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Ged Jennings from the Learning disability team – RCNi Nurse Awards 2019 finalist

We work in a general acute hospital and we help support patients
with learning disabilities, autism or both We do that in a variety of different ways
including training the staff up working closely with families, friends
and carers The results have been improved patient experience and savings and costings for the hospital Originally in 2016,
the average length of stay was about 18 days
for somebody with a learning disability And in 2018, the average length of stay
was 8.9 days So to lose 10 days for patients and have the numbers almost
triple in that time shows that the service is having a huge benefit People with learning disabilities now
come into a city centre hospital where they were previously scared
and full of fear and know that they’re gonna get
an equal level of care to everyone else

Cesar Sullivan

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