how these things can be moved and extracted. One of the main points to understand about the work of the Keshe Foundation, is that we are a space technology developer. What this means? …We have not developed this technology for Fukushima. We have not developed this technology for decontamination around there. We have developed this technology to be able to capture these packages of magnetic-gravitational fields in Space, to be able to produce food or material in deep Space. As such, we are very much involved in the development of the man in Space, and not the production of material for Earthly use. In Space, we can’t carry all the food, and all the materials with us. So, we have developed the technology where we can convert the energies, which we call gravitational and magnetic fields, into matter. So, what has happened, now we are converting this technology into the use on Earth because of the application and the situation in Fukushima. According to the Japanese government, today there is over 145,000 dislocated people due to Fukushima. And these are going to be dislocated, they are going to be moved and they cannot come back to their lands, for maybe 10, 20, 30 years or if they come back, there will be problems as we have seen. The main problem like we see in Niger, where the uranium mines are, and we see a lot of contamination, where the most of the nuclear materials of the French government arise. And the local people are getting destroyed very badly through harm through the uranium contamination, and other radioactive materials which is airborne in the dust. So, this not just an application for Fukushima. Let’s go through this step-by-step… What has happened at Fukushima, is that tons – we estimate about 160 tons – of highly radioactive material, uranium, plutonium and others, have literally blown into the air. And what they have done, they have contaminated and mixed within the soil. In a very simple way, and further on, they have mixed themselves into the water. They are part of the structure, and they sit there as energy packs. They sit there as material, what we call radioactive material. What has happened now, is that this water, contaminated water, has mixed itself with more radioactive material, new compositions with the water. So, what we received is a mixture of two. More radiation, more materials. And this story will carry on for years to come. But, the whole contamination, the whole process, all these materials, can be extracted, very easily. We do this in space. Now, we are showing it, how it can be done, in a very easy way, by the farmers. If you are a farmer, it’s very easy. I’m sure in your farms, you have plenty of rusted nails, it’s very simple. You have rusted iron bars, you have wires in different shapes and forms, in any shape or form. Most probably you have a lot of copper pipes and everything else which is hanging around. There are pieces of metals which are sitting around. Literally chicken, barb, wires in your farms which you have been using, all these can be used to turn the situation in Fukushima. We explain this as a breakthrough technology, and we explain in details, how simply you can change the situation. Look for whatever you have in metals, because the rustier the material is, the better results you are going to get in absorption. Because what this is, is oxidated, which means it’s literally metals which are rusted. You can find different conditions with it. The same is with the metals as with the mesh. If you find a good combination as farmers, you can use them very simply. We have to create conditions. Earth was not created because somebody took different measures and amounts of different materials to put together. The conditions were created, certain materials came together, and led to creation of this planet. The same thing is with the world of science and plasma technology. We create conditions. and that condition should give, or let us reach the point of where we can create or develop or be able to produce new materials. So, what we have done, in a very simple way… We have looked at every opportunity what people around the world have been using, and have accessibility to, and they have been telling us for years what they have been doing. We don’t use some of the processes, we use some of the processes. So, how can you change the situation? These are the rusty nails. These are the chicken mesh wires… You can strip the wires, any material which can be processed. This is a very simple material. it’s called, “caustic”. If you use caustic, in a very simple way, for about a kilo of caustic, you can produce at least half a ton of the right material. All you do is spray the caustic on the bottom, and very simply add boiling water. So, you need the heat generators. if you have a look inside, the process is literally a boiling process. What this does, this creates the right condition and environment for the nano oxides to be produced in the right way….but not just with caustic. There is a process. You have to close the gap, close the container, and leave it for twenty-four hours, minimum. The material needs time. Needs time to do its work. After 24 hours, you… all you need to do, is to empty the container. Then do not touch, make sure you do not touch the material much. You can drain it, or you can use different composition of containers. We recommend the use of plastic, because you get certain results with plastic. Then what you do, you transfer the materials from the container where you left the material for over 24 hours, into an environment which is electrically conductive, another wire mesh on the bottom. You put all the material on a table. On a mesh, as I’ve done here. Very simply, you have to keep the condition very moist. When you place the material on a conductive plate