Solingen 93

Domestic Violence and Abuse


James friended I'm sad ha l oh he gave me game would thought apps name is me please full diamond be partisan what do we do wait do you have it – hell yeah get off quick he said 30 seconds of game mode give me like just it doesn't just grab though not ego gets I'm good we only need proof I bought bro I got protozoa silly ok guy got apples and I got pearls I'm fine I got got handfuls with pros Justin I could I drop the butcher got apples I wonder who has them oh yes what the Abdullah it's the damaged potions oh my you have an infinite supply of them way I suspect theater chat so guys in some guy says quick stop hacking some guys some quick stop hacking yes top 5 TP all on 30 seconds on TV 5 seconds no nothing better of a sharp fire one of you I don't I'm not going up one sharp level yet yeah because I don't think you get kills oh yeah you don't yeah right you don't kick Hills I had a few last game I didn't do it oh yeah I'm getting dessert feels this does I had $10 just broke it on the side bar I don't have a rod age notice this long just open one kill kill James he's behind you kill me I'm no rod on b2 b1 no tell Nadia we need to find these people just get out there I just realize her side block of diamonds had to kill them oh god he landed that all right clear three three do let's go oh I think that yeah dump in the void gallim see how much damage this is do that she's testing us to escape now I did a hard and a half that's you're pretty good with a god up there you go jump off as a game rip helmet and boots I don't even have gaffers yes she – I don't you know any God yeah you do you got apples shut up I've got no gap was bought in a pose oh yeah actually not infer otherwise warning about with you everybody [Laughter] apparently I'm gonna get pizza later oh yeah he gave me he gave it got apples don't can we team girl I got nothing I'm sad I gave myself an anvil in the sharp five book I'm gonna die these are dropping their stuff on me I don't want your stuff I see you I see us here I'm throwing snowballs there you are a me up with like some prop for in some XP God apples and pearls I did I dropped it off oh it's not dropping you not driving am i not just oh no he took me out of game mode I'm joking yeah everyday they did I full proffers or follow yeah yeah I would try to put God apps in their kid but it won't work I tried dropping the stuff but it wouldn't let me have a sharp 5 d no you're good please tell me to just die almost I am so excited I almost just died buy into pro clutched it just in some way I kids I got some extra god ups I can give it to ya please where are you die I'm coming up I fell down okay there take a stack oh no no I spawned in like five stacks get out here calm no I just tell you to get out of here I don't have a water bucket oh wait y'all I was over you tracked yourself in there I'll be able to give oh how dude you should do it exactly yeah I need to borrow your chest too oh yeah I'll be watch like Ducal I'll get bad no I need yeah that's good clickbait if you get banned by watchdog take oh I did it wrong and not by watchdog how did I just do that I'm surprised you didn't screenshot are the answer I did no there's just an easy way to dupe the roll cage huh I forgot what I did you middle-click you hold middle oh yeah that's what it was I did them earlier yeah I did it I'm like oh wait what how did I do that then I know I need strength re how strength [Laughter] are you killing chief what Cal what what are all these wolves wolves spun all the time are they Auto tamed wolf I'm spotty go to city fingers has science gone too far ervil's are just going in guys there's only one guy left we're talking we have to sumo him the legend himself John David the cow your dogs killed him hey I got 13 kills in place easy 13 kill mega game or gas that works close enough yeah okay attend the wolves I'm just gonna go over to island did spawn them on there okay make sure your all over land oh wait okay wait not over land over lon okay I'm Phil the protocol on yeah fix your 7n at 8 or whatever command blocks barring it probably aren't enabled are they you can oh you can oh yeah such give what we have that no we don't but oh my god there's this house full of wolves on this one guy oh my god they're just destroying you this can't be fun probably people kill them yeah they're all gonna go inside this house heck yeah Jesus wicked here they're all the one guy he ripped like I and this guy down here here's an IDE what TPA everyone into one school Oh God with all I think some guys cheating or here the Wolves are doing so much not wrong tonight's burning all my wolves so I'm good burned all my wolves no responding all the here's someone needs to call PETA I'm killing so many wolves right now wait for the wolves oh god oh god oh my god flag cow what are you doing Helen would you do yeah you had somebody's the white wolves are chasing him no I should strike you it I'm not sure my balls are on him I think that's the guy that I did yeah it is oh you see yeah you see guys who try to spawn a wither and fails yeah I don't did you even do it right I don't think you did right yeah music on so probably oh yeah you're screwed cuz it's probably gonna get blocked in all countries yeah okay you have this one in the barriers since we can't yeah what are you doing Justin Oh bears in the middle yeah or your instant damage potions ready boys James put the bedrock in the middle there what are you doing Justin first beacon oh my god okay building up into the thing don't die from it now don't care if you do we can do another one I know oh it's not lighting oh yeah there yeah let's do it oh okay you should be good now well I do you want to another one to it Justin do we have another one another we have another beacon ah maybe I should you like jump boost that's it I guess we could do jumping I'm gonna set a little hole up so I could throw potions in ya say oh wait oh wait we didn't finish this ball here we didn't finish well okay there we go leave the leave it like this so we can find stuff they're gonna come out boys if we stand here they can't that's why just make one by one Oh Mike how'd you get blindness because a witch oh my god he doesn't every one of you tell how many kills 12 yet well Oh God all right let's not let's not do the box again because that was that ended everyone

Cesar Sullivan


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