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Domestic Violence and Abuse

Gambling Harm Awareness Week Launch Video

I was introduced to the pokies when I
first came to Victoria and I used to go with a group of five women and we’d have
a cheap and cheerful and a flutter and nobody’s spent any more than about
twenty dollars and we all knew how to say ‘Well that’s it, let’s go’.
I always thought in my early twenties that I was developing a little bit of a
problem. Didn’t really care. It started out with once a fortnight and it very
quickly became once a night. I started off gambling when I was the age of 17. It
just started off from that day and the rest is history. When I was 16, I was good
enough to play senior football and senior cricket and I was introduced to
gambling that way. I kept gambling for quite a while and for me that was what I
used as a coping mechanism. It’s an absolute cycle and it just perpetuates itself week after week. I remembered looking in the
mirror and thinking who the hell are you and how did you get inside me. I opened
up to my friend about gambling and the compassion and the receptiveness that
she showed ignited me to change. You tell them. Find somebody you love, find somebody that you trust and sit them down and
tell them. For me was the best thing I ever did. I’m definitely not perfect now but I’m a lot happier. Having the support of others
was central, essential and I wouldn’t have done it without them. The really
brave work is telling somebody and find somebody safe to tell. It’s worth it

Cesar Sullivan

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