like this, you need one process to be added. You have literally to add a very, very small amount of voltage, across the materials. So, what you need, if you look at the condition, the voltage which shows you create the electrical condition. This has to be of impulses, of just for, randomly, between five and ten seconds. You withdraw the current, You withdraw the voltage, and then what you do, you leave it, for approximately five to seven hours. You come back again in five to seven hours you create another small current. You do this process three or four times over twenty-four hours. So, even a small battery connected to the plate creates the right condition for the electric current to flow. What does this thing do? What does this process do? This process allows nano-layers to be produced from under, to the top, of the material. So, what you create in a very simple way, is nanomaterials at zero cost. Scientifically it is proven. Scientists in Russia and other parts of the world, have shown how nanomaterials can be used for decontamination but they do not know how to produce it in an easy way and cheap way. Now you have seen how it’s been done. We have used this method nearly over seven years. We do it for different purposes. Now, you can do it yourself on the farm. Total cost, less than ten, fifteen dollars, to produce as much material. Then, we show the next process, what you have to do. What we are going to show, is what we have produced, and how you produce material with one of the most expensive considered nano technologies in the world, which costs only a few cents. As we said the Keshe Foundation opens the doors of this simple technology in 2014. And we start opening it from now. We’ve come to the next step. We show you the materials, how these materials are produced and kept. The production of new materials is not something new to the Keshe Foundation. We always have a spot with, at, about new materials These are the new materials, as in deep space. We cannot rely on supply from Earth. We have developed a technology where you can produce as much materials as you like. These are exactly what we have produced, from the same process as before. These are copper wires, with the fully nano materials. This is the chicken mesh wire…Nano-materials. This could be a saw, which was rusted in half… Fully nano-coated oxide. A radiator… with aluminum, nano-coated. On the other hand, this is the nails which we showed you before. Again, nano-coated. Other pieces… which you can see, all nano-coated. Anything which is steel, or copper, iron, can be nano-coated. Even we nano-coated gold. This is the wires which we saw, we put in the system. These are literally, every one, every single layer, is nano-coated. These materials, like these wires, have been tested by the universities in Europe, and they have been confirmed to have the characteristics of it. This is another nano-layer. These are copper sheets, which is used in batteries. This is copper oxide… nano. In reality worth a lot of money, because it can be used as a superconductor and insulator. So, but there is one secret. You can not expose these materials to air to the point of use. So you have to keep them away from oxidation. Any further use, you bring them out of the major box, the main box. So, let’s see what happens to this. As we said before, that’s a nanotechnology which we have been involved in. What is nano-technology? Nano-materials are literally…create holes, and gaps. So, what happens? If you create holes and gaps, what we call P-N junctions, in these materials, this environment creates a specific gravitational-magnetic fields, of its own. So what happens, this creates a gravitational-magnetic field, on the metal, that attracts another material to itself, because it creates its own miniature earth on that metal, and that attracts near enough the materials to it. So what actually happens, is that… Let’s say this is the gap on the steel which you just processed. The gap is big enough to accommodate the cesium So, the cesium gets locked into the metal. On the other hand, you have another material. Let’s say there is another radioactive material which is in the water. Or in the land. So, you lock that too. This is the process. So, what you do… you can do two, three different processes. As we said before, you can put the material in land, but the best solution for it, is to mix, to water, the land. In a very simple way. Allow the radioactive material to become some sort of moist and mixed in the solution. So, what happens, this solution now, this technology of putting water with soil, has been tested by scientists from universities in Japan. We have seen their process, they have shown us their technology So, what they are doing, they are literally mixing the soil, topsoil, with water, and extracting the water. And they measure how the radiation level reduces by washing. But, then they have water in another tank. They have to dissolve it or collect it and find a solution for that. With this method, all you do, you literally mix your materials in the sand, in the soil, in the water. You have two options. Then because you have metals, you can run a magnet, you can create a magnet, and all you do…the magnet, with the cesium or radioactive material attached to it, is extracted. These magnets can be temporary magnets induced by current, or magnets which can use solid magnets. Then you have decontamination and how to remove them. The best we suggest is, magnetic plates as you see, you can run over the land, and when you’ve collected all of the materials that have deposited like the nails you extract it, and you literally give it back to Tepco. Tepco can do a lot with this. So, in fact, all you do, you recollect all of the contaminated materials back in. What does your copper