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Game of Thrones 8×05 The Bells Ring, Cersei Surrenders, Daenerys Destroys Kings Landing

Cesar Sullivan

42 thoughts on “Game of Thrones 8×05 The Bells Ring, Cersei Surrenders, Daenerys Destroys Kings Landing

  1. It’s crazy that people are STILL complaining about this season. This whole episode was INCREDIBLE. We’ve been predicting the Mad Queen for years, just didn’t know how exactly it would happen.

    It wasn’t rushed, stop hopping on the bandwagon. Dany has been on her breaking point since the beginning of Season 7 when stuff stopped going her way. Between Rhaegal’s death, Missandei’s death, and the situation with Jon, she just snapped.

    GRRM already said the ending is going to be the same as the books. This WILL happen in the books and was foreshadowed EARLY on. Remember the House of the Undying? When she was in the throne room, that wasn’t snow. It was ashes. The writing is fine. Once you stop going into each episode with expectations that won’t be met, you’ll actually enjoy the show again.

  2. As much of a letdown as the ending was. This scene displays the ugly truth of what happened when a city is sacked in the Middle Ages

  3. well…get rid of the worst mofos in full extent is suddenly not part of the deal when youre on the mofos side, huh? showing some love n mercy and humanity, suddenly huh? being the genrerous exploiter, huh?…fuckin pathetic…

  4. Dracarys for you.
    Dracarys for your family.
    Dracarys for everyone.

  5. fuck Jon Snow, He betrayed his first love and second love and killed them. fuck sansa, she is rancorous and feel a jealous from Daenerys Targaryen , her dream from childhood was to be a queen, and that is why she married the infamous Jeffrey. fuck all Stark. fuck this stupid End.
    This is not End, this shit, Pure shit.

  6. I back Dany 1000%. This was the world that they needed and the one that she most certainly earned/deserved. She wasn’t a villain in the end but a realist of the world that she was living in. The build to this episode was absolutely fucking horrible but this was undoubtedly the best in the season and one of the best in the series. Excluding the funeral scene in e4, that is/was the worst episode in the entire series.Fuck the critics. This episode doesn’t deserve the criticism it‘s received.

  7. Stephen King got it right when he said those people wanting better writing and more character and plot development just don’t want the series to end. They will say the same thing about the ending if the series went on for another 3 years.

  8. If Cersei would have surrendered Daenerys wouldn't have blown up and killed everyone so I blame that broad

  9. FORESHADOWED… IS NOT… FUCKING… CHARACTER DEVELLOPMENT. BAD WRITTING IS BAD WRITTING. The events was not that bad, BUT, they don't make any sense. If you like it good for you, this is not how game of throne will "obiviously" end, because NO G.M. did say several times the ending will not be the same as his books, (but severals twist will be the same) because he ask them to write a different ending. and he did not know how the show will end… G.M stopped writing GOT till season 5. Com on, just don't lie about that. Three books to write still, maybe more as he said because he has so much things to put in, so many others twist, even him was disapointed so stop playing the good guy against the bad guy because it was "foreshadowing". Yes, she would die, the unduying said it to her, and this was the reason why she was her prisoner, to keep her safe. The red priest also said she's the choosen one. This was a foreshadowing too. The mereen scene and Mhysa, was a foreshadowing to. And no foreshadowing of sansa became the independant queen of the independant kingdom, several foreshadowing of Jon and his brother to become king of the north so king… OH LOOK.. THEY MOTHER FUCKING DIE. IS THAT A FUCKING PLOT TWIST?!

    Yes, people are mad because again the series was just a fucking hollywood show and all the plot twist was made for nothing, what the point so? Just end the whole show after the red weeding and make dany coming to westeros with 3 dragon burn K.L and kill her and blabla the end. Waiting 10 years for that "obvious" ending is just stupid. Because they were all talking like "the end will not end like how people think" YES FOR FUCK YES IT WAS OBVIOUS FROM THE BEGGINING but all the TWIST a,d G.M words make the audience think they where wrong, and so they where right. Yes, fuck off. "We lie to you so you think you're wrong but you where right" oh great, this is it, we just lie to us. I'm glad I didn't paid for that last season. Because what the point of watching a predictable show? BECAUSE NUDES? DRAGONS? BUTTS AND VIOLENCE? WOW…. yes, just look again the whole show and tell me that you see no difference between season 1-5 and season 6 – 8. you know what the difference is? G.RR.MARTINS WRITING ASSISTANCE… Make sure all the story line respect his universe.