wire do? Attracts a different type. In turn, you collect these materials. The wire…the same process. So, all you do you extract, clean up the land, and you allow the material to be collected in different form. You can see that there’s another nail, connected with some more material. All you do, is you deposit it back and when you demagnetize, drops in. So now, we haven’t solved the problem, but at least we have managed to decontaminate the land. The process in there, when it is collected, is for Tepco and the Japanese nuclear industry to sort out. Then you go back into the water contamination. The water contamination is very much the same. You add what has happened in this process. The materials, which has uranium, plutonium, whatever, has been mixed in the water. By allowing, by putting these materials in the water, all you do is capture them. Again, attached. We can physically remove them. You have different shape and form. As you can do the same thing. You can do the same backing. Again, the same with the nails… The nails…you attract different radioactive materials. There is a process what as known as “dragging”. you can use a wire mesh in the farmland, and just literally drag across the water. You absorb more material this way. We tested this, and it works, and it is correct. In a way, with two or three time the same process, you can decontaminate. But, at the same time, in a very simple way, if you have what is happened now with Tepco, collecting all these soils in these blue bags and black bags, tons and tons… what they can do, they can mix like the metals like iron and coppers, into the sack, or empty the sacks in the environment, and all they need to do is literally to hold onto the material, they have in the sacks, and empty the product out what you are left with is residue, which is metallic and is magnetized, So, you have again different propositions and compositions back together. So in a very simple way, we just used copper as decontaminating material, or filtering. Now we use nanomaterials. Nanomaterials are literally full of holes. They are the best filters, not only for materials, but for magnetically, gravitationally, induced materials like nuclear materials, like cesium. Why is cesium so radioactive? Because it has a higher number of neutrons. and the neutrons are trying to decay to a lower level, which is an electron and a proton. So they release more of their energies. so, you have a large number of neutrons in the center of the radioactive material, and these rapid energies for decay dictates how much magnetic-gravitational fields are released from this material. These magnetic fields can link up with another composition, which is other metal, and get attracted to. This is the change of the use of production of new materials. it’s unknown, now we are breaking more and more into it. Now, we go to the next step for Tepco. Tepco cannot literally use these kinds of things so freely. But they have to do a different composition and proposition. So we show you the next step. How it can be done. This process is unknown. Literally, new technology. These materials are what we’ve been told can not exist. This is CO2 gas in a solid state, as a powder. The same CO2…liquid at room temperature and pressure. We’ve shown these materials before. Literally, as you can see, the CO2 is in a powdered state at room temperature. What has happened, in this process, we have managed not to change the environmental condition to have reached the new material but we have managed to change the characteristics and g gravitational-magnetic field of the matter. How it’s done…it’s very simple. This process is, literally can be carried out and produced in simple units like this. These are as you see is a working unit, is not the theoretical. What happen? What you see, you see the same mesh again. as before. And what you see, literally, you can see the same wires, as before, which has been used for that process. So, in a very simple creating condition in the environment, and through some 7 – 10 years of research, we have changed the taboo that gases can be in a solid state at minus so many hundreds of degrees, or high pressures. In fact, when you use these materials, and you produce them, this is nano copper oxide in the same form and this is another new material. These materials do not burn do not get destroyed, no acid can affect them. We have tried every means to destroy these materials, and it has not worked. You can see the residue of it here. This is over 200 degrees temperature. It comes back and it solidifies. What we offer to Tepco is very simple. You mix this material into the water. Into the liquid in your containment. And you allow it to settle. In this process all the nuclear materials within the water, doesn’t matter cesium, tritium, both extremes, H3 to Cesium 137 and plus, will get attached to the structure of this material, and it literally settles to the bottom. The water you get on the top is totally pure. Water, no contamination. So we get rid of the contamination problem, which is sitting at the moment, in these tanks. What you can do, at the same time as you were creating the oxide, nano-oxides, we showed before, literally you can place a magnet and you can see how the magnet brings the material to one position. So, the rest of the water stays clear. This is a different process, the same. All material has come to the point where the magnet sits. So, you extract it as a solid. the same with this material.. again, you can see the shape of even the hole. you can see how the material gets attracted and sits on the bottom. So, what you do, you have literally totally clean water on the top, you get rid of. and all the contamination is settled to the bottom. You can carry the same process in either way. all you do, you take the top layer off…no contamination. and that’s how you clean up millions of gallons of water which is sitting in tanks at Tepco. The process costs in mass production, maybe half a million, but, the situation can be solved, and can be used for future accidents once we learn more. This technology is very much, very similar t the technology we saw in the Iraq-Kuwaiti war In the Iraq-Kuwaiti war, if those are ones who remember, prior to this war there was a method, only one method known that if you had an explosion in the oil well, you had to do a hole on the side, that costs a few million dollars, to cap the fire of the oil well. when Saddam left Kuwait, he blew a lot of oil wells up. He set them on fire, to make sure the enemy never benefited by it. And to close these oil wells without literally taking years, the Americans and the British asked for international organizations to help, that it can be brought down much faster. Romanians arrived with a jet on the back of a truck, reversed jet, and all they did they literally turned on their engines, and they blew out the fire with the jet engines, backwards. And so rapidly in a matter of weeks what was assumed to last for years to decontaminate and clean up and switch off, was solved. This is the same technology, but very advanced, but this is part of the structure of our own body. We live through this process. we’ve been told the gases do not and can not be in a solid state, at room pressure and room temperature. But in fact, if you just think for one second, you realize how this hypocrisy has become to be accepted. Look at the structure of your own body… We are made of amino acids… Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen. Gases in the environment. And we say these gases can not become solid matter. But the truth is, if you pinch your own, and squeeze your own flesh, you are pinching solid gases. so, in reality, we never understood how this process is done, but now we can see it. The interesting thing is, that these materials behave as superconductors The best superconductors we ever knew at room temperature and pressure. We published this three years ago, in a book called, “The Structure of the Light” You can see the material. You can see how it is made to solid. And the material has been tested by the Universities, confirming the technology. It’s been kept silenced, and one of the biggest pressures on the Keshe Foundation has been to keep theses kind of technologies silenced, that the old technologies carry on.. This is the Raman Spectroscopy and Infra-red Spectroscopy, done by the University of Ghent in Belgium…not by us. And it confirms the fingerprint of CO2 characteristics so, what we show you as CO2 has been tested by independent, by scientists, but it has been classified, because of the reasons known to the governments. So, now you have seen how simply as you can see, this material is settling, very very slowly. By the time in 24 hours, it will be totally exactly like these materials here. Clean water, you can literally drink this, you can use it. The same material, the same things, can be used for decontamination of the radioactive material in the air. With this package, we extract CO2. CO2 is extracted from the air. This is one of the contamination problems which we have, they say too much CO2. In air now, we have too much radioactive materials. The same process can be developed for extracting it. We have done it. These simple systems have created, converted CO2 gas into a solid state. We can absorb the same radioactive materials from the environment, in a larger scale. The whole thing comes down to one thing… How we have managed to extract what has been released by Tepco, using what material is available in the farmlands, and in the country, and extract and join together. This material can later on, be separated in a very simple way. The technology exists in South Korea, and in Belgium. We know the company which can do it, if the need be. Now, we come to a totally radical technology which we have never disclosed, but for the first time we are going to show and explain the process of technology, which can help with the decontamination in a totally different way. Now we come to an extension to this technology, which has been known and has been shown. If we understood how we could create a new magnetic environment that could attract other materials to itself, and how we could absorb from the soil or from the water other materials, by creating gravitational -magnetic field of the material which we want to extract. This brings us to a totally new technology, unknown. And we spoke about it and we are going to show the system for it, for the first time. We showed how you can use the new materials to extract radioactive material. What has this done ? In reality, for the first time, we have shown we can make magnets. These are two magnets. They attract each other. They are made of steel, or they are iron-based. Or near iron material. But now, we have shown how copper can create the environment to attract cesium. Or, steel can attract hydrogen 3, tritium. So, for the first time we have shown, that we can produce magnet for any material. Magnet to attract plastic, magnet to attract copper, magnet for wood, for glass, for bottles, for all sorts of combinations, even for fabric. This creates a totally new opportunity in the world of science. For example, we can use this technology to extract all these bottles which are floating in the sea, beginning a sub-continent at the moment. They are floating all over the oceans. We know it, we have been tracing it. So, now we can produce magnetic-gravitational fields which can attract these plastics, and become part of the energy supply. How this can be done? We can not produce so much copper wires and