    And about the fact that people became are mad because the mad queen "foreshadowing" yes, well why Arya suddunly have the white horse? Like for real, I was so pissed off when I noticed that they started to put cinematographic shitty code as an argument for the following event. The fucking white horse and the light… WOW…. REALLLY. FOR REAL?! The annoying hollywoood friesian for the nevrotic heroic lover… YES… J.A.I.M.I.E…. The little kid following the strong adult, then look how submerssive and reasonable Arya became. It's foreshadowed by Nymeria, a good lovely dovey worlfy. So thanks for the white horse, dany kill one, then burn one, and Arya as been saved by the lord of light yaaaaaay. She's the hero now? The girl who killed innocent or seek revenge when she as no shit to care about is a good gurl because of the wolf blood? Bitch please. I love dany because she's not a sweety, and she can be evil as she can be kind. Seeing her turn as a mad queen was not a big deal, I would like every end she could have of her. But we get it, nordiens wolf are good and can be trusted right?, dragons are all dumbs and bads and violent (if you want to argue about symbolism… just search dragon symbolism in all the culture, only in occident dragon are satanic creatures), stags are weak, lions are treators and octopus are useless.

    It was, normally, "a bittersweet ending" but it's a fucking happy ending. Like oh my lord, all those rapes and stupid crimes and prophecy are solved so? The story was all about the fucking stark? And the poor unloved arrogant dwarf? The whole story was for them? SO WHY GAME OF FUCKING THRONE? It was obvious they were the principal characters, so OOOOOF COUUUURSE they'll survive no matter how incredible shit happen to them… like fire breathing who can destroy wall cannot break rock because scenario immunity right, not a plot twist. This is what the season was all about, scenario case, no more plot twist.


     Move on.

  10. People arguing about the fact that Dany has changed, but wtf did you watch the eight season? Tyrion explained that, she has always been the same

  11. Literally the only thing they had to do to make this work was put some effort into writing this show, build it up. Instead they rushed right to the ending they wanted without bothering with character development.

    And no, foreshadowing is not character development.

  12. See this makes no sense, why did she just get so angry? They should have made her second dragons death right before this so it would make more sense.

  13. No one gonna mention how eriely similar 5:20 is to the red wedding when Catlyin Stark just starts screaming for Robb?

  14. Can you blame her, for snapping she has lost so much, she probably feel,s the world is hell and should be treated as so, plus I think she may be able to feel her last dragon,s anger just as he feels her,s

  15. I envy those, who still like this:

    Being able to enjoy the show because it still has bright pictures and awesome music is a virtue.

    Who needs a logical intricated plot and strong complicated characters anyway?

  16. I love this. She made Cersei sick to her stomach with fear which was exactly what she deserved before her death.

  17. Who would win? Daenerys Stormborn of the house Targaryen, rightful heir to the Seven Kingdoms, rightful ruler of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the great grass sea, the mother of dragons, the unburnt, the unbroken, the breaker of chains, or one bing bongy boi?

  18. If they killed two of my dragons (Yes I am blaming them for both) and my best friend, I would burn the City to the ground as well. I do not care guilty or innocent.

  19. Grey Worm turned out to be a scum bag..after the Kings Guard lay there swords ..this MF cheap shot (killing shots)…..serious he came off at end like a bum…….

  20. this is some hollywood kind dragon fire shooting. the dragon shoots fire and yet the fire is not just burning the buildings but crashing them like it is a real bomb attack. this is seriously so ridiculous. the fire is supposed to burn everything but it can't crash buildings in seconds like a bomb. it is not realistic. the dragon should simply burn everything not bomb.

  21. God, if she had just trusted her own instincts and attacked King’s Landing before she lost Rhaegal, Viserion, Missandei, and everything in between, she would have had no reason to snap after they rung the bells and a lot of people would still be alive right now. Her relationship with Tyrion and Jon has screwed over so many people in so many ways😡😡

  22. The hell with Kings Landing and Cersei…she didn’t help with the war against the Night King after her promise. Treason right there. Then she kills Danys baby (Rhegal), then the bitch kills her best friend….Can any of you say you would do better under these circumstances?!? Breaker of chains ⛓ will always be my Queen 👑 PS – Fuck the Queen slayer Jon “Bastard” Snow

  23. 4:29 The face when you realise that you are going to die xD sry cersei you have fucked with the wrong person…

  24. This is what Barristan selmy meant by answering injustice with mercy cause if this is Danny's justice she was never a good person or queen she was only good from our perspective because she was fighting people who were unquestionably evil

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