chicken mesh… What we have done with the new technology, plasma technology, which we have developed, we have produced a system. Which this system can be placed in any environment to extract, from the environment, whatever material is needed. Be it the energy and magnetic fields of copper, gold, glass or plastic… or even hydrogen or oxygen. As in deep space, we will not need to carry any more supply of oxygen or water, because we create the gravitational-magnetic fields of the element we want. As we see, we can extract what we need from the environment. We extract energy, and then through a conversion, we change it to the matter, which is much easier. This process of changing energy to matter will release surplus energy, which we have shown in this book. In this experiment done in Holland, by the organization which did independent testing, we create a lot of energy. We run a light, we run a motor, it has been shown. So, we can produce all sorts of things. You can see it has been done more than theoretically, and it’s running a motor. So, in fact now, the knowledge of man has gone so fast, that we can produce a magnet for any material. This will change the mining process, this will change the position, like where we have the cities which are highly poisoned, air is damaging people. We can produce conditions and systems which extracts air pollution directly from the air. Cities can be made cleaner…costs very, very little, a few thousand dollars. So, what we’ve done, we’ve seen these things as physical entities. Now, we show you the systems which can be used, to be done as a dynamic system. With the contamination which is sitting at the bottom of the sea, by Fukushima, we can not extract them with these kind of methods. We have to create, and have developed, a new technology, which we can extract everything from any environment. For the first time, we show such a system. It has been tested. So, what we’ve done, we’ve developed technologies where we can extract any poison, any material, from the environment. As you can see, these are very simple systems. They have been developed for the process. In these systems, what we create is exactly the same environment of the plasma of the material, destination material. All you do, is, you allow the material, the field of the material, to be produced. The magnetic-gravitational field matches the gravitational-magnetic field of the poison, or contamination, and you withdraw it. I move this further out, that you can see another system which has been set up. This system, as you see, has the same material on it, as we’ve shown before. This material can be used the same way, to create the environment, and the plasma condition, for extraction of cesium, or plutonium. This is, in reality, if you look, the shape of the Earth, the shape of the Sun, the shape of any plasma, an electron or proton. Now that we have the knowledge to create magnetic field, and gravitational fields, of any material, we do not need to produce solid materials like this. We create the condition, magnetic field, gravitational, what we call, “Magrav”, within these reactors, and these reactors allow the full extraction of the whole element spectrum. You can set the field strengths for plastic, and a few seconds later, you can change the fields for glass. But this has a huge implication… as we said in our mandate, our road-map of 2014, we will see to the end of the wars. Now we explain how. Even the battery of your telephone in your pocket carries a small microchip. The telephone you carry, carries a microchip. The most sophisticated aircraft’s, carry a microchip. Aircraft carriers carry a microchip. We can produce gravitational and magnetic field of the carbon, or of gold, or of any entity within these materials. When I extract the material, there is no chip… There is no telephone. We give two choices. We bring back what we announced, through this technology, the World Peace Treaty, as we announced it…or we enforce it. The technology at this moment, is getting developed by three nations, we know. Decontamination is the benefit to man, as much as the army and World Peace Treaty. We are set to change the scene, and could change the scene, but now we have shown how the knowledge is in the hands of the public. These reactors are built. There has been a huge question for a long time, how I run my reactors and achieve power, energy and lift. If you understood how these materials are created, very simply, you replicate the same thing in these reactors. Very easy. Within the next few months, the scientists who are working with us…and I even received a email in the past 72 hours, one of the governments have set up , one of the top nations in the world, have set up laboratories, working with these technologies and developing it. And we are assisting, and we are going to assist them further, to develop it fully. So, what would you like it to be? We just need to create the condition, from miles away, as a carbon in a microchip, or the gold in a microchip… You extract it, the microchip is literally useless. If the microchip is on an aircraft, the aircraft can not fly. The technology will not be used to harm no one, but the technology will be used to allow a gap for world leaders to start thinking for a new solution. By June of this year, we will release the full technology, which means, we will show how systems, electronically, can come to, literally, not to function. You have to rewire the whole aircraft. You have to rewire the whole aircraft carrier, or battleship. Change the conditions, and use the materials, and these factories, for the peaceful purposes…or the technology now is in the hands of the people, they enforce it. Thank-you very much. Subtitles by the community

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